Monday, July 28, 2008

Which Game For August 08

I am still STILL playing 'GRAW' (Yeah, I am a busy Zementwerker...) and should continue playing 'Eternal Sonata', 'Unreal Tournament 3' and 'PGR3', but now the blockbuster fall 2008 begins with 'Soul Calibur IV' and I can't miss this one so I preordered it. But I will finish 'GRAW' anyway due to the fact that I am on the last mission.
Tomorrow I'll be on vacation to this year's Wacken Open Air and when I come back home on sunday 'Soul Calibur IV' will already wait for me. That's gonna be a perfect week.

Butchering Casuals For Breakfast

Haha, this one came into my mind whilst working. Just wanted to express my general feelings against the casual flood and it's bad influences on the 360 in a sarcastic way. 'Cannibal Corpse' are the perfect soundtrack composer for a task this important. Don't take it too serious or go crying to your mamas.

Personal Gaming featuring Cannibal Corpse:
Butchering Casuals For Breakfast - The Real Xbox Experience

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Comic Con: Resident Evil: Degeneration

That's what I call a great videogame movie. Looks promising! I bet that movie won't make it into german cinemas. But that is no boundary these days anymore.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Achievement Rip Off Confirmed

As I guessed before, developers won't tread Sony's achievement rip off 'trophies' as the announced revolution, they handle it the same. The proof is the port of the GOTY 2007, the experience called 'Bioshock'. As 1Up writes all the trophies are
straight-up copy and pasted in both name and form from the 360 version.
[...]Basically, all of the trophies at these levels are direct copies of the 360's Achievements for the game.

What a pain in the ass to always be on the winning side. I expected Sony to do something different and now the clone becomes true. Fuck it.

E3: Infamous

Looks like a solid exclusive. If that word means something today.

E3: Little Big Planet

The burner on every E3. I wonder what trailer they will bring for this game at E3 2009.

E3 2008 Trailer

Boss Battle

Dev Walkthrough

LBP powered press conference


Even when this game is not released in Europe I felt it would be the natural thing to watch at least this trailer and well, the landscape looks great, but where's the game?
Somehow this reminds me of the awesome documentary 'Planet Earth'.

AVGN: Batman

Last time Superman, this time batman.

E3: Bonus Round Special

Geoff interviews N'Gai and Pachter about the press conferences.
Nice, as I said it before, they confirmed that 'Avatars' are nothing more than a Mii clone.

Bonus Round at E3 Part 1

Bonus Round at E3 Part 2


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

E3: Resident Evil 5

The game you won't miss.

(Wonder who's the guy above? That's Chris Redfield in the intro of 'Resident Evil 1: Director's Cut' for good old Playstation 1.)

E3 2008 Trailer:

Alternate E3 2008 Trailer:

Interview with producer Jun Takeuchi:

Star Wars Retro Continues

Here are the episodes 5-7 of GT's great 'Star Wars' games documentary:

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Sunday, July 20, 2008

E3: Fallout 3

This media blowout is anything but a fallout. 'Fallout 3' was essential part of the Microsoft press conference and will get exclusive Download Content after it's release which will take part in this fall.

E3 2008 Trailer:

Developer Walktrough:


E3: Tomb Raider Underworld

Lara Croft won't die! And she doesn't get older. And so she decided to do it again in 'Tomb Raider Underworld'. I guess I'll still have to play that remake of the first game, what was it's name again? Tomb Raider Legend?! Argghh, fuck. Just watch those here:

E3 2008 Trailer:


Dev Diary:

E3: Quake Live

Hell! Quake as a browser game? How insane is this? Anyway, just decided to write in for the beta. Perhaps I'll be in - perhaps not.

E3: Street Fighter IV

Ryu and Ken are back in the action and with them nearly the complete cast of 'Street Fighter II'. But sadly Cammie won't appear. As you can see above that is a hard loss. Anyway, seems like the ultimate 2D fighting game is about to be reborn. But when will the birth be?

E3 2008 Trailer:

Characters Interview:

Features Interview:


E3: Far Cry 2

'Far Cry 2' looks insanely good. Just check out these videos and you won't dare saying something else!

E3 2008 Trailer:

Tech Demo

Dev Walkthrough:

E3: Banjo Kazooie Nuts And Bolts

Banjo and Kazooie are back in action and this E3 proves it. Have a look at the impressive trailer and the great gameplays and dev chats.

E3 2008 Trailer:

Chris Chamberlain Interview:


E3: Fable 2

Fable 2 is ready and will be released in October 2008. A definite Must Have!

Peter Molyneux announces Fable 2 is finished:

The E3 2008 Fable 2 Trailer:

Gameplay Montage:

E3 Developer Walkthrough: Part I, Part II and Part III

E3: God Of War III Teaser

Damn, 'God of War II' was so freaking awesome and the end kept me shivering! Sadly 'God of War III' is anything but in reach. This game is confirmed for not 08. Sad...

E3: Hydrophobia

'Bioshock' made it's impact and 'Hydrophobia' is a new engine especially for water. Have a look at this demo video.

E3: Massive Action Game Trailer

Oh, yes! There are new military shooters on the PS3. 'MAG - Massive Action Game' even lets 256 players join the warfare at the same time. That's impressive, but will it work out better than a 'Call of Duty 4'?
One more exclusive game for the PS3 - not as big as MGS, but better than nothing.

E3: I Am Alive Trailer

The new game of Jade Raymond, known as producer of 'Assassin's Creed'. 'I am alive' plays in a post apocalyptic world and this trailer hints that there will be a struggle for survival.
Is there a hype or something about post apocalyptic settings? Don't forget that 'Fallout 3' and 'Borderlands' have likewise themes. Remember that the world gone to hell always was a strong visionary scenario - movies like 'Mad Max' and books like Stephen King's 'The Stand' proved this.


E3: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

It's 'Final Fantasy' - one of the most loved and traditional gaming franchises gamers love since 20 years. Since the Playstation 1, and that's over a decade, all big Final Fantasies were Sony exclusive. But now Square Enix decided to release this game as well on the Xbox 360. Good for 360 owners, disappointing for Playstation 3 owners, reducing their amount of must play exclusives down to 'Metal Gear Solid 4'. And when Square Enix, a company of which Sony holds 9%, manages to bring FFXIII to the 360, signs are even stronger that MSG4 will lose it's exclusivity as well, sooner or later.
I have to say that I don't like the fact too much that Microsoft is that much stronger in core gaming than Sony. I always hoped that there will be a tough competition between those two companies, a competition of which us, the gamers, profit, but Sony definitely needs to do more - lower prices, better bundles and the most important: more exclusive games.

E3: Loads Of Gears 2

The game every Xbot wants to play. From the first real trailer down to gameplays and interviews I collected the nicest videos I found:

Bytheway: The above picture shows the Gears 2 Collector's Edition. Seems to have the same content as the one of the prequel. Again, pure win.

Trailer + Cliff Bleszinsky talking:

Developer Walkthrough:

Major Nelson interviews the Cliffster:

Interview with Senior Producer Rod Ferguson:

E3: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough

It still looks fantastic. Yes, like the most of you I've always loved the 'Star Wars' movies and even when this game is packed full with latest technologies the thing I am hyped up the most about is the story, the missing link between new and old trilogy. May the Force be with this game!

E3: How To Far Cry 2

It's the 10.000th shooter for the 360, but it does a perfect job with that:

E3: Borderlands Gameplay

There is not much known about 'Borderlands' but a brief trailer back in 2007. The game is developed by 'Gearbox Software' and published by 2k Games which somehow sets it in a row with the fantastic game 'Bioshock'. I remember watching one GT Bonus Round with the producer of 'Borderlands', a nice looking girl, saying she was very impressed by 'Bioshock' and is trying to expand the borders of FPS with 'Borderlands'. Wow, and just have a look, there glimpses something nice underneath the skin:

Back In The Net

Yeah, yeah... It was E3 and me as a hardcore Xbot and videogame junkie made the mistake to drive on vacation. Well, it wasn't planned, but it happened and the vacation was cool anyway, even if my mind was always rotating about E3. As you can see with the blog posts before I managed to find an highly overpriced internet café and so were able to read the most important headlines - like 'Final Fantasy XIII' losing it's PS3 exclusivity and the announcement of 'Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars' for Nintendo DS.
But now I'm back home and in full control of my personal computer - time to surf through thousands of new videos and watch the big press conferences.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

E3: Sony

Watch the Sony press conference in it's entirety! Link 1, Link 2

So, what happened important on Sony's E3 Press Conference? Well, nothing, besides that 'God of War III' is now officially announced. I think, everybody knew that this was about to happen since a long time... or since the release of 'Chains of Olympus'.

And the winner of E3 is: MICROSOFT!

E3: Nintendo

Watch the Nintendo press conference in it's entirety! Link 1, Link 2

Boring, boring, boring. Nothing important for us hardcore gamers. But who would seriously have thought something different?
Only 1 perfect thing:

'Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars' got announced for the DS. It's set in the modern Liberty City. I hope it will be as GTA or GTAII with the from above view.
This, Zelda:PH and Chrone Trigger make me think about buying a DS. Let's see.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

E3: Microsoft

Watch the MS press conference in it's entirety! Link 1, Link 2

Haha, I'm on vacation on the german island of Rügen, but I managed to find an internet cafe and so here we go.
First thing: The 360 gets Final Fantasy XIII! Sorry, Sony! Your PS3 is becoming more and more obsolete as a gaming platform! At least you've won the format war, right?

Resident Evil 5 Trailer:

Coop Gaming confirmed!

Fallout 3:

Even if it's from Bethesda (Urghhlivion) it looks just great!
Fable 2 is ready! Trailer here:

New Dashboard is coming! Looks futuristic and MS ripps of Miis. Damn, hardcore gamers don't need this shit!!


Trailer Final Fantasy XIII

Dead Space Gameplay:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Gears 2 MP Interview

Yeah, I know I'm late on this one. Thing is, I don't have much time and this approximately won't change in the next weeks, because I have a new job in the Zementwerk. Anyways, here's again something about Gears 2.

AVGN: Superman

This time the nerd takes on all those Superman games. Yeah, there were some real bad ones released...

AVGN: Superman

AVGN: Superman 64

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Street Fighter IV The Anime

Ryu and Gouki (also called Akuma) battling each other in this animated trailer in best spirit of the old 'Street Fighter' animes. Is this perhaps a hint that there will be an animated series about IV's story? As back in the past days with 'Street Fighter II Victory'? Loved that.

Mercenaries Or Terrorists?

Damn, those mercenaries destroy every building between them and their targets. Really impressive but I bet there won't be a NY level. Seems like 'Bad Company' is only the beginning with destructable environments... Wait, that was stone old 'Red Faction'.

Fresh Games

Some fresh games arrived this friday. The packet included 'Unreal Tournament III' for the 360 and the 'Crysis' Special Edition for my new laptop.
UT is a real fun game and the coop rocks, even if splitscreen needs a bit time to get used to it. And the difficulty "insane" is really insane with pad controls, think I'd be better with mouse and keyboard.

I'm a bit disappointed about 'Crysis' to be true. It's not the game itself, but the problems I had/have with it on the hardware side. The first problem was that it (luckily just) after the installation decided to be not playable because my "DVD could not be authentified". Oh, shit, there always gotta be something when you want to play on PC. Found out that this is because of a fucking copy protection. Yeah, makes sense if you've bought the damned original. Anyway, patching to version 1.2 brought nothing and so I had to use a NODVD crack.
The other problem is that this game is the most resource eating piece of software I've ever met. My laptop is anything but bad, but it was hard to make this game run smooth. The in game hardware scan advised "high" settings, but it was to laggy for my taste. Now I changed settings to "middle" and changed the resolution to 720p. Still looks good and now is playable.
I bet I wouldn't have those problems with the UTIII PC version... Damned CryEngine2.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chrono Trigger Going DS

Oh, that's great. One of the best RPGs ever released with a really original story is coming to the DS. Now all of those casual pussies can take a lesson in gaming history and understand the greatness of videogames. But I fear they won't know that this is a real gem and will buy 'Pony Friends 2 Burn The Farm' or shit in stead. Damn.

Update: Trailer availlable!

The Evolution Of Diablo

Oh, this makes my heart go boom. Diablo 1, 2 and 3 in comparison:

Check out as well:
1UP Interviews Diablo III Designer Leonard Boyarsky

Rob Pardo Interview


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Personal Gaming Readers Love Little Jacob

And the winner of GTA IV's Fav Sidekick is:

2nd: Brucie
3rd: Packie
4rd: Roman

And don't forget to do the new vote! Every visitor, vote, comment and opinion counts. Personal Gaming cares!

GRAW For 12,5€

Okay, in case you observed my gamertag, I got this game a little longer, but were too lazy to blog it. So, now here it is: On my last trip to the beautiful Netherlands I found GRAW second hand for 12,5€. That was in one of those Gameshop Twentes. It runs and I pretty much love to play it. Not that I hadn't played enough military shooter, but this on has a perfect handling.