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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sony NGP Presentation Features New Uncharted Game

Very impressive tech. But will it have a chance against the Nintendo 3DS?

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Gameplay Reveal

Man, why do the characters look so emo? Anyway, gameplaywise it seems to be real time like in Final Fantasx XII. Still a PS3 exclusive title. I am asking myself how it is connected to Final Fantasy XIII.

Nintendo 3DS Features Explained

The 3DS will have a big impact, no doubt. Sony finally came out with some information about the PSP2 called NGP (New Generation Portable), which will feature a second analog stick and a touchscreen, but no 3D support. The 3DS alone keeps me waiting for buying a new HDTV. I want one with glasses-less 3D and I am very sure that it will come in the next years.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: 64 Player Tournament

I can't wait for this game to release.

Top Ten Necessary Remakes

About some games in this video I can just shake my head.

Killzone 3: Actors And Controls Dev Diaries

Killzone 3 comes in February 2011.

Street Fighter IV Character Mods

PC only, of course.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oni Akuma And Evil Ryu Are Non Playable Bosses

Goddamn, this can't be true. I want to play them, especially Oni. I hope they bring the Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter IV to the consoles. With 4 new characters and buffs and nerfs a disc release with all yet released costumes and hopefuly some new stages would be amazing in my opinion.

Here's a 15 minute video of Oni and Evil Ryu in action. The video quality is great, but the camera man is either very frail or very drunk, as he keeps fumbling and flopping around with the camera. The two guys playing also seem a bit off, as they have the tendency to just suddenly stop fighting every once in a while. Be prepared to be occasionally annoyed. There are four shorter, slightly blurry videos below, but what the lack in length and fidelity, they make up for in action. The Dee Jay Vs. Oni vid is particularly awesome.

A quick note to people complaining about these characters -- stop being bratty. I would have preferred for Capcom to give us Elena, Poison, Rolento or all new characters as well, but considering that Evil Ryu and Oni are meant to be unplayable bosses (only accessible for play through messing with the debug screen) it's hard to argue that Capcom has "done us wrong". Evil Ryu and "nameless" Akuma, are the two original "super bosses" of the Street Fighter series, and the appearance of Oni and Evil "hole in his chest" Ryu in Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition is a great way to carry on their legacy. When it comes to intimidation factor, ties to the Street Fighter storyline, and pure gravitas, no other Street Fighter characters can compete with these two (except maybe Gouken, and Capcom has already played that card).

OK, I'll get off my high horse now. I hope you enjoy these videos. I'm sure there will be more popping up throughout the day, so check back to this post for potential updates.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Bulletstorm: Revenge Trailer

Certainly one of the more colorful games of 2011.

Talking Classics: Donkey Kong Jr.

Keith Apicari is re-acting Donkey Kong Junior in a super market. Lolz.

Watch The Complete Dead Space 2 On YT Now

You can check a complete walkthrough of the game on YouTube already. I won't spoil myself, but I am sure it is a great game.

For the rest of the walkthrough check this channel.

LA Noire: Serial Killer Trailer

The story is... original? Yeah, it might not be too usual. But the big question is if the actual game design and mechanics differ the game from being too similar to Grand Theft Auto. We love open world games, but still let's hope for this one being innovative.

Bulletstorm: Tugshot Trailer

Just another way to kill your enemy with skill. Crazy game.

Street Fighter IV on Kinect

Just a hack, but it seems to work. I hope a Street Fighter Kinect game never sees the light of the day.

Crysis 2: Preview, Interview, Gameplays

Some more footage of the killer gfx game. Interesting is that the demo is exclusively to Xbox 360. IGN says controls are sloppy. Well, who expects another game anytime soon to replace Call of Duty in multiplayer popularity anyway?

Dead Space 2 Gameplay Blowout

Just awesome. First reviews say it's the defining horror game of this generation.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Killzone 3: 3 Minutes Multiplayer Gameplay

Still looking great!

Evil Ryu And Oni Akuma In Action

Oni Akuma reminds me of Gouken and Evil Ryu is more like the original Akuma. Check out the details below. Also you should find a lot of videos here, but I can't access the site from my current location.

Oni Akuma

• People are comparing Oni more to Gouken than to Akuma. He looks slower and his sweep is different. Regular fireballs don't travel full screen, unless they're the EX version. Red (electric) Fireballs do travel full screen.

• Has a new teleport/air dash move by doing quarter-circle back + 3x Punches. Can be used to avoid anti air moves, among other things. Seems to have some recovery on it, though. Overall, seems to be a GREAT move.

• One of his attacks makes him leap into the air and come with a stomp/body attack, think E. Honda's Sumo Splash. There's an EX version of this.

• He has a Shoryuken (Dragon Punch) and Hurricane Kick. Shoryuken seems good at times, others, not so good.

• Health isn't known, some say it's low, some say it's average. May be because he's fighting Evil Ryu so much, who takes off a ton of life.

• Damage output is low.

• Some of his normal moves are fairly good, like Standing Hard Kick. His c.MP is pretty decent. Some of his normals are so-so.

• His 'Gouken Palm' special crosses up and it might be fireball invincible. It's unsafe on block, though.

• Demon Flip is a really good anti air from some ranges.

• Super is a Raging Demon.

• Ultra 2 looks like Akuma's Ground Pound Super Art (Kongou Kokuretsu Zan) from Third Strike if it whiffs or partially connects, but if goes into the full animation Oni jumps into the air and finishes with a huge Shoryuken with a lot of flashing stuff on screen.

• Can combo his Ultra 2 off his EX Slide Dash move.

• Can do air Ultra fireball... possibly for chip damage.

Evil Ryu

• Evil Ryu's most closely resembles Akuma in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. Many of their moves are very similar. A few examples: Far Standing Hard Punch is the same, Crouching Hard Kick (sweep) is slightly slower, Hurricane Kick can juggle into a Shoryuken and it doesn't break armor.

• Akuma's Fireball, Red Fireball, Shoryuken, Hurricane Kick, Dive Kick and Teleport all look to be pretty close to what Evil Ryu can do. It looks like many things Akuma can do, like cross up Hurricane Kicks and core combos, so can Evil Ryu.

• Has a new special move, appears to be quarter-circle forward + Hard Kick. This performs an Axe Kick with an exaggerated animation, the regular version does not hit overhead, but the EX version does. You can combo into the regular versions from a Crouching Medium Kick, but the EX version won't combo.

• He definitely has low health (stamina), probably some where around Akuma's, I'd guess 850. Two wrong guesses can lead to a dizzy from some characters.

• Can combo into his Ultra 2 with Crouching Medium Kick into EX Fireball FADC, Ultra 2. Full animation will land. Sick.

• Does a TON of damage. One combo into Hurricane Kick did about 35-40% on Chun-Li.

• Evil Ryu's Crouching Medium Kick is like the one in Third Strike, pretty good, but slower than Ryu's and you can't combo into it from Light Punch.

• You can combo into his Medium Punch off Light Punch, though, and his Crouching Medium Punch is really good. Thing has a lot of range and stuffs a lot of attackst. On bigger hitbox characters you can combo 3 Crouching Medium Punches into whatever you like. So far you can do it on Oni..

• His Super is a Raging Demon.

• Ultra 1 is a souped up Fireball. This mostly closely resembles normal Gouken's Ultra 2, as it appears that you can charge it up and then release it.

• Ultra 2 is a Metsu Go Shoryu uppercut which he hits you with three uppercuts: flies into the air and charges evil energy... and slams you're face into the ground with it.

• Toward + Medium Kick does a lunging Hop Kick, but it doesn't hit overhead.

• Hard Punch Shoryuken is a good anti air.

• Red Rapper offered this opinion on Evil Ryu: "It's all about risk reward. He [doesn't make] Ryu obsolete. Essentially, you're getting a different version of Ryu who does more Damage, but in return takes a LOT OF DAMAGE. His c.MK is better or worse in some ways, but he has some cool tools that could help out against normal Ryu's bad matchups. However — he's for sure not overpowered. No way."

He's not like Vanilla Sagat either. Vanilla Sagat you could guess wrong quite a few times and still pull out a victory with one ultra combo. Evil Ryu you guess wrong twice you're [screwed]."

Very cool character, though. Tons of fun to play and a nice vary up to normal Ryu's style."


Saturday, January 22, 2011

MK: Mileena Gameplay

April 2011 is the release date.

Duke Nukem Forever: Return of The King Trailer

Very nice. I expect a good but not groundbreaking FPS with some funny lines. But why does this trailer as well use the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World soundtrack?

Crysis 2: Invaders Must Die

The game looks incredible. March is the month.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Overview About 2011's Games

Too many good games.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition: Ono Explaining, US Trailer

And some gameplay in the end.

Dead or Alive 3DS Has Metroid Stage

Nintendo and Team Ninja do it again.

3DS Gameplays of Zelda 64 And Kid Icarus

Also a vid of Peter Moore talking about Madden. It's so weird to see him advertise for a Nintendo product.

Test Drive Unlimited 2: Character Customization Trailer

The more I see of this game, the less I like it. The first one was just a racing game with terrible handling, this one is a goddamn freak show without audience.

De Blob 2: Astronaut


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: DLC Brings Chest Capture

Tamam. Plus a new map.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announced

Interesting. I hope the first part will please me. Release 1st Quartal 2012

Two Worlds II: Dev Diary

Will it be good?

Mortal Kombat: Johnny Cage And Dead Pool Stage

This might well be a triumphant return of a classic series which recently was going through unbeloved times. C'mon, Mortal Kombat was not very good during the last decade, you know it.

Mass Effect 2: Now Finally For The PS3 [German]

A German spot detailing what's included in the game for PS3.

Games of 2011 Montage

I am especially looking forward to Marvel Vs Capcom 3 in the near and Mass Effect 3 in the far future.

Dead Space 2: Your Mom Will Hate It

"I think it will make a person become insane." Roflmao.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Screwattack's Top Ten Headlines of 2011

Screwattack predicts the future.

First CoD: Black Ops Map Pack Coming

Includes the Berlin Wall. Now even the DDR times get virtual.

[Movies] Battle: Los Angeles Trailer

Why do aliens always invite the United States first?

New MvC 3 Characters: Akuma And Taskmaster

I will teach you the true meaning of pain! And some other guy I haven't heard of yet.
Just a list of characters that build up Tasky's moveset in MvC3 for people who aren't familiar with him, some obvious, some not:

Punisher = the gun
Captain America = the shield
Black Knight = the sword
Spider-Man = "web" swinging
Hawkeye = bow and arrow
Moon Knight = in looks

^Taskmaster basically mixes the fighting styles of heroes he sees using his photographic memory. He's actually hired by some villains to give their henchmen lessons on how to fight and deal with the heroes.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Witcher 2: 3 Minutes Trailer

2nd video is a dev diary, but only for the German and Polish ones among you.