Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pressure Shows First Effects

As I reported earlier, my brother is now the proud owner of a Playstation 3. Though he is more the Blu Ray watcher kind of Playslave but I told him to get some good exclusives if he likes his Playstation 3 fine working as it is. Sometimes you have to force people to find their gaming luck, haha. I told him to get Little Big Planet and here it is. Yeah!

I Hate Dhalsim

As you perhaps might know I purchased the awesomness that is Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Thing is that I became addicted to the multiplayer mode. And I thought "Hey, why not get this achievement where you have to win with every character online one time?" Yeah, good idea. Thing is that there is Dhalsim and I am somehow too bad to ever win with him. Oh, I've been close sometimes. Very close. I won two times, the enemy won two times and then in the final round I battled the enemy down to one percent of his health bar and just get beat so close in front of the finish line. Or nearly beaten enemies just leave the game. You know, I invested at least 5 hours in winnig with Dhalsim but it shall not be. One time some fun guy on Xbox Live pitied me and send me a PM saying "U suck wit Dalsim!1". Yeah, I know... There's no win/win with me and Dhalsim... Fuck!
And I hate people that play with Ken and Ryu. Everyone wins with Ken and Ryu.
But I won't give up!

GT did a review for this game. Add 10 points to their score and you might come close to understand how awesome this game is:

Fear Factory Quoted In Fallout 3

Seems like Bethesda has a taste for good music. Yesterday I was playing Fallout 3, wandering through the Museum of Technology when one computer terminal made me think WTF?!. As a big Fear Factory fan I instantly realized that this is an easter egg. Just check the photo above. It's saying that there is a Archetype Model, just like the great Fear Factory 2004 album, then it says:
I am happy to announce that the infection has been removed... The soul of this machine has improved.


Research Lead

Burton Bell, voice of Fear Factory is known for his love of videogames. And I am known for being the owner of YouTube's Archetype video. So enjoy this great song, listen closely and you won't miss that line:

Japanese Get Bioshock Just Now??

I found this japanese Bioshock advertisment, strange advertisment, stating that the game is released on the 25th of december. It seems to be an advertisment only for the PS3 version, but don't they have a 360 version there as well? I mean, it's not like that the Xbox 360 has a large piece of the cake in Japan (Are they still angry about Hiroshima and what has Microsoft to do with that?), but I find it kinda annoying that one of the greatest games of all time, Game of the Year 2007, just now is sold there. There are cultural differences, but to just ignore the fact that Bioshock surpasses most Japanese games a thousand times is somehow ignorant. And, seriously, when a game is good the origin doesn't matter, just think how japanese games dominated previous console generations.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Shit That Is The Next Street Fighter Movie

Didn't they know that Chun Li is Asian??? Why don't they do a movie about Guile being bad ass and blowing shit up? Or about Zangief wrestling wild bears in Alaska? Or about Blanka living in the wild? Fuck, it just needs to be an anime to be accepted as real Street Fighter fiction. I'll stick with the IV Anime.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Gametrailers Game of the Year Awards 2008

As every year Gametrailers has their own GOTY awards. The categories have a rich variety from standard stuff like Best Third Person Shooter and Best Racing Game to exotic categories like Most Disappointing Game or Best Story.
Check back the link below for all categories. I wonder if they make Grand Theft Auto IV their Game of the Year. They rated it higher than any other game this year. I will post as soon as it is out.

Click here for the GT GOTY 2008 page.

Best RPG:

Deserves it. I love this game.

Best Story:

And the Best Story goes to... Yeah, right, in your face, haters!

Best FPS:

Nice, didn't know it is that good. Since christmas it is in reach for me.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Personal Gaming Christmas Recap

I nearly forgot to tell you about my christmas. For me a christmas without videogames isn't a christmas. Not that I am a big christmas fan, to be honest, the atmosphere and everything just don't stick with me anymore. It gets more commercial from year to year and it's like a contest. A contest in making and recieving presents. I have neither money nor time for this anymore since I am a student.
But anyway, videogames are always great! My christmas present was a nice and uncut UK version of the RPG of the Year: Fallout 3. If I hadn't mention before, I have two younger brothers and a younger sister and you know what? We're all videogame addicted!

So, I'm starting with my little sister, 7 years old. Her platform of choice is the Nintendo DS and I educated her not to play non games. Now she's a big Spyro fan, haha. She got the new Spyro game, Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. This is completely multiplat and I tried to make her wish it for Wii (due to the fact that my 360 is usually with me in my flat in Osnabrueck, where I study) because the Wii version is at least a little bit like the Next Gen versions for 360 and PS3 which look fun. But don't even try discussing with a seven year old Spyro DS maniac... So now she's playing her 2D Spyro. It's a classic jump'n'run platformer, not even an average one in my opinion. Sometimes there are levels where you have to fly. Then it's kind of 3D. Imagine it like Starwing, only in bad.
My present for her (making presents for gamers is always easy) is a DS version of Worms 2. After trying it out I have to say that it is not as good as the PSP port which somehow looks better and benefits from the 16:9 panel. Well, Worms are great, anyway.
Her last game related present came from my grandmother: The Simpsons Game for DS. I played it with my sister a short time ago on 360 and we both loved it. It's a good port I have to say. Sure, everything is 2D but there are the same voice clips and same videos after finishing the level. It's her favorite of the three games and mine as well.

My 13 year old brother got Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 for christmas. We decided to rent a second one and played the cooperative campaign and multiplayer. I personally don't like Real Time Strategy on consoles. Back in the Playstation One days it was great and simple: Just draw the window to select your units. Nowadays the handling is too complicated with pressing hundred buttons at the same time to move your army 5 meters. Well, Red Alert 3 lets you select your units better than it's predecessor: You can select them with your pointer turning in a circle. At least a little better. Game is okay, I'd say. The story is funny but gameplay is nothing for me. Personally I think that Command and Conquer was at it's best with Generals, which was perfectly balanced. It was the Call of Duty 4 of the C&C franchise you could say.
Next game - my present for him was a copy of Burnout Paradise which won several prices this year. For example Best Racing Game and Best Multiplayer. We only played short that evening, but I know that he needs to lend me this game as soon as I have time for it!

Now it gets big. My other brother, 21 year olds, decided to get a Playstation 3 - 80GbB - Dual Shock 3 - Resistance 2 - Edition for his 107 cm Full HD Plasma TV. Yep, right. It's a fat setup, even surpasses mine. I am known for being an Xbot even in real life and of course told him to get a 360 Elite but the deciding point for him were Blu Ray movies. Well, I don't hate the PS3. I think it has some really great exclusive games. And I will make him buy them, haha. Good thing is that we have now every console at home: The dustcollector Wii (revives with the next Zelda), the Xbox 360 and the PS3.
We rented Little Big Planet, Call of Duty 5 and a second controller over christmas to try this giant sandwichtoaster out. Little Big Planet is great. The humor, the platforming, the creativity. I like this game very much and I hope that my brother will buy it ASAP!
Call of Duty 5 sucks. I just don't like it. The coop campaign is a joke. How fucked up can a splitscreen be? Splitted vertical and two little boxes that are not even on the same level of height. This gotta be a joke. Ever heard of Gears of War? That's how a splitscreen has to look. Well, my brother played the multiplayer a lot. Seems to be better. But still World War II, which is the reason I won't play this game.
Resistance 2 seems to be a good ego shooter. Can't say anything bad about this game.
And we rented a very special Blu Ray to try his setup: Rambo IV Uncut. Okay, this movie is so cruel, but the action is godlike. It's so sharp and colourful on 1080p and the Plasma somehow makes every movie more real life like. The motions are so much smoother. And the explosions - just awesome. Just yesterday we watched Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Blu Rays are over the top. Did I mention we have the whole season of Planet Earth on Blu Ray here? Oh, Lord, let's get back to videogames!

And I am currently addicted to my christmas game: Fallout 3. I was skeptical before, fearing it would feel like Oblivion, which I disliked. But the exact opposite is the fact. Fallout 3 feels great, isn't annoying and has an impressive weaponry.
I am very much a fan of good stories and the whole theme of Fallout - apocalypse and the struggle of survival - amazes me. This is because I read Stephen King's excellent novel The Stand back in the summer.
The game begins with your birth in Vault 101, where no one ever enters and no one ever leaves. Your mother dies during the process and you are raised by your father. You grow up in the vault and make decisions that affect your character's stats and class. Then one night when you are 19 years old, your father suddenly has left the Vault and you need to follow him. Being banned from the cushy security of the heavy bunkered vault you face a giant open world full of stranded humans, wild animals and super mutants.
You can play the game just like you want. I heard this since the game was announced but I never could really imagine what that means. Your decisions have bigger consequences than in Mass Effect, one of my all time favorites. On the other hand the dialogue is not as over the top as those virtual actors in Mass Effect, but I think you really shouldn't compare these two games. Both are must haves. My only critisiscm on Fallout 3 is the character animations. They look not that good, but after a few hours in this game this doesn't matter shit anymore. I prefer playing in First Person. But I figured out that you can zoom in Third Person View until you have a real fine looking Resident Evil 4like point of view. Just press the left bumper and zoom in or out with the right analog stick.
The combat system really shows you that Fallout 3 is a RPG and not a shooter. VATS is so much fun, I love decapitating super mutants heads with my hunting rifle - it's PURE FUN! Speaking of these things: This game is one of the goriest and brutal games I have played. On the same level with Dead Space, I'd say. (Hmmm, when I think about it, most games I play are brutal... And that with me being a friendly and peaceful kind of character?)
I really have to stop now. I could go on talking about this game for eternities. It feels like a good novel you read. It is full of adventure and greatness. It is one of the most impressive games you will ever play. Fuck, just go and buy it. Now go!

Shotguns in Videogames

... kick ass! It's as simple as that. I love shotguns in every game I play. Right now that's Fallout 3. Very effective for splattering head shots from a distance of 1 meter. That scares even the toughest super mutants!

Santa Gets Chainsawed? WTF?!

Rofl video incoming!
Cliffy, what have you started?

White Knight Story Intro

This game reminds me of Xenogears with those big mechas. I am interested how this turns out. But the music was used as well for the far more badass cinematic 2007 trailer. Better watch that one first.
White Knight Story will be released in 2009 for the Playstation 3 exclusively.


Killer 2007 trailer:

Resident Evil Retro Teases The Movie

Gametrailer does a very clever advertisment for the Resident Evil: Degeneration movie. A small Resident Evil retrospective, but c'mon this series has deserved more than one episode! Either way, it is nice to see the legendary second part of Resident Evil in motion again.

Ride The Lightning 2009

Master of Puppets pulling the strings! The new Guitar Hero: Metallica will kick ass! This will be the absolute best Guitar Hero ever released for metal fans. I really have to buy new batteries for my GH3 wireless guitar.

That Was GTA2

I love those Screwattack Video Game Vaults. Gaming Docutainment at it's finest! Oh, the memories! Those old GTA games were very funny. I played them for hours. With GTA III things became different, indeed.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let's Celebrate 1 Year Personal Gaming!

It was today, one year ago, when the net saw the birth of the truest videogame blog evar: Personal Gaming. This blog is straight about hardcore gaming and Eating Casuals for Breakfast. Every morning, no exceptions, haha! There's no cereals as good as a raging Wiikling. And not as delicious!
But let's have a short look at the past year: 12 months and over 66000 visitors! That makes about 5500 visitors every month. I'd say that's pretty good for one of a million videogame blogs. One very special videogame blog.
Lately I installed the GeoBlogging Gadget on Personal Gaming and the result is what everyone guessed since the beginning: Gamers from all around the world read Personal Gaming! Personal Gaming has visitors from South America, from Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Russia and of course, from the U.S. of A., Canada and Europe. Thanks for that to all of you! I am doing this site for collecting my thoughts on gaming, kinda videogame diary, but succes proofs that all of you benefit from that as well! It is really important for me that you support Personal Gaming and I can't wait to read your replies and opionions to my posts. For that I made it especially easy: You don't have to register on Personal Gaming or even on blogspot. Anyone can reply to posts, anonymously. "And I will listen to you, especially when we disagree!" to cite Barack Obama.
This blog is pure fan to fan, gamer to gamer and netjunkie to netjunkie and in matter of this I decided right from the beginning not to add Google Adds and other kinds of spam that's annoying.
Another hobby of me that I can wonderfully combine with my Personal Gaming blog are self made YouTube videos. Whenever I have good ideas and time I try to create something. Easy for you, I integrated my YouTube channel on the left navigation bar. It would be great to get some more ratings for those videos from you! Let's have a look at some of them!

The Truth Hurts. To Casuals:

This is a pretty unpopular and dead rated by casual scum video. I made it after the E3 announcement of The New Xbox Experience. It just needed to be said that gamers that according to the official Xbox Live Charts play most often games like Cod4, Halo3 and GTA IV just don't need this WiiMii piece of kindergarten shit.

The Games Convention Coverage: Killzone 2

Oh, Killzone 2 is so hawt!!1 Reading this after the latest gameplay blowout too often, I could just shake my head. It's a great game and I knew this since August when I played it hands on on Leipzig Games Convention. Of course I shared my impressions with all of you.

The Dead Fucking Space Music Video:

I think this one is the best video I made til this day. It's a great song, an even greater game and the responses are mostly positive. Sadly it just won't reach the 3000 views bar.

I'd like to round this up with a quote of my opening post last year:
This blog is a blog from a fan to other videogaming fans and might be anything but political correct. I won't lie to you. If a game is just a piece of digitalised shit - i will tell you the whole shocking truth about it.
This blog is created by a me, Hans, a german game fan who spends enough time in the net to have his own blog. And enough in front of his consoles to deserve it.

Enough said, hope you enjoy.

Thanks to all of you Personal Gaming readers! Let's make it another year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas From The AVGN

Hey, James Rolfe aka the Angry Video Game Nerd just aired his latest episode: The special christmas one, sequel of 2006's Bible Games. So here you go: Bible Games II!
And merry christmas from me, I wish you lots of good games! See you around!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas from Sega

And Merry Christmas to you, Sega! Good to see that The Conduit finally has a publisher. But besides that I have to say that I am very interested in The Ultimate Mega Drive Collection that includes 40 games in one box. Damn, I love the Mega Drive.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Survival Horror Masterpieces

I thought it would be time for a video that combines the three defining Survival Horror games of this generation and a rocking soundtrack. Well, there you go: Survival Horror Masterpieces. A compilation of gore, 3rd person and excellent gameplay featuring Gears of War 2, Dead Space and Resident Evil 5. Soundtrack by Metallica: Through The Never.
Hope you enjoy it!

A Final Fantasy Fantasy

Team Battle between the good and the bad side in this trailer of the Final Fantasy intern crossover Final Fantasy Dissidia for PSP.

Final Fantasy XIII Scans

I don't know what to expect, but I hope this game is better than the last games of Square Enix. I must say that I really wish this game to be over the top and the fact that the main character is a female sounds differnent to me. And differences are exactly what JRPGs need.

More Hate Against Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy still doesn't compete against Screwattack. Pussy is scared. Time that Screwattack refreshs:

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Let's remember which game this year got the Game of the Year title. Lots of GTA haters didn't want to accept the truth: The Game of the Year 2008 is Grand Theft Auto IV.
I didn't like the event, but I like the result. This goes right to all the GTA haters: You've lost, we GTA Fans have won. Haha!

Time for Some Good ROFLs

It's time for the infamous ROFL videos again! So, let's start:

Here we have Voldo from Soul Calibur, a smooth criminal:

A Chrono Trigger musical:

40 minutes of nothing comprimized in 2 minutes of nothing:

Failed VATS attempt at George W. Bush:

Wii is not good for your flatscreen TV:

A Next Metal Gear is a Shitty Piece of Crap

What have we guessed. 360 port of MGS4 still not confirmed. The next Metal Gear Solid game comes for Iphone. Well, MGS: Portable Ops for PSP was a fuck compared to the big games and after hearing what the next MGS will be my interest suddenly went to zero again.

The Manliest Top Ten Ever

There's nothing as manly as a good grown beard. That counts for videogames as well!

Skate 2 Opening

Damn, these skaters have lives of fun. And bails.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Rise of the Argonauts Trailer

Still looking like a solid hack'n'slay. Back in August at Leipzig Games Convention the developers told me that there will be some RPG elements, kind of how you want to turn the story. I am interested to find out if this will really work out.
Release is when again? Oh, already happened.
And Hercules still looks so full of muscles that he is more like a fork lift than a human being.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brütal Legend Trailer

I bet this will become a lovely rent.

Gears 2 Map Pack Trailer

This DLC is 800 MS points. At first I thought it was for free, but then - well, it's paybox Live. I guess it's ip banned in Germany anyway.

God of War III Trailer

Everything must come to an end! Can't wait to see Olympus burn down to the grounds!

Monday, December 15, 2008

GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Trailer

That's gonna be a kick ass heavy metal DLC. It will propably feel weird without Niko, but anyway, must have this!

VGA 2008 Live Blogging

04:54 Jack Black says Goodbye and "put videogames before anything else in your life." Funny. That's enough for tonight. I'm going to bed and I hope I won't have any nightmares from that shitty show. Don't forget to download the Gears 2 map pack as soon as possible, gamers. Especially the Germans, perhaps it's not ip banned at the beginning.

04:51 As I said. Grand Theft Auto IV is Game of the Year and Best Action Adventure.

04:49 Game of the Year coming. Make it GTA IV so that I finally can go to bed.

04:46 Oh, Brutal Legend. Another heavy metal game this night. Looks like a good rent. THe fucking camera men again looking at the chicks instead of the trailers. IDIOTS!

04:45 Jack Black and Tim Schaeffer on stage. Who is this guy again?

04:36 Now they hurry... Best Racing Game is Burnout Paradise, Best PC Game is Left 4 Dead. Best Graphics and Best Story goes to MGS4. Missed a few. I don't know why they fasten up now, I guess, they have some shitty celebs waiting to show off.

04:33 Studio of the Year is Media Molecule who created LittleBigPlanet. Also Best PS3 Game.

04:30 Doug from King of Queens announces Best Studio. Battles with a skater?!

04:28 Best Music Game is Rock Band 2. Also wins Best Soundtrack.

04:27 Watchmen trailer. It's a show and a game...

04:22 US Army presenting something after the next break. Perhaps it's a new Vietcong: Saving McCain.

04:19 50 Cent, this show has reached a new level of poor. Why did they not take Metallica, they have the better game as well!

04:15 Terminator: Salvation world premiere. This is a game, I guess. 5 second trailer. Mafia II world premiere trailer. Second good trailer tonight.

04:14 I am wondering if staying up this late is really worth it for this crap show. More games, less celebs. Take your job serious, Spike, it's videogames!

04:12 Yet another break. -_-

04:09 Busta Rhymes announced the trailer for Uncharted 2. Looking good, no gameplay.

04:06 Best RPG is Fallout 3. Someone ever questioned this?

04:04 Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li actors on stage saying they love videogames. Then they wouldn't do this movie, right? Best RPG coming.

04:03 Jack Black on stage, joking around. He's wearing his 360 headset all the time. Now Arthur of King of Queens is on stage. How weird is this gonna get??

04:01 Another break. This really begins to piss me off. Can't this be more like E3??

03:56 Geoff Keighly on stage. GTA IV The Lost and Damned trailer. Looks Heavy Metal! Character introduction underlined by hard guitar sounds. Looks really fine!

03:54 Will Wright is on stage and won Best Developer, I guess. Whatever this category is called.

03:51 World premiere of Dante's Inferno. Yet another 10 seconds trailer. This is so poor. For this I am awake this long?! Tony Hawk on stage.

03:46 50 Cent coming after the break. This is gonna be fun. His games are shit and his music is... Well, let's better not speak of it. I thought this show would be more about games, in stead it's all about infamous celebrities.

03:42 Rock Band band performing. The lead singer looks like a transsexual and the music is pussy rock.

03:41 Big Name in the Game: Kiefer Sutherland. He voiced Call of Duty 5: World at War.

03:39 Bad Ass somewhat. Why do all the cameras suck so hard? They can't be serious.

03:34 Awesome is the word of the night... What's now, commercial break?

03:32 Best Independent Game fueled by Dew is... World of Goo.

03:30 Someone should fire the cameramen. No one catches the big screen with the trailers.

03:28 Peter Moore, former Xbox boss, introduces the new Fight Night Round 4. Mike Tyson on stage!

03:22 God of War III Gameplay Trailer! Lags as hell, damn it!

03:20: The Best Shooter is: Gears of War 2. Also Best Xbox 360 Game. Cliffy B and Rod Ferguson of Epic are on stage.

03:18: UFC Undisputed. Gladiotors dancing with Cool J. Sick shit!

03:16 After a pause now there's LL Cool J on stage. Never came into my mind when thinking of games.

03:10 VGAs are in Los Angeles. Good to know. LL Cool J coming, lol.

03:08 That was Cole's voice. Introduction of the Gears 2 map pack.

03:06 The Jack Black/ Tenacious D opening performance was musical-like, public likes it. Jack talks about his game Brutal Legend and some weird model is on stage.

03:00 VGAs start. Jack Black is hilarious!

Prince of Persia All Skins

I just finished the new Prince of Persia (wonderful game) and found out that this game includes a skin manager. The Prince and Elika both have 4 skins to choose from, theoretically.
After beating the game you get the Jade from Beyond Good And Evil skin for Elika and you can get an Altair from Assassin's Creed skin by downloading this via the menu point Extras. You have to put in a code that should be on the back of the box.
But what are the other skins and how do you get them? Well, I googled and found this video. It shows the Sands of Time skins you get for collecting all orbs (PoP 360 has been my first PoP - The Elika Sands skin is named Farah - like the mule you never see in PoP 360). But what is the last pair of skins?

Update: Personal Gaming reader lmedeiroz has the answer: "the last two skins are open when you beat the game and find all 1001 light seeds. They are from Prototype Game."

Update 2: Personal Gaming reader Bimeque knows about a bug that prevents the PS3/360 versions of the game to unlock the Prototype skins. PC is patched though.

VGA Early Leaks: Gears 2 Map Pack Tonight

Those rookies over at Spike forgot to mute the microphones when they had their dress rehearsal... I quote from Gametrailers forums:

anybody elses seeing this ?
on the "crown" cam - everytime theres a chick on the stage hes zooming into her breasts ! (aka.for the 3 year olds - TITS)
also leaked results are ...

lego indian jones wins something
hand held - curious village
best driving game - Burnout paradise
best pc game - left 4 dead
best multiplayer - Left 4 dead

And the big Gears 2 DLC turns out to be a map pack which should arrive tonight.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Get Ready for the VGAs 2008!

This is IMPORTANT: Click here for the direct link to all 4 cameras!

Get ready for the Game of the Year by watching this special VGA edition of As Geoff said: "You don't wanna miss it!"

Yeah... Thing is for people like me living in Germany that event starts at 3 AM in the night. Good thing, I'm a videogame nerd.

Click here to watch!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Screwattack Gonna Kick Soulja Boy's Ass

Soulja Boy is a somewhat famous rapper in the US, I guess. He made the world laugh about him a while age when he posed with his pimped 360 and his games saying he's gonna beat anybody. Bad choice, now you're messing with Screwattack, home of the nerds!

What I'm Playing This Weekend: Prince of Persia

Cause I ran outta money and the Which Game Christmas Edition lead to Fallout 3, I decided to make the best out of it and rented the new Prince of Persia.
I played approximately 5 hours and there are a few things about this game that I have to say:

- I like the story and I like the Prince's oneliner. He's a really sympathic guy and you easily empathize with him. I'd like to see his donkey Farah, hope that's gonna happen in the game.
- The cel shading is beyond awesome. This game looks like a dream!
- The animations are great. Once I ran over a neat gap and Elika was blocking the way. What happened? The Prince grapped her hands and they did a lovely dancing turn around. That impressed and amazed me. I didn't expect this.
- This game is more of a platformer than an Action Adventure. Jump'n'running is what you do 90% of the time - it needs time to get used to the moving in this game, but then it's plain fun. And though this game is made by Ubisoft and build on the Assassin's Creed engine it doesn't feel like AC.
- The fighting system is not that good. Sometimes it's really annoying. I fought this damn Warrior King about 10 minutes until I figured out to throw him off the cliff. And I fought this Concubine monster for eternities. You can't get through her blocks. Best thing is to let her kill you, (which will never happen, cause Elika always saves your ass - first game in which is it impossible to die (besides Bioshock))and then suddenly attack her with all you got. Once the concubine powers up, it's hopeless. Even lifting her up with your gauntlet is hard then.
- The world is not as open as I'd expected. Sure it's one big connected world - and there are no Matrix breaks as in AC, thankfully - but the only real large and open area is the desert before the world tree. The rest is more like a cave system, corridor like. I'd hoped that it were a bit more Zelda-like, but you can't fall 5m deep, here comes Elika and saves you. That cuts the freeroaming aspect in my opinion.

But my first impression of this game is a very good one. It's fun, it plays well and looks like no other game.

That's Elika. She follows the Prince the whole game and is essential for the forthcoming.

The Prince is a bad ass mofo with a loose tongue. You will like him.

I smell a love story between the both. But that makes the game only playworthier. More games should have such emotional links.

Resident Evil 5 Zombie Fun

People over at GT...

Heavy Rain Dev Diary

Can't say nothing against this game. It's gonna be a very unique experience, that's for sure.

Guitar Hero: Metallica Set List

New details on the tracks of the upcoming Guitar Hero: Metallica. Among all those Metallica classics there will even be songs of the metal gods Slayer. Bang your head!
All we need now is Metallica confirmed for Wacken Open Air 2009!
"Enter Sandman" by Metallica
"For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica
"Fuel" by Metallica
"Hit The Lights" by Metallica
"King Nothing" by Metallica
"Master of Puppets" by Metallica
"No Leaf Clover" by Metallica
"Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica
"Sad But True" by Metallica
"The Unforgiven" by Metallica
"Where I May Roam" by Metallica
"No Excuses" by Alice in Chains
"Turn The Page" by Bob Seger
"Hell Bent For Leather" by Judas Priest
"Demon Cleaner" by Kyuss
"Tuesdays Gone" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Blood and Thunder" by Mastodon
"Armed and Ready" by Michael Schenker Group
"Mother of Mercy" by Samhain
"Black River" by The Sword
Additional songs from Foo Fighters, Queen, and Slayer

New FFXIII Trailer

Is it christmas already? Here we have a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer. Looks colourful and rich of fantasy. We'll see if it really arrives in 2009, but it better be fantastic. Cause this generation Square did good games, but until now, no must haves.

And a new trailer for the PS3 exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Whatever this is going to be. And whenever this is going to be released. My tip: Years after FFXIII which is years away.

Bioware Reveals New Star Wars Game

You never can't have enough Star Wars games. The hack'n'slay The Force Unleashed only a few months old, the next Star Wars game is already on the horizon. Star Wars: The Old Republic is gonna be a Massive Multiplayer Online Game developed by Bioware and Lucas Arts, who also have worked together at Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic 1 and 2.
What I don't like is what Ray Muzyka says: "It's our biggest project at this time." Don't forget that gamers are expecting Mass Effect 2 for 2009, Bioware! That is on what your focus should be!