Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dragon Age DLC Takes You Back To Ostagar

Oh, look! There's a new mission for Dragon Age fans coming soon!
I've put that game aside, to be honest. I tried to play it and it didn't catch my interest in the first ten hours. I've to admit that I started with this enormous game in the middle of learning stress for my studies, but somehow I found it is a cheap Lord of The Rings rip off with terrible graphics. Guess, I'll give it another chance sometime. And sometime means propably never.

The Latest Borderlands Mad Moxxi Video

More Borderlands fun availlable right now. Have no points though and more than enough to play. With too few time, as always.

Half Life 2 On Project Natal

I don't know who did this video, but it would've been great to see some actual shooting. That would've been interesting.

In Your Face, Tekken 6!

Couldn't agree more with the outcome of best fighting game of 2009.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Perfect Dark HD Gameplay

It has no sound, but for fans it's worth the watch nonetheless.

Assassin's Creed 10 Min Fan Movie

Made by fans. Great voicing, I think.
"Initiation" is a fan film made by TheDuoGroup, not an official video. "Initiation" takes place before Altair has received the coveted title of "Hashshashin." Like all young men, Altair aspired to leave his mark on the world. After years of grueling training, fear and anticipation course through his veins. Anticipation, because he understands that this is the last right of passage towards brotherhood. Fear, because he knows that though hundreds of apprentices have reached this point, few come back alive. An original animated short by TheDuoGroup.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dead Space 2 OPM Scans

Below are scans of the Official Playstation Magazine 01/2010, showing an article about Dead Space 2.

Bioshock 2 PS3 Intro Gameplay

A first look at the main menu of the PS3 version (guess PC and 360 won't have different menus) and some intro gameplay footage. Spoiler yourself at own risk.

Mass Effect 2 Homepage Updated, 2 New Videos

Check out the Mass Effect 2 homepage, it's got a fresh new look and best of all: new content. The wallpaper section now has wallpapers taken from the awesome CG trailer. But sadly for people like me that surf with Full HD, the resolution only goes up to 1600x1200. Anyway, two new videos appeared, featuring Thane and Grunt and their reasons to kill for Shepard.

Played The Dante's Inferno Demo

Yesterday there were no updates because strangely the local internet broke down. Seems like it hit the whole city. I am not sure if it is fixed now or how long it will take, but I'll use this time now of doing some updates.

So, as you propably know the Dante's Inferno demo is availlable now on the Xbox Live Marketplace and since earlier this month on Playstation Network. And I took myself the time to play through.
Dante's Inferno is loosely based on the middleage poem the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The story is that Dante, a knight who took part in the crusade of Jerusalem, comes back home and finds his beloved wife Beatrice murdered. He broke his promise (I still haven't found out what this promise actually was about) and Beatrice is taken by the devil himself as his bride, so that he'll be able to reach paradise once again.
Sound weird, plays very well. Dante's Inferno is developed by Visceral Games, former EA Redwood Shores, the talented developers behind the masterpiece Dead Space. They know how to take a new shot at an old genre and evolutionize it. Evil tongues say they "steal", but I won't second that. But indeed, Dante's Inferno plays like God of War. And that is the best thing they could do, because God of War is simply the king of the hack'n'slay genre.
Anyway, in the demo you get the opportunity to play the beginning of the game. You kill death himself and win his powerful scythe. After seeing Beatrice taken away by the devil the journey takes Dante to an old church, which sinks into the ground when the gates of hell are revealed. In the course of this demo the player slays countless enemies and is given the ability to try out some new combos that can be bought with the souls of slayn enemies. For ranged combat Dante uses the holy cross and as lame as it sounds, it's a blast to play. Dante can choose between absolving or killing the creatures of hell and as far as I could see, this makes Dante good or bad. I don't know how it will affect the later game, but I am sure it will.

So what's to say? I really thought about getting Dante's Inferno eventually, because of Mass Effect 2, which is released at the end of anuary, and Bioshock 2, which hits also in early february. But after playing this demo I am seriously thinking about playing it before Bioshock 2. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first Bioshock and I will play the second's campaign definitely, but seeing all of it's multiplayer crap, I've been getting exhausted and Dante's Inferno was love on the first play.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gamespot's GOTY Isn't Uncharted 2

But another PS3 exclusive. Not bad for a sleeper hit, not bad.

GT: Fallout 3 Wins Best Expansion

Gametrailers GOTY awards again. In this case, I couldn't agree more. Point Lookout was awesome. Tough competition is propably Grand Theft Auto IV. Until now I've played only The Lost And Damned, but I liked it really much, it kept the spirit of GTA alive plus went the metal way. And somehow with all the real life rocker war between Hell's Angels and Bandidos going on in Germany it was 'interesting'.

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Short Christmas Update

So, how has it been so far for you? I hope as stressfree as possible. I know from my own experience that christmas, as the fest where all of the family comes together, it can easily happen that someone blows up the roof. Anyway, here went all good so far.
But to get back to gaming: Since I've been small I've always wished me videogames for christmas. And that is what my brothers and sister wish as well.
So that means for this year: Brütal Legend for me, Assassin's Creed II for my brother, Uncharted 2 for my other brother and Zelda: Spirit Tracks for my little sister. A family united in gaming one could say.
And it seems that all of these game are great. I've played a little Assassin's Creed II, awesome. Uncharted 2? As many awards as it won, I don't need detail furhter my brother's excitement. Zelda: Spirit Tracks looks good as well.
And Brütal Legend is a game like made for me. So many great metal songs and a funny story! Definitely a very creative game. Hell, it even has Manowar in it, truest metal band of all time!
That just as a small update for today! Enjoy your christmas as much as possible, people!

(Damn, I've eaten so much food and moved so few... Really need to work out hard next week.)

GameSpot's Best of 2009 Genre Awards

Demon Souls seems to be very good. It not only won Best RPG on Gamespot, but also on Gametrailers. Another strong PS3 exclusive this year.

GT Best Downloadable Game

Gametrailers throws out their annually Game of the Year awards. There are a lot of interesting categories and I like to watch them because you get a very good impression of which games have done nice in the year. This is their opinion of the best downloadable game and after watching this I have to say I should get me some points for Shadow Complex, Trials HD and Splosion Man. Nice games! And I've decided since long that I'll need all of the good old Sonic games for Xbox Live Arcade. Of course I still own all of that Sega Mega Drive cardridges and have them included in the Sega Mega Drive Collection. But the difference is that when downloaded, the ability of Sonic & Knuckles is emulated to combine it with Sonic The Hedgehog 3 to play Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the ultimate Sonic game. However, the quality of the downloadable content libraries these days is impressive and rich.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

AVGN: Winter Games

And with that I wish all of my readers a merry christmas! Don't let it stress you!
And by the way: I am planning to do a new video between christmas and end of the year. Kinda like last year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12 Minutes of Splinter Cell Convictions Co-op

12 minutes from Splinter Cell's co-op campaign.

A Walk Trough The New Normandy SR-2

The first ten minutes show only the interior of the new Normandy, the rest shows a mission I didn't want to watch. If you don't want to experience story spoilers, only watch the first ten minutes.

Mass Effect 2 Full Cinematic Trailer

The trailer itself looks good, but I'll put up a better version as soon as I find one.

Dante's Inferno Christmas Trailer

Spend your christmas fest in hell...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mass Effect 2: Dr. Ray Interview

Dr. Ray praises Mass Effect 2 again. There can't be enough praise about this game!

I'm Not A Fan of Bioshock 2's Multiplayer

I am not sure wether it is Mass Effect or Bioshock that is the best game I've ever played, but it is sure that I loved both games. However, I am glad to see that for Mass Effect 2 Bioware didn't even think a second about integrating a multiplayer mode. That is different with Bioshock's sequel. In the first Bioshock there was no multiplayer mode so that the devs could spend all their effort for the campaign and the result surpassed every hype. Looking at the videos below showing the multiplayer , I have to say I am not a bit impressed. It looks like generic FPS 08/15 with Rapture skin on. Remember, the single player campaign and multiplayer mode are developed by two different teams. Ken Levine, father of the first game, would never have agreed with such decisions. But Mr. Levine gave his child away for something that is 'substantially more ambitious than Bioshock'. Whatever this has to mean, I want to clarify that I am hyped for Bioshock 2's campaign, but I hope they cancel the multiplayer.

Mass Effect 2: The Infiltrator

The Infiltrator Class gives you the ability to use 'cloak'. With the cloak ability you are invisible and can sneak up on enemies or land clean sniper rifle shots. Definitely a class I won't choose, too much running away and backstabbing. I hope they show the new ability for the soldier class soon!

The First 20 Minutes of Darksiders

The first 20 minutes. I won't watch them because I wanna experience them myself. Worse enough that I watch all of those nice trailers for the game!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some Fresh Final Fantasy XIII Videos

Final Fantasy XIII is out already in Japan and sells very well. From what I've heard it sold more than a million copies on day one in Japan. Until the game arrives in Europe and North America there's still a few months, march 2010 is the release. Until then, import and learn Japanese or bridge the time with videos.

More Info On Conviction's Co-op Campaign

Not only that you get with Splinter Cell Conviction a what looks like it'll be a great campaign, no there is a co-op mode for two players. But you won't play as Sam Fisher here. And that's because this co-op mode is more a co-op campaign with it's own story line. You play either as American or Russian special agent and have to find and disable EMP bombs deployed somewhere in Russia. It is the prequel story to the single player campaign and as the guy in this interview says it'll offer about 5 to 6 hours of length. Sounds really nice.

Pull Your Head Out Off Your Goddamn Ass

Impressive voice work... Intimidating-wise at least. And somehow Kaine from Nier sounds sexy.

Brütal Legend: Hammer of Infinite DLC

Eddie Riggs looks cool with a beard. By the way: Santa will bring me some Brütal Legend on Christmas Eve. Can't wait.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just Cause 2: Island In Chaos

Seriously, the last seconds of this trailer are ridiculous. I am pretty sure that there is no explosion when you crash a guards tower with the head of a statue.

DFS2: Isaac's New Battle Suit

Look what I found: A detailed description of Isaac's new battle suit.

1 Helmet: Isaac’s helmet isn’t just a bucket over his head. When he wants to take it off, it splits in half and separates into several pieces, folding into the front and back and back of his suit. Players will see this process multiple times, since Isaac will be talking to people face-to-face in Dead Space 2.

2 Holographic Interface: Like the original Dead Space, Isaac’s objectives and inventory will be accessed in real-time via a holograph projection.

3 Boots: Equipped with toe and heel jets for maneuverability in zero gravity, this advanced footwear will be good for more than generating echoing footsteps.

4 Control Wings: With the increased presence of zero-G combat in Dead Space 2, jumping from point to point won’t cut it anymore. These wings extend and assist Isaac with navigating in a weightless environment.

5 RIG Projector: Isaac’s health and stasis level are now displayed as holograms on his back, though they will retain the bright blue color to make them visible in the dark corridors. The team at Visceral says it is considering “different models” for stasis in Dead Space 2, which may mean that the power recharges slowly instead of depleting.

6 Armored Plating: A few bands of rusty metal may be enough protection for your average engineer, but this suit is designed to handle combat. The armored plating makes it more difficult for the Necromorphs to sink their claws into Isaac.

Big Daddy Vs Big Daddy Vs Big Sister

The Big Sister will be a lot more agile and in the battle she will search for splicer corpses to refill her health. Big Daddy battles are as you remember them from the first game.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Mass Effect 3 Ends The Savegame Continuity - Because It Is A Trilogy

UPDATE: Blame it on me. Understood it completely wrong. Mass Effect will be a trilogy and with the end in the third game, no one has to worry about saves to implement in a fourth game. Silly me.

Interesting news I found. I quote:
Project Director Casey Hudson. Speaking to the press before showing off the game at a recent event in Edmonton Hudson said, "We're looking forward to it [Mass Effect 3] and it should be more fun for us."

This comment came after Hudson went into some detail about the challenges faced during development with perfecting the system for carrying over saves from the first game. Managing all the potential player choices and their outcomes took such a commitment to making it work that he said, "I'd be really surprised if anyone else tried to do it."

"Mass Effect 3," Hudson said, "will be easier because we don't have to worry about continuity into the next one." While no one ever expected the Mass Effect world to go away after the Shepard trilogy, it sounds like they're pretty dead set to wrap the current story arc up in the third game.


Splinter Cell Convictions Co-Op Campaign

Looks pretty good. The co-op campaign lets gamers play through the events that lead to the single player campaign. Clever.

RE 5 Gold: New Costumes For Chris And Sheva

Some new costumes come included in Resident Evil 5's extended edition.

SA Top Ten Zombie Games

Nice choice, I agree!

Mega Man 10: Still Classic

Never seen a series that stays so true to itself over the decades. I think it still could be released on the NES, technically.

The First Level of The New Rocket Knight

I remember playing the Rocket Knight Adventures for the Sega Mega Drive when I was young. To be honest, I always found that Sonic The Hedgehog was by far the superior platformer, but nonetheless I watched videos of the Rocket Knight for Xbox Live Arcade. Looks like it catches the vibe of the old games.

The New Stages of Super Street Fighter IV

Super Street Fighter IV will also have some new stages. I especially like that African stage, it looks so nice and colourful. Thanks, GameReactor.