Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gemstone Blue In The House

Did I say my new laptop arrives next week?! Well, seems I lied. Notebooksbilliger just did it and managed to deliver my Gemstone Blue this morning at around 8 AM.
So far I just tried it out. Cool thing is that this entertainment monster has a FullHD panel and a BluRay drive. And it has this cool thing 'Windows Media Center' + DVBT + a WMC remote. I like this laptop really much, but Windows Vista gives me the creep. I used XP for years and Vista is a bit different. Not to speak of getting a cabled mouse ASAP. I even do not know how to change the screensaver. Well, still a lot of training to do with this new piece of 1337.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Finally Availlable! My New Laptop!

In later 08 I will begin my studies at the university and because of this I thought early about getting my laptop. I use desktop PCs since years and this is finally my first laptop. Of course, I am a gamer and because of this I need a powerful one. The laptop should have a life span of my whole studies time which is estimated to be 5 or 6 years. It is clear that this is a big investment. I chose the new Acer line - gemstone blue. It has powerful hardware - dual core 2.4 ghz, 512 mb Nvidia graphics, 320 gb hdd, 16"(16:9)FullHD panel and BluRay. View the fact sheets for pure envy.
While yet available in other regions of the world the Acer Gemstone Blue series has now finally arrived in Germany and I ordered it the same day.

I am very excited for this expensive investment of pure 1337 expected to arrive at my home next week.

Insects Sucked Through The Nose

Okay, I haven't played the first 'Beyond Good And Evil' and I have no clue what it's about. But this teaser trailer looks strangely different and with that interesting. It's not a 08/15 (boring) trailer like this piece of ROFL.

Far Cry 2 Equals Crysis Graphics

Far Cry 1 looked damn good. Crysis looks damn good but never made it to the consoles. It was said that the next gen/current gen/PS360 are not able to run games it this height of detail. As you might have noticed there some incredible jewels of complex gaming out now, mentioning GTAIV. But have a look at 'Far Cry 2', which is developed by Ubisoft and not by Crytek. This looks as good as Crysis.

You might have noticed that the voice of a journalist narrates this fine trailer. A few seconds an URL is blended in. Check it out and you are lead to an fictional blog. Interesting!

Prince Of Persia Trailer ROFL

Sick shit. This trailer is so ... lame. Besides the couple-triple-backflip with swords.
Is it the most trailer voice again? Why are there so few trailer voices out? How about a bit difference?

Even More GRID Videos

Ahh, watching GRID never grows old.

Bonus Round: N'Gai Talks MGS4

The latest Bonus Round is about the coming 'Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots'. This time it's with N'Gai Croal, The Voice Actor of Solid Snake and the editor in chief of the Official Playstation Magazine and of course Geoff Keighly.
I'm impressed by N'Gai everytime I see those Bonus Rounds in which he takes part. He has a good point and talks from perspectives you wouldn't have expected.
The Sony man was asked if he thinks that MGS4 is 'better' than Halo3 and Gears. Of course he said yes. I don't like Halo, but I like Gears. But I think that 'better' is such annoying term in this case. Gears is an incredible well paced shooter while MGS is more about a rock solid stealth actioner with cinematic cut scenes. It's like comparing apples and bulbs. Both games are great and both are worth being played.
Anyway, MGS is great and Bonus Round is the best talk show.

Gears 1 Re-Release + Japanese Gears 2 Scans

Gears 1 is going to be re-released. It's a kind of extended edition with all the downloadcontent but sadly not the PC-exclusive hidden act. What a shame. Anyway, if you still don't own this masterpiece, here is your chance!

Gears of War Content
* Gamer Picture Pack
* Emergence Day Gamer Picture
* Emergence Day Theme
* Emergence Day Message from Cliffy B
* Gears of War Map Pack 1 Trailer
* Gears of War - Multiplayer Map Pack 1
* 'Hidden Fronts' Multiplayer Map Pack 2

Gears of War 2 Content
* Gamer Picture Pack
* Teeth Theme
* Teaser Trailer
* Trailer
* Assault Game Play Trailer


And it's scantime again with Japanese Gears 2 scans!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Xbox 360 Concept Found

So this looks like the XKlotz 360! This is a concept that never made it. Interesting. But you can see the clear relation to the first Xbox.

And at last the final design that all of us love to have at home.

GRID = Pure Win

How can this game be so awesome? I think it beats most of the racing games out there. Definitely that poor Gran Turismo demo. One hot game I can't afford to miss!
(But first I'll finish Eternal Sonata which is also great.)

Haze Not As Good As Expected

Haze, the PS3 exclusive shooter, sucks at most reviews. That's a shame. I wished that it would have gotten a title worth getting, cause I am still collecting causes justifying to buy a PS3. Failed! But I will give it a try and rent it when I will have my PS3+MGS4+DualShock3-set for 399€. Whenever this is going to happen.

Nice Lifestyle Gimmick Alias Wii Fit

Just found this 'Wii Fit' review on GT. I asked myself how much of a game this balance board personal trainer is. What's 'Dr. Kawashima' for your brain is 'Wii Fit' for your body. I tried it myself on the last Leipzig Games Convention and found it annoying but fun. As fun as 'Wii Sports' perhaps. But who plays 'Wii Sports' still nowadays? Me certainly not. That's just the new Nintendo way: stabbing the hardcore in the back and reaching for the nongamers. But would Nintendo have had another option? The core gamers migrated to Sony and even Microsoft in the last gen feeling not nice with only those family friendly games on Gamecube. Another flop like the cube Nintendo perhaps wouldn't have survived. I think we don't have another chance as seeing the nongaming flood as a chance. Bring them to the real games and convert them to core gamers. I do this whenever I have the chance.

This Was Casual Gaming In The 8Bit Era

20 years ago this was the way to catch nongamers to gaming. Barbie was and still is a fav toy for many little girls. I think those bad Barbie games are even out today. Who gives a shit about this blonde bitch. Gamers certainly not.

MGS Retroperspective 3

I recently noticed that it's called Retrospective and not Retroperspective. Well, I don't give a fuck. This is my blog and I call it what the hell I want. And the least visiting Personal Gaming leave comments. So even they (YOU!) don't care. But that's fine with me. My visitor counter detects all of you sneaking lurkers! Haha!

Anyways, GT just released the third of the Metal Gear Retroperspective. This time it's all about Raiden. I never met him, cause I played only MGS1 and MGS3. MGS Portable Ops doesn't count, it sucks. So, let's have a look at this fan hated tranny.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gears 2 X360M Preview Part 1

It's SCANTIME again and this time I found in the depths of the interwebs an interesting preview of everybody's fav action series 'Gears of War'. And it's containing an interview with Mr. Gears himself, BliffyC, the Cliffster or whatever he wants to be called now.

Double post: Just click on the Gears label beneath this post or have a look at the Archive on the left side.

Gears 2 X360M Preview Part 2

New DS Castlevania

There's a new 2D DS Castlevania coming. I had the pleasure to play 'Dawn of Sorrow' with my little sister. She loves killing monster with axes now. Not bad for a six year old. I think she will like this one as well.
And how funny does the producer look?! Nice one. I think he's living for Castlevania. Good thing.

Liberty City Death Montage

Hail to the Euphoria. The next standard in videogames. I think it has the same importance as Havok.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Niko Bellic's Voice Actor Feels Betrayed

Just found it on 1Up, Michael Hollick, the voice and mo cap man of GTA IV's protagonist Niko Bellic feels a bit bad payed due to the overwhelming success of the game:
"Obviously, I'm incredibly thankful to Rockstar for the opportunity to be in this game when I was just a nobody, an unknown quantity," said Hollick. "But it's tough, when you see Grand Theft Auto IV out there as the biggest thing going right now, when they're making hundreds of millions of dollars, and we don't see any of it." But he goes on: "I don't blame Rockstar. I blame our union for not having the agreements in place to protect the creative people who drive the sales of these games. Yes, the technology is important, but it's the human performances within them that people really connect to, and I hope actors will get more respect for the work they do within those technologies."

Hollick got 100.000$ for 15 months of work. It's not what a Tom Cruise or Arnold Schwarzenegger would get for their movies, but it's still way more than the normal citizen earns. But he's not alone:

PS3 Bioshock Confirmed

Who would have thought that the PS3 now finally gets the GOTY 2007 - 'Bioshock'. Okay, remember, 'Bioshock 2' comes even to the Wii. And Ken Levine jumped off the boat.

All infos about the port are in the new EGM. I will have the scans here as soon as I find them.


The Agency

Why does this PS3 title remind me so much of 'Team Fortress 2'? The gameplay in the later seconds of the trailer on the other hands looks a bit like GTA IV. And it's a switch 3re/1st person game.
I hope it's good, cause the PS3 needs goods game more than anything else. I want a PS3, but not for BluRay, I want it for the games. And in that point the 360 is just so much stronger.

Infinite Undiscovery 2nd Trailer

Here we have the second trailer to the 360 exclusive RPG 'Infinite Undiscovery'. It's a Square Enix/ Tri Ace project and both have good reputation for RPGs.
Personally I think that this 3min trailer has ups (great artworks) and downs (boring character design/ bad synchro). Still I don't know what awaits me with this game.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

VGV: Earthworm Jim

I played this one on Mega Drive/ Genesis and liked it. It was really ... crazy.

The Cells Of Spore

Is this gaming's evolution?

Guitar Hero IV Debut

It's gonna be more than just guitars, but will they this time be able to integrate good achievements or fuck up like last time.

Shane Kim Interview

GT interview with MS Game Studios Vice President Shane Kim.

AVGN: Indiana Jones

There's a new Indy movie coming and that's reason enough for the nerd to show us Indy games.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ryan's Rapture

I am a hardcore 'Bioshock' fan, loved that game and even got the full 1000 gamerscore for it. So I was very happy to see something new about it this evening. There is an animted series in production called 'Ryan's Rapture' and there are even a few teasers out yet. I am not 100% sure if this a commercial ('New Eden Entertainment' sounds professional but neither Google, nor Wikipedia bring useful results) or a fan based project, but it looks promising and I want to see it.

Plotwise it's a definitely prequel - playing before Rapture goes mad.

Killzone 2 Gameplay Blowout

'Killzone 2' is the PS3's Gears killer. It's highly anticipated and constandly delayed. The latest news I read about this game said that it won't come in 2008 anymore. That's a bit disappointing and even made people changing it's name to 'Lolzone 2'. I have the feeling that the stronger franchise is 'Resistance' anyway.

Pre-Release Walkthrough:

Direct Feed Gameplay:

MGS4: Kojima Speaking + Retro 2

'Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots' - my reason to get a PS3 sooner or later.
(Did you mention standing him in front of those MS 360 logos? What does this have to mean? Thanks, Google pic search)

Red Alert 3 Debut Gameplay Trailer

The Russians are attacking. This looks so incredible colourful. And have a look at the water effects. Very beautiful.
But I don't like RTS on consoles. They try to do these innovative pad controls and forgot in every game again to include the ability to mark your units via window. Well, C&C on Playstation One did it - nowadays this simple but basic command isn't available. What a shame.

Gore En Masse On Wii? It's A Mad World!

This is not the kind of game I would have expected on Wii. Looks bloody decent and reminds me somehow of Gears... Why is that? Wait, chainsaw.
Interesting art style as well. Just looks like 'Sin City' meets 'Killer 7'.

Molyneux Interview - Fable 2

I am very excited about 'Fable 2'. Though I haven't played the first. Good thing for me and many other new approachers is the fact that the second plays hundreds of years later. But it's still a fantasy world. But I hope that the main story will last longer than twelve hours even if you only rush through. Anyway, looks like a clear Must Have to me.

Dead Space Story Trailer

This is one trailer you shouldn't miss. The story is very promising if you have love for SciFi. I came to the conclusion that I want this game on the first day.

Also check this interview out:

The N64 Kids

Okay, this is still an epic laugh. The shere enjoyment of videogames - that's better than drugs!

Wii is great as well... Maybe not.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Silent Hill V: Homecoming

Konami had their Gamers Day 08 and so we get to see some fresh material of the latest survival horror game:

More videos