Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Download The Brütal Legend Demo Or Else...

Ormagoden? Who's that? Better make him not angry.

TGS 09: Super Street Fighter IV Announced

The trailer is showing Ken and Ryu fighting, so nothing special there. Why Capcom didn't include the two characters everybody was waiting for - T.Hawk and Dee Jay - in the trailer stays their secret. Super Street Fighter IV will contain eight new characters, a few new stages and some new online modes. It will be released as a disc version and not as DLC for the original game. Price will be lower than most games, whatever that has to mean and for buyers of the original Street Fighter IV there will be a special something. Release is sometime in early 2010.
Personally I am a bit frustrated that my Street Fighter IV just got old and Capcom wants to milk my wallet again. But that we know from Capcom. I won't get it any time soon, I still prefer Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix above any other Street Fighter games. In Super IV you will be able to do two different ultra moves, I've heard... Shut up, I think, it's getting too complicated for me.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Super Street Fighter IV Screenies

So, what do we see on the first screens of the heavily rumored Street Fighter IV upgrade? Two new characters. One is called Juri and the other is T. Hawk, the veteran indian from Super Street Fighter II (Turbo HD Remix). I don't know who Juri is and if she ever appeared in Street Fighter before. And, more importantly where is Dee Jay? I hope this'll be a DLC because I won't pay so early for the next Street Fighter. And I demand that the DLC instantly unlocks all characters of the original game. I simply wanna beat people up only and don't find the time to play through the single player with every character (Seth is a hard bastard, by the way).

TGS 09: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer And Translation

It's the new Final Fantasy XIII trailer premiered at Tokyo Games Show 2009! With over 7 minutes it is massive. This trailer spotlights the characters and their relations. For my taste it's too romantic and I had to laugh when I saw the blond guy on his space motorbike. And there is some terrible J Pop in this trailer. I hope a version with the US voices will be released I prefer them by far. And for those that want to know what was spoke I'll add the translation!


Because I'm frightened that I can't see the future...
Because I'm sad that I can see the future...
I close my eyes, and let myself be flooded by sweet memory.



I can tell my sister, right? About becoming a l'Cie.


C'mon, telling her we got engaged is more important, right? Heh! I wonder what Lightning's face will look like. Maybe I should call her "big sister" from now on?


*Titter*. Yeah.


All right!


So lovely…


Let's watch them here next year, too.


I love you.



The enemy is l'Cie! Bring them down at all costs! Don't think of them as two humans. Think of them as two animals!


I'm going to charge them. You run. And don't die.




Make it home alive!



Serah! What's your Focus?! All l'Cie have a Focus, right? I'll help you! We'll do it together!



When our parents died, to protect Serah -- and because I wanted to be an adult -- I became Lightning. I thought I'd grow up if I abandoned the name my parents gave me. But I couldn't protect her. In fact… I only hurt her. Serah tried to tell me… and I wouldn't believe her.



Your son's crystal will become as a monument to the tragic hero who saved Cocoon.





Rather than be decried as the son of a l'Cie, living a miserable life… don't you think it would be far more fortunate for him?



I'll go after I rest a bit. If they catch you harboring a l'Cie, Father...

Hope's Father:

Don't be absurd! This is your home.



I know I can beat this, because all my friends are with me.


I'm sorry… I'm so sorry!



I beg you. Save Serah!


Bastard! A fal'Cie would never listen to a human's wishes… damn it!



It's a l'Cie! Use it!


So now it's the Sanctum l'Cie, that blesses all citizens of Cocoon with light.








Something's coming!


You shall not escape… l'Cie!



Look! This is what a l'Cie is. Well?! I'm a human, just like you. A human born and raised in Cocoon! You get it?! Cocoon is our home! We want to protect it, just like you do!


I do comprehend your position. But as long as you l'Cie exist, all humanity is face with grave danger. Would you trade the lives of tens of millions of Cocoon citizens for your own?!



Humans… are kept. I was kept, as a pet! Born in a world sustained by l'Cie… raised on the fodder they provided. If that was taken away from us, we would be lost.



So shoot.


Shut the hell up! You wanna die and call it a day? You think they'll absolve you if you die?!


Then what are we supposed to do?!


Figure something out!



What if people lose all hope because you continue to live, and fight? How would you atone for that?!


I don't know! All I can do is move forward!


"Move forward"?! You're using that as an excuse to run away!


So what do you want me to do?! Take responsibility and die?!





A l'Cie… with Sanctum?!


You should be worrying about yourself.





Talk! You couldn't protect Serah! It's your fault--


He can.




He can. Protect… protect Cocoon.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Arkham Asylum: Criminally Insane

Thought a great game like Batman: Arkham Asylum deserves a great music video. Once again the obvious choice were the thrash metal gods Slayer. The title is Criminally Insane and the song by Slayer is Criminally Insane. Creative, huh? Enjoy!

TGS 09: Crackdown 2 Walkthrough

Crackdown 2. On the first view it doesn't look anything has evolved. I mean, the first game lacked in story but gameplaywise it was pretty cool. Games like Infamous cleary oriented on the platforming. More than a 1.5 sequel? What do you think?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Borderlands Making Of Is Pure Fun

This is so cool! I really think about getting this game sooner than later!

Dead Space Extraction Reviews

Dead Space Extraction, the Wii prequel to the PS360 king of survival horror, has gotten it's first reviews. Gamerankings score currently is at 81%. GT says it's one of the best looking Wii games. And 1Up writes:
Extraction doesn't last very long; most gamers will be able to beat the single-player campaign in under six hours. But as an expansion of the Dead Space universe, it provides necessary sustenance for Dead Space fans, and a fun introduction for newcomers. The game avoids treating the Wii as a gimmick, incorporating a minimum amount of waggle -- except for when you need to brush off an enemy or activate your Glow Worm (for some reason, in this future nobody has a flashlight, but there are plenty of glow sticks). It may be a strange world, but I look forward to visiting it again, regardless of what platform it's on.

TGS 09: Mass Effect 2's Project Zero Introduced

After Thane and Grunt comes the next member of Shepard's suicide squad: Project Zero, a female bounty hunter that looks like she comes from Saint's Row. And Shepard can even fall in love with her.

Friday, September 25, 2009

TGS 09: Peace Walker Trailer And Walkthrough

I like that it has the flavor of MGS3: Snake Eater, my favorite game in the series.

TGS 09: American Zombie Gladiators

Okay... Looks like fun. Hope Capcom doesn't make Dead Rising 2 too funny. Zombies are a serious topic!

TGS 09: Lightning Rides On Odin The Horse

Oh, look at those nice and smooth animations. The fighting system looks really well done! And the best thing is that Odin transforms into a horse. Rofl.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meet Liberty City's Next Psychopath

Well, of course I speak about The Ballad of Gay Tony. Yusuf Amiris another psycho you'll meet in Liberty City.

TGS 09: Creating A Strange World

Finally new footage of The Last Guardian, the spiritual successor of Shadow of the Colossus. This video is both dev diary and trailer. Looks like another PS3 must have title. Some time I must have a PS3 that is for sure.

TGS 09: Cat Girl And Bear Man

I guess the guys behind Final Fantasy XIV took an overdose of anime. I'll prefer my beautiful offline single player Final Fantasy XIII.

TGS 09: He's Here To Destroy That Tower

Oh, Quantum Theory pops up again! Long time it was silent around this PS3 exclusive by Tecmo. To me it looks like a mix between Gears of War and Devil May Cry. The graphics look nice as well. And the story... well, I guess only Japanese can think something this weird.

TGS 09: New Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Trailer Contains Terrible Music

I don't know about Tatsunoko fans but I bet most Street Fighter fans will think about the music choice in this trailer like me: Fail. It even comes close to that insult Capcom made in the Street Fighter IV main menu.

Another Sega Mega Drive Top Ten

The console I began gaming with. Here are ten good games and hundred others are missed, but well, Top Tens are a personal thing.

Forza 3 Lets You Pay For GT 5's Ferrari 458 Italia

I know I'm touching fanboy's nerves right now, but c'mon it was obvious that this comparison would be made, especially when they release this trailer on the same time as the competitor does. Fact is both Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5 have the same car, the Ferrari 458 Italia, only the difference is that to drive the Ferrari in Forza you'll have to pay for to play. Even when the trailer hints at a christmas near release it's unlikely the DLC would be free. I mean, free DLC, that's a thing only Batman did in recent time.

AVGN: Wayne's World

It's time for a new Nerd episode! This time he takes on a cult movie of the early 90s: Wayne's World. As you can imagine, the games were anything but good!

Latest Op Flash 2 Trailer Gets You Into The Action

Time is going by slow. I look forward to this game and hope for a lengthy campaign.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Witcher 2 Is Coming To Consoles, Looks Great

Propably you've heard that in the trouble of the economical crisis the console port of the first Witcher game was cancelled. Well, The Witcher 2 is coming to consoles, but not too soon. Take a look at this leaked video!

Gran Turismo PSP Clocks In At 78% Average

There are already some reviews out for the PSP Gran Turismo. A look at gamerankings shows that the average score is about 78%. The game itself has pretty nice graphics for a portable game, but most reviews don't like the absence of damage models and the slow feeling of speed.

GT's review, as always, sums it good up:

The Complete Fable 3 GC 09 Press Conference

Well, it's been a while since GamesCom but every now and then a video still drops in. This is the case with the complete Fable III Press Conference hosted by Peter Molyneux. Likely there'll be now news resulting from this, but it's still nice to have the whole picture in the frame.

Lost In A Heavy Metal World

This developer video gives you a walk through the heavy metal world of Brutal Legend. It explains the design choices, gives an insight of the different factions in the game and showcases the sky, on which the developers have put a lot of effort. I think this game is a contender for my christmas present.

Gran Turismo 5 Has A Ferrari 458 Italia

Shouldn't this game be out since years?

30 Minutes Making Of Arkham Asylum

Thought I'd share this video with you. If you liked Batman: Arkham Asylum this will interest you. The embedded video below is a SpikeTV special episode about the creation of the best Batman game yet. It's hosted by Geoff Keighly and gives you insight on the idea behind it, the voice artists, the motion capturing procedures and many other inside infos.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SA: The Art of Fighting And Street Fighter Rivalry

In case you haven't seen NostalgicGamer's excellent Street Fighter retrospective, Craig from Screwattack gives you a short summary of the rivalry between SNK and Capcom.

Dr. Ray: Dragon Age Has 6 Different Stories

Another interview with one of my favorite industry faces: Dr. Ray from Bioware. This time he goes into detail on the differences between Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Unlock Bonus Missions For Op Flash 2 Now

Hey, just wanted to let you know that the homepage for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was updated with a mini game that lets you unlock two bonus missions. You'll have to show your best in three different excercises. The exercises are about memory and reaction.

Check it out here! Good luck!


The Whorehouse From The Inside

Whorehouse gameplay from The Saboteur. This game will play in Paris when it's occupied by the nazis in World War II. It's open world and as you can see, has interesting locations to offer.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monkey Island 2 In CryEngine

That's cool and it's coming from Germany. Check out the artists homepage for more info.

What I'm Playing This Weekend

What am I playing this weekend? Batman: Arkham Asylum, of course!
I've played about half through the campaign and like everyone, I'm blown away by the awesomeness this game is.
This game perfectly captures the series tone of the latest two Batman movies but still is true to the cartoon series. The presentation should become a standard for super hero games - it's clearly a game developed with a mature audience in mind. The graphics are, thanks to Unreal Engine 3, state of the art. The gameplay is so fluid and fun, the delay for polishing so payed out!
And the story with all the different characters ties you to the screen! The characters benefit from unique and original voices delievered for example by Luke Skywalker aka Mark Hamill who does an impressive job in bringing the Joker to life.

Time for me to return to Killer Crok's lair. I'll post a few more words when I'm done with this instant classic.

GT Halo 3 ODST Review

For all Halo fans ODST will most likely be a must have. Personally I'm not a fan of Halo, because somehow I think the weapons feel like Playmobil. Prefering Unreal Tournament, but that's just me.

The Urban War Begins

Finally they release some gameplay of APB. I've seen it last month and these were my thoughts.

GT Wet Review

This is Gametrailers' review for Wet. I think this game looks like a solid rent. Propably their rating is too low. Average ratings are at about 72%.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

You're The Mute In Dragon Age: Origins

Well, sounds (irony) like the character you're playing doesn't have a voice. I mean, it was okay in Fallout 3 but from Bioware I'd expected different after playing Mass Effect with it's digital actors awesomeness. In Fallout 3 in dialogues it always was first person view, which didn't make the missing of the protagonist's voice so important. But here the camera even switches to the protagonist. I think you can get used to it, but it's a questionable decision of game design.

MS Is A Great Partner To Infinity Wards

Sounds like Microsoft put a lot of effort and money into convincing Infinity Wards to partner up with them in terms of special Xbox gimmicks and first released map packs.

A Closer Look At Borderlands

The first 6 minutes of this show are about the upcoming RPG/FPS hybrid Borderlands. Not only do I like the cartoonish cell shaded look of the game but also the fact that every weapon is randomly generated and unique.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wanna See The Complete Halo 3 ODST Campaign?

I'm not a fan of Halo, but I know the rest of the world is. Just wanted to let all you Halo maniacs know that this someone here constantly uploads videos of the ODST campaign. As example I'll give you Part 21. Every part is about ten minutes, so if you have too much time now you can watch other people play through unreleased games.

Forza 3 Has 400 Completely Modeled Cars

So everyone can have his virtual dream garage. This game looks incredible. But I played it on GamesCom and it's 100% simulation. And that means I am going to suck at it because I have already a hard time winning in arcade racers.

Dragon Age: Origins - Choices

This is the fourth German Dragon Age: Origins tutorial video. This time EA will demonstrate you the power of choice. Every choice you make will have consequences! This video gives you an example...

Choose your path:

Against Wynne:

Pro Wynne:

Creating Beauty By Simply Rocking

This is the same demo I played on GamesCom. Expect it to hit Xbox Live later in the next weeks.

Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC In Motion

Moving footage of the latest and free Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC.

Brütal Thoughts Part 6

In this episode Jack Black tells us about how cool roadies are.

James Cameron's Avatar 1st Dev Diary

This is the first dev diary for James Cameron's Avatar The Game. When I hear Avatar I am thinking about this 1000 gamerscore title. But I've dug a bit and as it turns it'll be a different thing. If you belong to the unknowing, like me, just check out the trailer for the movie as well. Looks like a nice fantasy movie. Worth a visit at the cinema I'd say! Oh, and as they say game and movie are seen as two parts of the same world. That's a good foundation for a game.