Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dead Space On Hard... Not Anymore

I gave up. I can't play it Dead Space through on hard on the first runthrough. I tried. I came to the third level and then it made no more sense. I ran low on health and ammo permanently. Too often I had to fight those monsters with bare hands and barely survived. This went on to the point where nothing was possible and dying inevitable. So I just decided to start over again and play it on medium. That's much more fun. Cause on hard it's a bloody work.

And this game is so damn scary. Gives me the creeps everytime again. I'll be glad when I'm finished, haha!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dead Space On Hard

I am very satisfied to own a copy of Dead Space and finally played it. I play it on hard difficulty and it's a tough game. Very tough. I am always low on ammo and health. It's a torture. I hope I'll be able to finish the game on this mode.
On the other hand it makes the experience much more tensed, it really is survival horror and no unlimited ammo kill everyone game. It's very brutal and gives me the creeps. Pure survival and pure horror.
I am just at the start of the third level. Way to go.

Little Big Planet Reviews

That's just what I hoped. Little Big Planet rules!

even gave an A+.

Videogame meta critics says 95%!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Legend Of Zelda: The Shadowgazer

I just found this incredible game called The Legend of Zelda: The Shadowgazer. Check out these videos. It's a fanproject and I wanna play it. Reminds me of A Link to the Past!

Check the official homepage!

Far Cry 2 Reviews

Far Cry 2 as one of the highly expected games of this fall is out and doesn't fail.

GT gives 8.7

1Up gives Far Cry 2 a B+:
No matter Far Cry 2's faults, two fundamental aspects save the experience: It plays well, and it looks good. As much as I find malaria annoying, I also find the tactical freedom satisfying. Sure, the lip-sync's a bit off, and the fire details aren't as stunning as they should be -- yet the eye-candy objective's more than filled by sunrise filtering through the jungle trees or an intense fire eating its way through an outpost in the dead of night. I hate how baddies shrug off bullets, but I love the crazy (and graphic) injury animations. Even if I find the multiplayer too staid, I find the possibility of cool user-made levels (via the easy map editor) tantalizing. Like any good Grand Theft Auto, Far Cry 2's overall package makes up for any individual flaws -- enough for it to be on a short list of best FPS games this year -- and so it's fitting to summarize it as...well, GTA: Mogadishu.

Gameranking says 86%!

Fable 2 Reviews

Fable 2 is out and here are some reviews:

GT gives 8.6:

8.6 is not bad, but Midnight Club LA got 8.8 and Far Cry 2 8.7. I smell a flamewar coming.

And 1Up gives the mark A:
If it were simply a single-player RPG, Fable 2 would be an almost peerless entry in the genre. While the disastrous multiplayer doesn't detract from the overall awesomeness, it dilutes the impact somewhat. The time Lionhead spent forcing this mode into the game could've been better used to speed up the load times or add more varied loot. As it is, it's still the best RPG on the 360. It's a series worth evolving and expanding (can you imagine a Fable set in London around the time of Jack the Ripper -- boss material! -- where you play Jekyll or Hyde -- morality! -- cuz I can!). Fable 2 is filled with more great ideas than the last 10 years of Final Fantasy combined.

Average rating at is 90%.
So again quite a good game for the 360.

Portal The Flash Game

Try out this 2D Portal Flash Game. It's fun!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sonic Chronicles Sucks

Even Bioware can make shitty games. No one expected this to be the next Mass Effect, but fans, Sonic fans (if there are still ones there, let's call 'em 16bit Sonic fans), were hoping that this wouldn't become the next entry in The Fall of Sonic.

I know what a Sonic RPG should be like! Take the strongest elements of the series, good old 16bit Sonic with 2D jump'n'running and add a Symphony of the Night like experience system. Wouldn't this be awesome?

Alan Wake Trailer! Big Thing!

Wow, just a week off the net and the world crushes. There's a new Alan Wake trailer released. Alan Wake, the incredibly anticipated new Remedy game (Max Payne!), which was announced years ago and was dead since then. Have a look at this trailer, this game is gonna be worth every cent.

The Largest NFS World Ever

Just found this TriCity Bay trailer of the upcoming Need For Speed: Undercover. Looks surpringly good and reminds me strong of Most Wanted, my fav entry in the series. To be honest, Carbon was shit and Pro Street was an insult to gamers. But this one looks not that bad. Not that I would buy it Day 1. I still have Dirt sequel GRID to play and then still would prefer Burnout Paradise or Midnight Club LA over NFS. The NFS series lacked in quality and so I lack in supporting it.

TGS: RE5 Takeuchi Interview

Yes, Tokyo Game Show is over since a few days, but I found this interview just now. Jun Takeuchi, producer of Resident Evil, talks about the control schemes. Resident Evil 5 will come with two different control schemes. One as you know it from the predecessor and one that is more FPS/TPS oriented but in which you still won't be able to shoot and walk but better strafe. What the hell? Resident Evil 4 invented the TPS controls! Games like Gears base on it. I am confused about that weirdness to be true.
Second good info is that Resi 5 is so full of content that it will take about 30 hours to complete. We'll see about that.

Fresh Dragon Ball Games

What do we have here? Two new Dragon Ball games. Okay, though I loved the manga(still have all 42 issues here), I never was much into the games. But the one for the DS looks really cool. Dragon Ball The Early Days, you could say. I like the cinematic use of both the Dual Screens.

The next one is called Dragon Ball Z Infinite World and is for PS2. Yes, not PS3, PS2. It just won't die. Reminds me of the DBZ game for 360, anyways.

Splatterhouse Trailer

Looks like one of these Hostel-piece-of-crap movies. But then again I remember playing the original for the Mega Drive and it was... fun.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Back In The Net. For The Moment. + DFS Arrived

Here I am, rock you like a hurrican!! I'm back - Personal Gaming is back. At least for the moment. In Osna, where I study now, I still have no access to the internet, but I am working on that issue. This weekend I am home and can work on Personal Gaming.
I had one week no contact with the internet, crazy shit. I think I'll watch the latest Hard News to be up to date.
But I can provide you with a positive message. Dead Fucking Space arrived this week. Problem: Due to me having no 360 anymore here at home (it moved with me, I need 2!) I simply can't play it. That sucks. I will try it sunday propably at a friend or monday in my apartment.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Personal Gaming Pause

Okay, folks. I know there are enough of you out there reading my blog. I'd like to inform you that in the next time Personal Gaming won't be updated as frequently as you're used to know it. The cause of this is that I am finally moving in my new flat to start my studies at the university. I ordered Internet for my apartment, but this may take up to six weeks.
That's a little long, yes. But a nerd like me will find his way to the netz asap. I expect my university to have possibilities for me to go online and on the weekends I will return home usually, so I can post from there again.
6 weeks no XBL. So don't expect my gamerscore to grow. It won't be displayed.

Read you soon.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Far Cry 2 Approaches

In this video you can see 3 different ways to assassinate your target. Sneaky isn't as sneaky is it should be, but who cares? Looks really amazing. It's doing good in reviews as I heard.

Metal Slug 7 DS

Wow, looks like pure sidescrolling shooter fun. Never played Metal Slug I have to admit. Isn't there one on Xbox Live Arcade as well?

Screwattack's Top Ten Videogame Themes

The Screwattack Top Ten Video Game Songs list is ready. I don't think it is that good. I find it strange that the list is exclusive 8bit and 16bit. Sure there are some real good songs in it.

But I would like add some great songs myself:

Still Alive - Portal

This song is so unique and I listened to it for weeks on my MP3 player.

The Breeding Grounds - Mass Effect

In Mass Effect this is the soundtrack for one of the most importants segments of the game. No wonder I am attached to this thrilling piece of OST.

Vigil - Mass Effect

One of the best title screen songs for a long time to come.


Didn't find the original, but you will recognise it.

The Ocean On His Shoulders - Bioshock Main Theme:

Main Theme - Chrono Trigger:
Embedding disabled by request WTF

Locust Theme - Gears of War:

Soundtrack - Sonic The Hedghog 3

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peter Molyneux On Fable II

He's being cautious calling something revolutionary nowadays, haha. Fable II looks really good. Open world, I like that. Did you notice that both Fallout 3 and Fable 2 have dog companions in them? Which one will be the better dog game??

More Details On Faith's Background

Faith. Of Mirror's Edge. Don't tell me you didn't know this, instantly. Well... That's why you got me.

And what do the real traceurs think about this game?

ROFL: Donkey Kong II Rap

Found this on GT. Funny stuff.

Gears 2: Art Dev Doc

Today you have the opportunity to spoil yourself even further. Seriously. What's on with games these days. The publishers and sometimes even the developers themselves are pumping so much visual material out, I am feeling like having seen everything of the game already. And most likely you will see those videos. On Personal Gaming and elsewhere. I feel spoiled.
I watched a minute of the video beneath, then I turned it off. And I won't watch anymore Dead Space videos. But I will keep posting them for you guys out there.

Far Cry 2: Anything Goes

Wow, watch this trailer. It shows you what and how you can blow things up in the open world of Far Cry 2. This faction feature reminds me a little of GTA2.
And don't forget to view the level editor trailer beneath. I doubt that sharing will be so easy on Xbox Live.

16bit Nostalgia: New Chrono Trigger Trailer

Wow, I have very positive memories about this game. The soundtrack is awesome and Chrono Trigger's artworks and character design came from no one less than Akira Toriyama. I don't need to introduce the man.
I think the relaunch is a good idea. Many young gamers will experience this piece of videogame history.

San Andreas Coming To 360

GTA San Andreas is coming to the 360. This month. As downloadable content.
No, it's no remake with GTA IV power, it's the next Xbox Original.
I'd found a remake better, but let's wait and see. I won't buy this, because my 20gb HDD is way to full and I don't support Xbox Originals, because there are no achievements in them, which I find is a break in 360 design.

First Bioshock 2: Sea Of Dreams Teaser

Here you see a first teaser of the highly anticipated GOTY 2007 sequel. The name is Bioshock 2 Sea of Dreams and in the trailer you can see a girl with a teddy bear, most likely a grown up Little Sister, standing at a beach. Then stones are rising forming the shape of a city, perhaps Rapture. Is this a hint that Bioshock 2 won't play underwater? Bioshock on the surface... Sounds strange to me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

AVGN: Dracula

It's the Halloween Special Part 1 from the Angry Video Game Nerd! As the title says, it's about Dracula games. But only the bad! Not the good (Castlevania).
And how nerdy is the man that he own never released NES games? That's awesome.

Only The Dead Survive

Update: Part 2 of the documentary added!

Kinda. More like 'only the undead survive'. Be sure to check out the Dead Fucking Space launch trailer which is a bit more about story and the new dev doc video. EA is really pumping out promotion at their max. I am thinking about not watching anymore videos, because I really feel like I am spoiled.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New James Bond Trailer

Quantum of Solace somehow reminds me of Rainbox Six: Vegas, which was incredibly good. In competition with other games released these days I have to admit that it will more likely become a rent for me.

Dead Space's Art

Today the game officially launched in the US. Have fun with it, gamers. In Europe it comes next friday, the 24th. Way to go.

Golden Axe Long Dev Doc

Golden Axe, current gen revival of it's 16bit predecessor, looks like great hack'n'slay action. Nothing groundbreaking, but a nice game if you liked titles like Viking: Battle for Asgard. The most impressive thing are the creatures. They really seem to be plain fun.
I am sure that one day this game will find it's way in my 360.

Kojima: Japan Lost Video Game Domination

Hideo Kojima, Japanese videogame mastermind and father of Metal Gear Solid, sees an imbalance between Western and Eastern game developers. In his opinion Western games have taken over the first place in terms of evolvement and taking steps forward:

"If you honestly compare Japanese games with Western ones, Japan has lost," Kojima frankly said during a discussion at the Tokyo Game Show last week (Famitsu, via Kotaku). During the talk, Kojima compared the western games industry to Hollywood -- they bring the world's best creators together and give them huge budgets for their projects. He went on to call the current disparity "dangerous," particularly when it comes to how far western technological development has come over the last few years.

Perhaps the man is right. Most of the games I play these days are western. Looking back ten years, the situation has turned 180 degrees.

Waiting For HL2: Episode 3

You propably have played The Orange Box, perhaps one of the most exciting collections availlable in gaming. Half Life 2, a game many consider one of the best first person shooters of all time and it's two Add Ons, Episode 1 and Episode 2, bundled together with the mind breaking Portal and Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike's little brother.
However, there are first little waves about the upcoming and highly anticipated Episode 3. Valve's Doug Lombardi recently said that they might show Episode 3 at the 'very end of the year'.
Let's hope they don't forgot this, 'cause I can't wait to pay the Covenant back what they did at the end of Episode 3. Certainly a Lost-worthy cliffhanger.


Castle Crashers Patch On The Way

Thanks Joystiq for the good news! The long awaited Castle Crashers Update is on it's way. Finally I will be able to play this game again, having no more fear of that damned save bug!

Over the last five weeks we’ve knocked out the issues with CC and are now verifying the changes to be sure they work as intended. Work is rapidly coming to an end for us and we are prepping the build to be handed off to Microsoft for their test pass and certification. This phase involves total regression testing and can take a few weeks, at which point if any issues are brought up, the process starts anew. We are aware that many of you are unhappy about the wait, but this is how the process works to ensure you get a reliable update. We aren’t allowed to fix and upload one change at a time; all known issues must be addressed with the Title Update.

TGS: Japanese PS3 Gears

Tecmo, the studio that brought you ... Ninja Gaiden, now aims for a totally bad ass PS3 action game. It's called Quantum Theory and looks like Devil May Cry meets Gears of War. Take a bodybuilder, blasting his way through and fighting giant monsters and ready is your generic action game that thousands of nerdy teenage boys will buy. At least the surroundings look weird, japanese.
Interesting to see japanese developers trying to copy western games. Experimental... I'll file this one under ROFL videos.

1Up: Dead Space Not So Scary But Well Designed

The next Dead Space review comes from 1Up. The game scored good again - B+. Nothing to worry about. It's a 12 hours action trip. More action than horror, as I guessed:

It's clear that Dead Space wants to be scary. It has the right trappings, from the lost-on-a-spaceship concept to the limited health and ammo pickups, the audio and video logs you find (which feature allies screaming at you), and the blood-splattered environments and occasional disgusting enemies. But it seems like -- in a few too many cases -- the designers chose to hold you by the hand and make something look cool instead of making it look scary. When you're upgrading your suit (which itself makes you look more like a game's boss than an everyman), using Stasis to freeze enemies, picking up explosive canisters with the equivalent of a gravity gun, and purchasing weapons that dissect enemies in different ways, you don't exactly feel vulnerable. Mix in more than enough checkpoints and the ability to draw a line in front of you telling you where to go (with the touch of a button) and it's easy to settle in and let the training wheels take care of you.

Assuming you weren't misled into expecting something along the lines of Silent Hill, however, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Dead Space tries to have things both ways by being scary and offering plenty of gunplay, but it's well crafted throughout. I remember debates about whether Resident Evil 4 was as scary as previous Resident Evil games, and the consensus was that no, it wasn't -- but it was better designed, so who cares?

I'm fine with that. Silent Hill is an other category. The category you don't wanna play alone at night, haha!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fallout, Fallout, Fallout. 3.

This is perhaps the most anticipated game this month. I'm not saying the best, but certainly there's a lot of people waiting for this. And I found some nice videos. Fallout 3 is more about gameplay than about graphics. It looks good, but not as Gears 2 (surroundings) or GTA IV (animations), more like Bioshock, with a unique art style that really amazes me. I've not been a fan of Oblivion, but I'll definitely give this game a try. I demand you to watch the latest GTtv episode, that really hyped me. You know, since reading Stephen King's The Stand I am really a fan of the end of the world.

GTtv: Fallout 3
Can't be embeded. So click here!

Join the Brotherhood of Steel:

Hot chick interviewing Fallout dev
. The beauty and the nerd, haha!

TGS: Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Gameplaytrailer

This looks like a good Castlevania game, only incredible fast. Definitely the next step. Oh, I should stop imagine playing it on XBLA...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What I'm Playing This Weekend

Wow, nerding around 24/7 but still I manage to play some good games. This weekend it's The Simpsons Game. I love the series and this game is a solid platformer with open world aspects and lots of humor. Playing this game is like watching a great episode of the series thanks to the original voices and the great cell shaded optics.
And I need to tell you that it takes the videogame industry on the funny side. I meet Will Wright, who lives inside a computer or somewhat and does allday nothing else than destroying old games. But I saved the 8bit-Simpsons. Great! The game also has levels based on popular franchises like Medal of Homer (Medal of Honor), The Super happy fun fun game (Katamari), Neverquest (Everquest, Zelda, Gauntlet), Grand Theft Scratchy (Grand Theft Auto) and other videogame clicheés explained to you by the comic book store nerd.
I really enjoy this game, it's way better than the demo out on XBL. Give it a try!

IGN Dead Space Review 8.7

Yet another good review for Dead Space.
Call it science fiction survival horror, but Dead Space does the genre proud with an engaging story; action that's tense, fast-paced and extremely violent; as well as atmospheric qualities that will get under your skin and make you jump. It may be a newcomer, but the seeds of an incredible franchise have been sown, and EA's in a great position to reap a phenomenal franchise full of scares. If you like survival horror, action or sci-fi, Dead Space needs to be on your radar.

TGS: Snake & Sephiroth Sackboys

This is cool. If I had a PS3, I had Little Big Planet.

TGS: Loco Roco 2, Patapon 2

Hey, the funny jellies are back.

And the Patapons, too!

Crazy stuff that only Japanese can create, haha! If I had more time I'd play these.

Starcraft II

More from Blizzcon. A part of the game's intro and two gameplays.
Never been a big fan of Starcraft, but I know that it is a huge game with even live tournaments on TV in some Asian countries.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This Is What You Get For Crying!

The official Diablo III T Shirt unveiled:

The shirt is of course a direct response to the fans who cried out that Diablo III was too bright and colorful for a Diablo game.

Looks awesome. Gotta have one. Still have one from Diablo II.

Silent Hill Homecoming GT Review

Scary game. It is even in my Top Ten.

Baird Hosts 2 More Gears Top 5s

As before... Gears 1 content branded with the Gears 2 logo and Games for Windows sign. I smell a conspiracy.

Top 5 Maps:

Top 5 Battles:

TGS: PS360 Castlevania Confirmed

Let it be 2D! With awesome graphics style like Street Fighter IV. That would be nice.

Sorceress New Diablo III Class

Who would've thought this? Me. Let's hope the two last classes will be more interesting. I want a comeback of the assassin.

TGS: RE Degeneration World Premiere

You propably have heard that there finally a real Resident Evil movie is coming. Now it had it's world premiere over in Japan at Tokyo Game Show. 1Up was there and says it's basically a long cut scene. And that is all I prayed for.
Claire and Leon united seven years after the Raccoon City Incident again to blow some zombie brains out. The movie's events fill 'some blanks' in the whole Resident Evil storyline and clear the path for the upcoming Resident Evil 5.
I'm excited. I hope this makes it's way in European cinemas as well. I don't like to use torrent for crappy cam versions. But if there is no other way to see this masterpiece...