Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hayabusa Chopping Off Heads

What a massacre. Clean that clipping error out of the gold version and everything is going to be fine, Team Ninja. Chop on!
The net whispers that there is also a preview for Ninja Gaiden II on 1Up.

Smash Bros. Again

Intro and 2nd part of the GT character introduction. I like what I see here. It's unbelievable how many advertising videos are available for this title. This one isn't to flop.

Gameplay of Tiberium!!!11101

If you haven't watched GametrailersTV Episode 1, then here's some footage of Tiberium, the new and second ego shooter title in the C&C series. The picture above is from C&C Renegade and i suffer the foreboding that this game is about to be hyped as and to fall like Assassin's Creed - or Renegade.

Gameplay Unleashed

Lucas Arts shows off it's monster Star Wars game The Force Unleashed.

Lost Odyssey Preview

GT has several previews this evening. This time it's about Lost Odyssey, Mistwalker's second RPG for the Xbox 360. Forget Blue Dragon (Do forget!) this time the game seems to be better with a grown real look and an interesting story about a warrior who can't die. It is turnbased and the fights appear randomly, two of the worst game design mistakes one can make today. That's what I have to think after playing Mass Effect. Shame, and the story sounds so good!

Funny New XBox Live Arcade Game

Zombies, Robots, Ninjas and Pirates play dotchball against each other. Looks funny. Hope it will cost 400 MS Points and not the double.

Wii Fit Preview

So, here is the GT preview for Nintendoh's Wii Fit. Wii Fit is a new kind of casual game that serves as your personal trainer. The game is less about Minigames and more about a daily workout. It comes with the balance board which is a high sense body scale. And it sells as hell. In Japan are already more than a million games sold.
I tried it at last year's Leipzig Games Convention and found it funny. But under the minigame aspect. For working out I like it the Schwarzenegger way better.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Physics 2.0: Star Wars The Force Unleashed

Just see this and get amazed:

Star Wars The Force Unleashed is the new chapter in the Star Wars universe. SWTFU is chronologically set between the Episode 3 and Episode 4 and will tell the story of Darth Vader's dark scholar. The video looks so incredible, the physics might be the best ever in videogaming.
But i highly doubt a summer 08 release. Summer isn't the time for AAA titles like this.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Great Rofl Videos

You know this. Surfing in the net and sooner or later your watching videos. Here are a few worth sharing:

The Real Life God of War

How funny is that! The fat guy playing Kratos and the music, i like it!

The first GTA IV Trailer in Real Life

Amazing, Niko looks so much like the in game Niko.

The Portal Cake

This looks delicious.

The Portal Anger Core

This is good fan fiction, isn't it? A day in the life of anger core.

Portal: A day in the life of a turret

Lol! Never thought of this before. Turrets are so chilled.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

GTTV Episode 1

Gametrailers started it's first episode of GTTV on Spike. GTTV will replace Gamehead and Gameone. Interactivity is great - users will be able to take part in polls or post questions in video or text form.
The first episode shows world exclusive gameplay material of EA's shooter Tiberium, which is playing in the C&C universe. Geoff Keighly is doing a good job in moderating the show and Amanda MacKay shows an insight look at the Barcade, a gaming bar in Los Angeles. Also smaller versions of the reviews and previews of Burnout Paradise, No More Heroes and Patapon are featured.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mass Effect Sex Debate

Whoa, there's a little loving scene in Mass Effect. Enough to cause idiotic chicks to go crazy in the american TV against it. Geoff Keighly of Gametrailers.com was there to tell the world the truth about Mass Effect. Sadly he wasn't been heard. What a shame that such an epic experience as Mass Effect gets intimidated by people who understand the materia as much as a cow understands sunday.
Bitch and wannabe psychologist Cooper Lawrence now gets bad reviews on her books on Amazon.com by angry Mass Effect fans. No one can take such a surfaced braindoctor for serious.

Grand Theft Auto 4 New Information

First Thing: There's a new, sry, the release date out. Grand Theft Auto IV hits on the 29th of April into your homecinemas. This is verified by Rockstar's homepage.
The second thing today to make you happy is that the press was able to play the game. That caused a deep impact on gaming pages like 1Up, Gametrailers, IGN and Gamespot, for example. I will sum up the essential of the previews for you.

Gametrailers posted the first time ever a featured blog on their mainpage saying that this information about GTA IV is too huge and their isn't any videomaterial besides the trailers. Rockstar showed the Xbox 360 Version of the game. The game was near finish status with the full interactive world and missions in place. The gunplay, the fighting and shooting mechanics, have been evolved. GTA IV features a cover system with blindfire, pop and shoot and the ability to climb over objects and dashing forwards like you know from games like Rainbow Six: Vegas or Gears of War. Outside the cover the camera goes to third person view Resident Evil 4 style. It was even called Grand Theft of War.
Liberty City is a massive environment and their are many ways to go through it. You can go through it by using the waterways with a boat, hijacking a car or using a cab.
The water effects are, of course, next gen with realistic wave physics and the ability to hijack boats.
Carjacking is a little more difficult this time with the inescapable need to hotwire a car. Rockstar said that there is a skill in for this and you'll be able to get faster on this.
When going by cab you will have the decision between stealing it or just ride it like a casual passanger. Doing the second you can just warp to your target destination or make the full sightseeing tour and use the time to call several "friends" of yours.
All cars will feature a GPS system as you might know it from Saint's Row.
Cop cars play a much bigger role this time, because they include computers with which you will be able to locate people and retrieve info.
Car chases have evolved with the physics system and now it's able to shoot freely while driving. There's a chase cam which will focus on the chased car what makes the hunt more dramatic.
You will be able to surf on trucks and take them over through robbing over the top and then climbing in the driver's cabin.
The detail even in this unfinished version is amazing high, Nico walks just like a real human and it's always able to switch to a cinematic view via pressing the B button.
The game runs smooth and looks sharp and the explosions are one of the best in the world of videogaming what's also said for the facial emotions.
The mission design is typically GTA and said that you know that's just awesome. But there was one memorable mission where Nico tries to drive his cousin Roman home after a binge drinking. That's not political correct but everything who saw it said it was great fun, because the game won't let you drive so easily home and Rockstar stated that they want to teach people a lesson how worse drunk driving can end. 1Up said you'll have to see it to believe it.
GT stated that the high expectations were not only met but completely surpassed and 1Up saying that the delaying from october to april was definitely worth it.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

AVGN Rambo

It's more than twenty years since the first Rambo movie. That's a lot of shitty games. The nerd knows them all.

Condemned 2 Multiplayer Gameplay

I just found those two videos on gametrailers.com. They are extremely short and only in low quality. Condemned 1 didn't have a multiplayer and perhaps that was a wise decision. The videos don't look like the multiplayer would be a revolution. I know that i will play Condemned 2 for it's singleplayer story.

Devil May Cry 4 Demo to be released in Europe

As i guessed, the Devil May Cry 4 Demo comes tomorrow. To Europe and not only to Japan.
As a XBL gold member you're able to download it instantly, as silver user you will have to wait another week. Not right, but that's MS.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No More Non Game Heroes on Wii

Finally another Core Game on the Wii. This might be the fifth or sixth game worth playing for serious gamers on Nintendo's platform. Gametrailers gave the title a respectable 8.2. Why does it remind me so much on Killer 7 for Gamecube? The style is nearly the same. I'll have to check back on that later.

First Ever Far Cry 2 Teaser

Oh, what a surprise! Gametrailers brought us this first ever video of Far Cry 2, the next gen sequel of one of the best german exports ever. I was shocked when I saw that Ubisoft is behind it and not Crytek. Ubisoft is since Assassin's Creed to be watched scepticly for announcing huge titles that grow dwarfen in your living room.

Screwattack: Mortal Kombat II

This time Handsome Tom and Stuttering Craig show us Mortal Kombat II in the ultimate chipped arcade edition. PLUS all Finishes.

Alone in the Dark Trailer

This is the latest trailer of the next gen Alone in the Dark which is delayed constantly. It looks very atmospheric and creepy and keeps the interest for the game up. This is as far as I know the first time that the first person view is shown and so verified. Let's hope the developers aren't forcing gamers in the first person to shoot the dark creatures of the title.

Devil May Cry 4 Demo in Japan

This thursday there will be a Devil May Cry 4 demo exclusively released on the japanese Xbox Live Marketplace. Until now it's not confirmed that the demo will make it to the European or the US marketplace. But there is no logical cause that the demo won't be available on the other marketplaces as well.
The long await sequel and first next gen iteration of the famous hack and slay franchise will hit store shelves in Europe between the fifth and the eigth of february.
The Special Edition of the game will contain a bonus DVD with making of and soundtrack, an artbook "Art of the Devil", four episodes of the anime series and, of course, a steel book.
Just watch GTs Trailer of the Year 2007 to see how stunning this game is. My thoughts about Which Game? have gone pretty good for Devil May Cry 4 making it my next game.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Which Game?

Which Game should i buy in February? This is going to be a tough decision.


Condemned 2

Devil May Cry 4


Burnout Paradise

Bionic OHLOL Commando

This is a trailer for Bionic Commando: Rearmed which is going to be released for Xbox Live Arcade. At the end it gets a little self-ironic. Did a trailer before ever told you that you are nerd? No? If you read this, you are.

Tiberium Debut Trailer

This is EA's ego shooter playing in the C&C universe. You will play as a full armored soldier who is ultra superior. Your awesomeness will be widened by the commanding ability which lets you command and conquer your troops.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Latest Burnout Paradise Trailer

In this trailer it's all about aggression. 1up reviewed Burnout Paradise and gave it a 9.0. Surely a hot game and worth it's money.

Crisis Core Character Trailer

This trailer of the PSP-exclusive Final Fantasy: Crisis Core shows Zack and Angeal, who are supercool.

Introducing Super Smash Brothers Brawl's Cast

Gametrailers introduces every character of SSBB. This contains the character's gaming history, it's special moves and it's arena. In the first video Pit from Kid Icarus, Snake from Metal Gear Solid, Wario from Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog appear.

Army of Two: Two Man Action

Latest trailer of Army of Two. I think this game will rock in coop mode.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Infos about Little Big Planet

Gametrailers interviewed Kyle Shubel, who's working on Little Big Planet for Sony Computer Entertainment.

All videos shown are in-engine. Death is of course temporary and not instant. The levels contain waypoints, the latest waypoint will be used by the whole team of players. There won't be an evil sackboy, instead there will be more forms of death as the hot surface shown during the CES.
There will be a demo before launch and even a public beta because LBP is a big multiplayer title.
Little Big Planet will come in the box with small bite-sized levels, but it will propably contain also levels which will take the player about 15 minutes. The video gives also a few on the online lobby. The user created levels will be uploaded and the players will be able to comment on them in the lobby.
The game is to be released this fall.

I can't wait for it, looks just great.

Fusing Singleplayer with Multiplayer

There's a new game coming from Arkane Studios, the team that brought the awesome Dark Messiah for PC. The name of the game is The Crossing. It plays in a apocalyptic world with ghettos, thugs and templars. Yeah, right. Sounds weird, but the gameplay looks pretty good and reminds of Dark Messiah.
It's not singleplayer and multiplayer, it's the sum of both. It's crossplayer. Who knows what's this supposted to be? The trailer says NPCs can be players. Is it just a giant coop shooter? We'll see - see this:

Awakening The Giants Part II

The second part of the documentary about the new Turok game. This time it's all about the characters, especially protagonist Joseph Turok, backgroundstory and artworks.
Did you know that there is already a singleplayer demo on the marketplace availlable? Try it out and you'll get a feeling for this game.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Interviewing Alienware

This is a GT interview with one of the Alienware staff about their curved mega monitor.
This monitor gives the player an advantage, because he can see more than the average screen user. It's also great for working on desktop, because it has easily more seize than two separate monitors. The Curved Alienware Monitor is about to ship in the second half of the year and will be better than the prototype seen in this video, because the lines on the screen will be erased at that date.
Such a monitor might in the future be availlable for use with the 360 or other consoles, though most console users might be worried about being able to have enough money to own this monster.

New Burnout Paradise Trailer

This is the launch trailer for the new Burnout game. It shows you some of the possibilities you will have in Paradise City on from the 22nd January, the official release date. Did you know that there is already a demo for this game out on the XBL marketplace? Try it!

Screwattack's Best and Worst Sonic Games

I don't agree completely with this. The best Sonic Game is definitely "Sonic 3 & Knuckles" for the Genesis and the worst is Sonic the Hedgehog for Xbox 360. Stay tuned, there's something PERSONAL coming in a short time from me.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles Review

In case you didn't know: These days the PSP gets the new Castlevania. Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles is more of a collection. It contains the Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Remake in 2.5D graphics, the original 2D Rondo of Blood and, surprise, the full Symphony of the Night. Sweet. View the GT test video:

Kratos Returns

Get stunned by this awesome trailer of the portable God of War. God of War: Chains of Olympus will link the story of GoW I and GoW II and be as amazing as it's console brothers. Sadly still no release date.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Casey Hudson talks about Mass Effect

Casey Hudson is Bioware's project director for the space RPG Mass Effect and was interviewed by 1up.com/EGM about his thoughts on this project nearly 2 months after it's release.

Before the game's release it was announced to have the ability to interrupt characters while talking to them. In the final game this feature was dropped.
Casey said that this thing did not work the way the programmers wanted but the interruption ability will be included in the sequel.
Casey let the players know that it was a hard challenge which took the authors a few months to learn to shorten the possible answers in a dialogue to a brief summary. That's because they never had to do it before Mass Effect.
EGM's interviewer didn't like the inventory, said it is user-unfriendly.
The inventory system is, as Casey said, one of the "biggest and most complicated" aspects of a role playing game and during testing they haven't got any negative feedback, but they will fix if stuff didn't work out as intended.
Casey hasn't a recommended path through the planets. The team tried to create a feeling that that you can go wherever you want to go when you want in desired order, which should work out as well as anything else.
His favorite character is Liara, the Asari. He likes here conversations and said she is perhaps the most "human" character.
When asked after quests or planets that shouldn't be missed Casey answered that the mission on earth's moon is incredible because you see the earth beautifully rising while climbing the mountain to the alliance training ground. But he also likes the mission on Eletania where the players hunt space monkeys.
Asked about plans for downloadable content Casey ensured that Bioware is already working in "really cool stuff". This DLC was involved in the creation of Mass Effect from the beginning and so be of high quality.
If the 360 is out there long enough the whole Mass Effect trilogy will be release on the 360 and the players will be able to finish the third game with the first game's protagonist.
Mass Effect contains only so many elevators because otherwise there would have been loading screens. Casey knows that this is not "the most epic part of the experience".

Read the full interview at 1up.com.

My opinion: I loved playing through this awesome game and i hope that all parts of the trilogy will be released on 360. Though my favorite character is Wrex.

AVGN: Zelda Timeline

This is an unreleased video from 2006 about the weirdness of the Zelda timeline.
Whoa, didn't think it's this complicated. Just play the games and don't worry.

Condemned 2 Bloodshot 2nd Trailer

What was the first good ego shooter on the 360? Perfect Dark Zero? Forget it. Condemned get's it sequel in a few weeks and this is the second trailer. The story continues and protagonist Ethan Thomas is again fighting against all kinds of madness.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Making of Turok

The famous ego shooter franchise Turok gets a next gen sequel in near future. This documentary brings you closer to the game. I think this will be a great and fun shooter, a very brutal one.

Alienware's Gaming TV

Now that's a TV. Though it comes from Alienware it won't be affordable to the average gamer, the price will be about 10k. This is still a prototype, the lines you see in the middle of the screen will be gone in the final version. Looks already good.

Ken and Ryu again

New trailer including gameplay moments. But what's hibernation? That's the nap bears take over the winter. So let's hope the SF bear had a good sleep when he awakens.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Unreal Tournament III Review

Finallly it's there. Gametrailers released this review of UT III for PC and PS3. Now the only remaining question is when it will come to the 360.

The Empire Strikes Back

Yesterday the screenshots and today a new trailer. The force is with us!
Just recognized the release date which is summer 2008. Still a long way.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vader dominates in Soul Calibur IV!

Just read it on 1Up: The highly anticipated Soul Calibur IV will contain Darth Vader and Jedi Master Yoda as playable characters! Would you have ever imagined this? Surely not. We will see how good Star Wars fits in this franchise, but i am faithful cause playing Zelda's Link (Soul Calibur II for NGC) wasn't a problem either.
1Up thinks it might be possible that in the end you might have to pay for additional characters like Luke Skywalker or Darth Maul. We all pray that won't happen.

Read the full article on 1Up.

Mutant GTA Story and Artwork

Here's a little documentary about the upcoming sandbox title Prototype.
Sounds interesting.

Total Destruction

Years ago there was this game with nearly complete destructable environment. The name was Red Faction and it worked really well and added a never known before fun into gameplay. Sadly the idea of total destruction was abandoned by most shooters or minimized to blowing up cars or shooting through walls as in Call of Duty 4 per example.
According to the following video Battlefield: Bad Company will deliver the destruction you have been waiting for too long.

CES: Little Big Planet

The CES brings news about the game even 360 owners are waiting for. Following videos show you how to build your own maps easily. Can't wait to play this - when it's released and as good as promised i might think about buying a PS3.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Bill Gates Last CES Keynote

Bill Gates leaves his work at Microsoft to concentrate fully on his philantrophic work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Today he held his last opening speech at the CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. These two videos proofed that there was enough time for him to fool around and make it a happy ending.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tales of 360

Namco finally brings it's famous Tales franchise to the 360. The new game's title is Tales of Vesperia. The release is supposable in 2008 and the great new invention is that you can play as a smoking wolf.
A debut trailer is already availlable and here for your viewing pleasure.

Also have a look at those screenshots.

Ninja Gaiden 2

Just look at this beautiful game called Ninja Gaiden 2. Lots, tons of Hack'n'Slay with sword slashing Tecmo's ninja Ryu Hayabusa, who is also famous through the breast bouncing Dead or Alive series. Brutal!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Resident Evil Degeneration Movie Trailer

Let's be honest - Resident Evil Movies are all nothing but a whole crappy mess. This will change with this complete CGI Movie. Looks almost as good as Resident Evil 5.

TopTen AVGN 2007

Every true videogamer knows the nerd and is hooked to his show. His label screwattack brings this topten of his 2007 moments. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Street Fighter IV Gameplay

Late 2007 brought this 1up Show about Street Fighter IV with the first gameplay.
After seeing the game in motion i stopped my worries. I like the 2.5D look and i am so grateful that it will have a 2 dimensional game technique. SFIV will rock