Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E3 2011: My Impressions So Far

Here I am again, giving you a little thoughts of mine from time to time as I said I would. Well, I'm sorry to say that so far it was the right idea to leave the blog inactive. I hardly find time to play videogames at all. Well, I bought New Vegas and played it for around 20 hours, but that's really not too much given the months and weeks I own it now.

But still I always keep an eye on what new games are coming (which makes me even sadder because it reminds me of the loads of games I wanted play before), so I watched the E3. Well, I even missed the press conferences this year, but I read some live blogs and saw some videos. To be honest, from what I've seen and read both Microsoft's and Sony's press conferences were more or less lame. Yeah, of course, Gears of War 3 is amazing but it was crystal clear they would showcase it there - like every goddamn year (and the same can be said for Sony's Uncharted series). Where's the surprises? And now don't tell me about Halo 4. MS would've been idiots to let the franchise die, it's a cash printer for them.

And that brings me to Modern Warfare 3: It is more or less what anybody expected. Certainly enough to make it a smash hit. But not really innovative from what I saw. Completely different than Battlefield 3, which looks just breath taking. I think for the first time there is really a military game that can hold up against Call of Duty. Those scenes I saw from a live demo were really impressive. Not necessarily from a gameplay standpoint but by those super smooth graphics and the whole combat atmosphere it had - when the tank ordered air supply and it was executed - I found those explosions impressive.

Mass Effect 3 also looked great. Like Mass Effect 2, just with even more shooting. And I am grateful that it will come relatively late in March 2012. Until then chances are not too bad I finished my second playthrough, maybe even with all the DLC. That would be awesome.

And did you see that Far Cry 3 on stage demo from the Ubi press conference? Now that was better than what I was hoping for. I nearly forgot about this game and then comes such a great demo. I really loved the 2nd game and this one most likely won't disappoint (me at least).

Well, the whole E3 is still going on and Nintendo's press conference is incoming. They will announce their new console, a spiritual successor to the GameCube with a good online service, from what I've heard. Chances are they will hold the best press conference again. And I still have a lot of videos to watch. Maybe I put a best of or something up here.