Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gametrailers Game of the Year Awards 2007

GameTrailers Game of the Year Awards 2007

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Ken Levine about Bioshock's GOTY 2007 Award

You still remember that mindblowing trip to Rapture at the end of the summer? You better do - Irrational Games' Bioshock won the GOTY at this year's Spike Video Game Awards. Now Ken Levine, lead designer and story writer, gave 1up an interesting interview about his thoughts on Bioshock and it's success.

Several months are gone since the release and Ken is happy that Bioshock has sold already over 2 million copies and has been awarded dozen of times. He wouldn't have thought that the people love the game's story so much. Since the game came with an exemptional breathtaking storyline he is very pleased that gamers are open minded to new kinds of games.
The sequel won't be developed by 2k Boston, formerly known as Irrational Games, it will be developed by an other 2k team - 2k Marin. Hopefully they are as able as the guys in Boston.
Asked about his most wanted 08 game Ken let know that he is very excited about the new Smash Brothers title. His this year's favorite is the psp title J'eanne D'Arc due to too many great games on the consoles.
Cause there was an accident which circumvented his speech at the VGAs he used this interview to thank of course all the people who made this game possible and us, the gamers, for having "a much broader range of interest and intellect than anybody in certain parts of the media". That felt good.
So keep on bringing the intelligent blockbusters, Ken!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Street Fighter IV Character Background

I bet you've witnessed the first screens of Capcom's upcoming 'Street Fighter IV'. With said that the latest title's storyline in the already long existing franchise will take part between the second and the third Street Fighter you might be a little clouded about the who is who. Gladly the guys at did a great job with a interactive story feature. Worth a look or two!

1Up's WTFiction: Street Fighter Series

Also, i have the debut trailer here for your viewing pleasure:

Welcome to Personal Gaming News

Greetings to all of you Game Lovers out there in the depths of the Internet!

Here come's a new blog about our favorite hobby, work and anything in between. This blog is meant to inform you about the latest news in the world of videogames. Personal Gaming News will also contain my thoughts on availlable games and so be a guide for your next purchase. That's the meaning of the 'Personal' in the title.

This blog is a blog from a fan to other videogaming fans and might be anything but political correct. I won't lie to you. If a game is just a piece of digitalised shit - i will tell you the whole shocking truth about it.
This blog is created by a me, Hans, a german game fan who spends enough time in the net to have his own blog. And enough in front of his consoles to deserve it.

Enough said, hope you enjoy.