Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Off To Wacken Open Air

Just wanted to inform you that until the end of this week I'm off to Europe's biggest heavy metal festival, the Wacken Open Air. Since 2004 I visit the fest and I am very happy to see bands like Machine Head, Amon Amarth, Running Wild, Turisas and lots more.
Indeed, I'm a fan of heavy music.
Earlier this month I've been to the so called Sonisphere Festival in Hockenheim, Germany, which was headlined by none other band than the genious metal gods Metallica. Left a video for your enjoyment!

But Wacken is another story. If you're interested, here's the festival diary of our trip last year:

If I'll survive the cult festival, I'll be back sunday and from that point you can expect that everything here on Personal Gaming goes it's normal way again. Until then! \m/

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bioware Makes Fun Of MW2's Nightvision Googles

Haha, gotta have that Dragon Age sausage. Oh lol.

(Yes, it's all a joke. For details on the Dragon Age CE look here.)

Direct link.

First Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Footage

Infinity Wards just released a little video for Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer. I bet most of you guys are more interested in this than in the campaign. Enjoy!

The Complete Lost Comic Con Panel

There has been a videogame about it, but that never reached the complexity and greatness of the series. Lost is propably the best narrated and for sure one of the most fascinating TV series of all time. And because I am a big fan of Lost and I cover everything interesting I find from Comic Con in San Diego here on Personal Gaming, I put the complete Lost Comic Con Panel up. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Trip To Point Lookout

If you've followed this blog, you know that I'm a huge Fallout 3 fan. I play this game since I got it last christmas and there is only one game on 360 that I play longer and continuesly. And that's Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. But HD Remix is only for multiplayer and Fallout 3 is a completely different league.
After finishing the main quest I got all three DLCs - Operation Anchorage, The Pitt and Broken Steel. Broken Steel had the nice addition of raising your level cap to thirty but compared with Point Lookout all of the previous DLCs were just side missions and I have doubts that even Mothership Zeta will come close to this masterpiece of downloadable content. Point Lookout brings you a real big swampland area with over 30 places to explore and multiple main and sidequests. Plus it looks totally different than the Wasteland!

WARNING: Everything from here on is spoiling!

The journey began in the Wasteland. I had to buy a ticket from Tobar the ferryman which costed me 399 caps. Holy crap. And then there was this mother that begged me to find her daughter who ran away to Point Lookout. I left my old friend Fawkes and took the ferry to Point Lookout. When I arrived I first met Madame Panada, a trader. I had to return to her often because she was the best to trade with and repair my stuff.
The Pier of Point Lookout, Pilgrim's Landing, is like a ghost town. Everything rotten and left.
I travelled around and soon came to a mansion.

It's the Calvert Mansion and inside a ghoul named Desmond awaited me together with his two watchdogs. There was not much time to chat because the mansion was attacked by a bunch of wild people! I helped Desmod defeat the attackers (the process took about 20 minutes!) and he told me that the attack was one of many, coming from the wild tribe over at the Ark and Dove cathedral!

The plan of Desmond was that I should infiltrate the tribe to find out who's responsible for the attacks. But first I had to survive their ritual to be granted entry. For that I had to walk in a holy part of the swamp and eat the seeds of a giant punga fruit. That made me haluscinating, but I survived.
And guess who I met in the cathedral! Nadine, the girl who ran away. She didn't like her new home, said all of the people were idiots that lost their minds and walked around like zombies. She promised to get back to her worrying mother... one day!
Then I searched for Jackson, the leader of the wild, in a cave. When I found him, he talked to a brain! A holo brain he thought of as a god. What an idiot.
When I talked to the brain, it revealed that it uses the faith of Jackson and his tribe for it's own reasons. It tries to kill Desmond the ghoul with whom it has a rivalery since 200 years. When I got back to Desmond he gave me a transmitter to disable the mindwaves Professor Calvert, the brain, sends out to control his followers. I should install it on top of the Big Wheel. When I got their I heard Calvert's voice in my mind. He begged me to side with him and destroy the sender. But I didn't. I don't side with brains claiming to be mad scientists. And his answer were a big bunch of his tribal followers which I had to slay with my great new weapon, the Unterhebelrepetiergewehr (don't know what it's called in English, I had only the possibility to download this DLC on German). It was crazy. Blood and body limps all over the pier.
When I got back to tell Desmond of my success the whole Mansion was blown up!

That's Desmond, a criminal ghoul with a very insulting language. Good bad guy!

But Desmond and I survived, so we ran to lighthouse to defeat Professor Calvert, the brain, in his lighthouse laboratory!

We fought through armies of robots to face the evil professor himself! He asked me again to side with him. But no chance, I blasted his ass back to Oblivion and finished the main quest!

Professor Calvert, the mad brain and enemy of Desmond.

And that was only the main quest. In the course of Point Lookout you can find out about the dark secret of Blackhall, investigate in a Chinese spy's mission, fight in a arena full of ghouls and search for gas mining drill holes. Point Lookout is full of choices and exploring and is the first add on that perfectly catches the spirit of the main game. An outstanding experience every Fallout 3 fan should've played!

Being The Alpha Male Makes You Feel Like A God

Yeah, I wanna feel like the alpha male and like a god! ... Like I wouldn't usually in real life, haha.

Avatars Get Gears Look

I'm not a big fan of Microsoft's virtual Barbies called Avatars but now it seems you can at least give them a more 'hardcore' look by clothing them like characters from
Gears of War. Of course it's gonna cost you. Of course I'll ignore it then.

Oh, and here's also the scandalous Avatars clip that includes the Dreamcast pad.

Somethinginthesea.com At Comic Con

Wow, the Bioshock 2 Comic Con booth is a clone of the website. Fascinating!

Achievement Whore's Next Game of Choice

... will be Saw The Videogame. The movies were bad and this game doesn't look better.
But at least you can boost you Gamerscore if you're into that kind of hobby.

Evo 2009 Street Fighter IV World Championship

Perhaps you've heard of the Evolution 2009, the World Championship Tournament in fighting games like Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, Soul Calibur IV and Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. And because I play Street Fighter often myself I know that magic that this game has to offer. It's not button mashing here, it's pure skill and strategy. And because of this I am very impressed by the final match in Street Fighter IV. It's Daigo's Ryu (Daigo is known as the best Ken player of the world) against Wong's Balrog. And even when Daigo took the title in the end the super finisher Wong threw at 3:15 (first vid) was so epic I don't get over it. But have a look for yourselves!

In perhaps the closest final matchup in Evolution history, Daigo Umehara’s Ryu defeated Justin Wong’s Balrog 2-3, 3-2, to take the Evo 2009 Street Fighter IV title. After some early struggles, Justin surprised everyone by switching to Balrog. The move paid off, as Justin was able to win the first set of the finals, avenging his earlier loss to Daigo in the tournament. The final set of the match came down to the final game. In the end Daigo’s strong positional play allowed him to squeek by and take the title.

Alan Wake Gameplay Looks Fantastic

There's a new gameplay for the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake out and it's worth a watch!
The off screen narration is a thing that could really improve story telling. The whole game is split in episodes like you know it from the Lost videogame - if that's good or bad we'll have to see. Another thing worth noting is the excellent lightning and character animation. Great job, Remedy!

Jelly Bean The Heavy Metal Cat

"Rock it, Jelly Bean!" - Awesome! Reminds me of how I'll be rocking Wacken Open Air next week!

Background Infos On Uncharted 2

Single player, co-op, competative multiplayer and this all with improved game mechanics!

Alan Wake Is A Roller Coaster Ride

Get some more infos on Alan Wake straigth from the devs of Remedy.

Tim Schafer Talks Brütal Legend

Another interesting Comic Con interview!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Coop Gameplay

Ayane and Ryu Hayabusa take the trash out together.

Uncharted 2 Comic Con Gameplay

A game PS3 owners should be proud of.

Shadow Complex Interview

Shadow Complex will feature a giant non-linear world and is compared with games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Sounds good to me!

Dante's Inferno Reminds Me Of...

Just like Dead Space put the best pieces of the genre together to evolve the genre, the new game of former EA Redwood Shores, now Visceral Games, Dante's Inferno takes good ideas from other titles. For example, from the best hack'n'slay ever - God of War II. Watch both vids and you'll see what I mean.

Escape The Vault As Baby

Okay, it's a glitch but funny nonetheless. Imagine a baby fighting for Project Purity. Sadly the vid ends before the real Wasteland action starts.

360 Fall 2009 Dashboard Update Walkthrough

Looky, looky what I've found. A video walkthrough of the new dashboard update that is coming soon. As you can see in the pic above MS switches the so called New Xbox Experience into a "more mature" user interface. Because many hardcore gamers branded them as childish, Avatars are abandonded as well.

Okay, I tried to prank you. ;)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What If The Dark Side Won?

This is a trailer for the upcoming The Force Unleashed DLC. But to me it looks like Lucas Arts is planning to release this game again this fall, complete with the new DLC. What else would "Ultimate Sith Edition" mean?

Piss Your Enemies In The Mouth

The game is called Metalocalypse and well... to me it seems it wants a piece of the Brütal Legend cake. Ain't gonna happen.

Stan Lee Thinks Video Games Are Better Than Movies

I agree with him on that. And when a legendary comic artist says that, it's worth noting. Sorry, Hollywood.

Fresh Darksiders Gameplay

See War, the horseman of the apocalypse, rumbling demons.

How To Use Your Mass Effect Save In The Sequel

Perhaps you've heard about Mass Effect thought as a trilogy and the vision that you can complete all three games with your character from the first game and that the story is developing as you decided it - through all games. Means that an important decision, like killing Wrex, the Krogan warrior of the first game, who is in this case not appearing in the sequels.
Now Casey Hudson has spoken a few sentences on this matter:
GO: How significant are the variables being indexed in the save games, and how threaded throughout the Mass Effect 2 experience are they?

CH: It's completely different from anything you've played before, because it's literally, potentially threaded into everything that happens. When you're playing the first game, everything that you do is setting a variable so that as the story progresses we know that you did a certain thing on a certain planet, and then internal to the game, we can reference those things. Your Mass Effect save game contains all of that information.

When you import it into Mass Effect 2, now we can continue mining all that information. And it's not just what your ending was, or a couple of the big choices, you know, where we could have stuck a conversation at the beginning and asked you what you did and moved on. This is literally hundreds of things.

Anytime we have a plot or a character or situation in Mass Effect 2, we think about what you did, potentially, in the first game that might affect said plot or character or situation in the second. We can look at each variable and dynamically change what happens in the moment. It ranges from small things like, by way of example, Conrad Verner was a fan of Commander Shepard's that you met in the first game, and it's like you meet this guy in an alley and you can be nice to him or you can be a jerk to him, and at the time you might have been thinking of it as just a trite role-playing convention, good-guy bad-guy, and that's that.

Jump forward two years. Now you're playing Mass Effect 2, and oh my god, who's this, it's Conrad Verner! And based on what you've done, you realize that while the moment in the first game maybe seemed throwaway, now Conrad's back and involved in another plot in a game you're playing two years later...and what you did two years ago is meaningfully affecting what's happening. That's a small example.

Read the full interview here!


Cliff Bleszinsky On New Gears 2 Maps And Shadow Complex

An interview with Cliff Bleszinsky at Comic Con.

Modern Warfare Animated Comic

Looks like someone played CoD4 for the drama instead of the multiplayer. Very well executed.

Little Big Planet Rip Off In Brazil

This is an intro of a famous Brazilian tv show for children called Bom Dia & Companhia (Good Morning & Company). And obviously it is very inspired by Little Big Planet. I love to see it when videogames spread out in the real life.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Microsoft Wants Your Money

Destructoid brought info on the new Avatar Marketplace and what's more interesting, a price list. How much hard earned money are you willing to invest in your Xbox Barbie's wardrobe?
I bet there'll be enough people that'll buy this nonsense.

Game Styles

Fable II

* Cup Tee - 80 MS Points
* Fable Tee - 80 MS Points
* Highwayman Boots - 160 MS Points
* Highwayman Trousers - 160 MS Points
* Lionhead Logo Tee - 80 MS Points
* Spire Guard Coat - 160 MS Points

Halo 3

* Halo Cargo Shorts - 80 MS Points
* Halo Crossed Swords Tee - 80 MS Points
* Halo Hand Tee - 80 MS Points
* Halo Hoodie - 160 MS Points
* Halo Legendary Tee - 80 MS Points
* Halo Long Sleeved Tee - 80 MS Points
* Halo Medals Tee - 80 MS Points
* Halo Stuck Tee - 80 MS Points
* Halo Tee - 80 MS Points

Halo 3: ODST

* Halo Beret - 80 MS Points
* Halo Hoodie - 160 MS Points
* Halo Laser Kill Ring 40 MS Points
* Halo Miltary Cap - 80 MS Points
* Halo RC Warthog - 320 MS Points

Monkey Island: Special Edition

* Eyeball Necklace Carryable - 160 MS Points
* Herman Toothrot Hat - 80 MS Points
* LeChuck Pirate Hat - 80 MS Points
* LeChuck Pirate Suit - 240 MS Points
* Meat Hoot Pirate Eye Patch - 40 MS Points
* Monkey Island: SE Cotton Swab - 160 MS Points
* Pirate Telescope Carryable - 160 MS Points
* Seltzer Bottle Carryable - 160 MS Points
* Stan the Salesman Hat - 80 MS Points
* Treasure Hunt-ery Shirt - 80 MS Points

Lifestyle Collections: Styles Store


* Recession Blazer and Sweater - 160 MS Points
* Recession Brim Hat - 80 MS Points
* Recession Cargo Jacket and Vest - 160 MS Points
* Recession Cuffed Demin Jeans - 80 MS Points
* Recession Cuffed Trousers - 80 MS Points
* Recession Glasses - 80 MS Points
* Recession Newsboy Hat - 80 MS Points
* Recession Shoes - 80 MS Points
* Recession Tortoise Glasses - 80 MS Points
* Recession Unlaced Combat Boots - 80 MS Points


* Newsboy Cap and Goggles Combo - 160 MS Points
* Steampunk Black Boots - 80 MS Points
* Steampunk Black Combat Boots - 80 MS Points
* Steampunk Bowler Hat - 80 MS Points
* Steampunk Breeches - 80 MS Points
* Steampunk Brown Bowler Hat - 80 MS Points
* Steampunk Metal Goggles - 80 MS Points
* Steampunk Shirt and Vest Combo - 160 MS Points
* Steampunk Striped Jacket Combo - 160 MS Points

Rage's Uncivilized Mutants

They are really uncivilized! So beware!
Nice propaganda.

Decision - Consequence

Whoa, that's nearly as open as Fallout 3 or Mass Effect. Wait, maybe not.

Sam Fisher Is To Be Remembered

His agency tried to fire him but you don't mess with this guy.

New Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay Emerges

Fresh from Comic Con in San Diego, US of A.

Forza 3 Design Walkthrough

Another video for all you Forza fans!

Kane Is Back Again

He is such a charismatic terrorist. Much better than Osama and his Al Quaida posse.
And I wonder if C&C is the next NFS. Every damn year a new game. Will it work out?

Avatars Golf Leaked

Does it remind you of another famous Golf game? Perhaps Nintendo's Wii Sports?
Then you feel like me.
I highly expect this one to be build around Project Natal, Microsoft's Motion thingy to catch the casual crowd.

Borderlands Is A Role Playing Shooter

Borderlands is coming 23th of October by the way. It's looking good and it sure would've deserved a place in my Top 20. Too many damn games coming on 360!

Some 50 Hit+ Ryu Combos

Wait, what? Okay, this is a Ryu combo video. His combos are so well executed the video explains that some help stuff was used. Nice to see anyway because it features a lot of Street Fighter games, even the infamous first one!

Dragon Age: Human And Dwarf Origins

Some new videos of Bioware's upcoming RPG Dragon Age Origins have been released. Have a look!

Okay, this vid here is about the fighting and I wonder how this will feel in the end. It looks pretty cool, that is for sure:

Here's a video giving you some background info on a human origin:

Dwarfes are raging in this video:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

GT Battlefield Heroes Review

It's Battlefield the browser game!

On The Search For The Other Three Horsemen

On the search for the other three horsemen War is hunted by heaven and hated by hell. But he will restore the balance!

The Top 20 Xbox 360 Games of Winter 2009/10 Part 2 of 2

And here it is - the second part of my Top 20 Xbox 360 Games of Winter 2009/10 special! Watching this video will get you specific knowledge about places 10 to 1 and I don't want to spoil you, but some of videogaming's greatest series are in this list. So give it a try and don't cry around when Modern Warfare 2 doesn't become number 1. Or does it ?! Find out and let me know what you think!

Haven't seen places 20 to 11? Worth a watch for sure!

On YouTube embedding is disabled, fuck YouTube.

And that's why I'm with GT: