Monday, August 31, 2009

Uncharted 2 Cinema Mode Interview

Now the 120 gig hard drive makes sense.

GTA Chinatown Wars PSP Screens

Here are the first screens of the upcoming PSP port of GTA Chinatown Wars. As you can see the graphics are not anymore the pixelated mess they were on the DS. As if PSP were not enough, Rockstar confirmed that an iPhone port is in the works as well. It will use pen and touchscreen which the PSP can't as we all know.
And I threw the boxart of the upcoming Episodes from Liberty City in, which will contain the heavy metal rocker episode The Lost And Damned and the yet going to be released The Ballad of Gay Tony in one box as retail.

Borderlands - Where's The Blood?

Don't get me wrong. This game looks really unique. But watching the latest vids beneath I recognized a lack of blood in this game. Did they do this on purpose?
I mean, an indicator of spraying blood that you've hit your target is never wrong. Especially in action games.

Update: I am playing this game right now and gore is where it should be. Great game, go buy it!

Female Elves On A Revenge Trip

Ha, of course I'm talking about Dragon Age: Origins again! In the world of Ferelden elves have long time been slaves of mankind. Now they live together but the elves are a minority and socially not accepted. As the king's guards imprison an elven wedding community the rise against opression begins.
To be honest, I wanted to play a dwarf. But this origin is more interesting than I expected. And what's your favorite race and origin in Dragon Age?

James Rolfe: The Shining Movie Review

5/5 Axes from me. Did you read the novel? There are a few differences, like for example that the mansion in the end is blown up. I am not sure if I like the book or the movie better. Both have unique elements that would justify a superiority. Stephen King himself didn't like Cubrick's interpretation of his story and he shot a three part TV series with his own script. Anyway, The Shining is great.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The First Tomb Raider Game

I remember how hyped up I've been for this game. And that without internet! Yes, in the year 1996 the internet was a rare thing. So I read lots and lots of videogame magazines. My favorite was the Sega Magazin. It even isn't existing anymore since years. And Tomb Raider, after all was a very cool game, but I found the sequel Tomb Raider II even better. Got that for Playstation 1.
Time flies...

The DC Chronicles Episode 4

Andrew Grafton's search for the water chip continues. He arrives Rivet City and takes on a dangerous job.

You can check out the first three episodes here.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Batman Arkham Asylum Interviews

Anyone of you already got this game? I'll get it as soon as I'm finished with Far Cry 2. Batman looks awesome and I am only hearing positive things about it. Smash hit!

Kurt Cobain In Guitar Hero 5 - Are They Serious?

I mean after all that's the reason why he killed himself. Too much damn capitalism.
Great music anyway.

GC 09: Final Fantasy XIII Interviews

Some of the basic points spoken in the vids: There's propably enough place on a BluRay disc for both Japanese and American voices but on the 360 likely not. And because Square Enix wants both versions to be equal, so the PS3 isn't getting Japanese versions on the US and EU versions.
And concerning a downloadable demo of Final Fantasy XIII. The game has progressed a lot since the demo that came with Advent Children. Square would do a completely new one now, but nothing's confirmed.

In The Behemoth's Game #3 You Can Hide

Wow, amazing things possible in videogames these days.
Dan made me call this tidbits. We wanted a way to be able to hide in the trees and pop out and say HEY WATCH OUT. So we came up with this and recorded it using Dan's phone. Sorta takes us back to the formative days where we used to take a bunch of pictures and use flip books (not really) Hope you enjot it.

- The Behemoth -

Operation Flashpoint 2 Co-op Trailer

Up to 4 player online co-op. Nice.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Voice Actors of Dragon Age

Tim Curry... From where do I know this guy? Oh, I know. He took part in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and lots of other movies (Stephen King's It for example) and played a role in C&C Red Alert 3. That's where I know him from. Thanks, Wikipedia.

GC 09: Uncharted 2 Characters Interview

Naughty Dog really seems to have packed a lot of different characters in this game.

Timbaland Talks Beaterator

The latest witchery Rockstar Games crafted.

Dirt 2 World Tour Trailer

The nearer the release, the more the trailers.

Heavy Rain Love Trailer

A game anyone without a PS3 can be jelous of. Damn, I belong to those.

Serious Sam HD's Commercial Will Make You Rofl

Craptastically funny! Awesome commercial!

Modern Warfare 2 PSM3 Scans

Seems like it's Modern Warfare 2 day here on Personal Gaming. Some fresh new scans for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Modern Warfare 2 Cam Campaign Gameplay

Shaky cam but you can see a more than a minute of Modern Warfare 2's campaign. Seems like Infinity Wards will deliver another milestone.

And co-op as well:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GC 09: Mafia II Interview

This interview gives you some more informations on the open world Mafia II has to offer.

GC 09: GT Booth Babes Montage

Only a little selection of the beautiful German girls that promoted the GamesCom 09.

BlizzCon 09: Battle.Net 2.0 Walkthrough

With the release of Starcraft II and Diablo III Blizzard expands the Watch the videos to get an impression.

And an interview. Wow, they're planning to do another MMO and it's not WoW?

Mass Effect Pinnacle Station Trailer

Here is the trailer for the now released second Mass Effect DLC.

The Sound of War

Man, Codemasters really put a whole lot of effort in this game. I remember a dev demonstration I visited and they told us that Operation Flashpoint 2 is Codemasters' biggest project ever with most people working on it. It definitely shows.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Content For Old Mass Effect

Good old Mass Effect got some fresh new content out of nowhere. For 400 MS points you can download the 2nd DLC called Pinaccle Station. It's something like a space fightclub with 13 stages. Sounds weird, I'd 've better liked some story driven content. Better than nothing, I guess. But nearly 2 years after release this content is so late. Propably I will get it nonetheless.

And there's a new Normandy Avatar uniform for those Barbie fans beneath you:

And a premium theme is purchasable:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ben Buja Gets Dirty

Not only that he is a very good video editor, he does some real awesome stunts.

SA Top Ten Ugly Chicks In Games

Great Top 10, made me LOL. "But, you know..."

GC 09: GS All Points Bulletin Interview

The imagination of everyone booming his personal music taste out in the world is somehow... confusing. I mean, this game features a lot of players. Anyway, check also my impressions out.

Dirt 2 Extended Trailer

Did you play the demo of Dirt 2? Well, I did. While I think that it is a great racing game and it definitely would be my choice if I'd buy a racing game this year, I don't fully agree with the festival-esque style of Dirt 2. I liked the lonesome racing through the seemingly endless wilderness the first game offered. Propably there will be what I request in the main game.

GC 09: GS Dragon Age Interview

In Dragon Age: Origins there's no good or evil. Just shades of grey and reactions to your decisions. This Gamespot interview is about the two different outcomes of a mission. Sounds very nice.