Sunday, January 31, 2010

Duke Nukem Forever: Not Seen Gameplay

Duke Nukem Forever, perhaps the biggest running gag in gaming... or in everything. Anyway, I found a few videos showing not seen material. The first two vids only show images while the third gives some in motion action with the Duke cleaning a western town of alien scum. Always bet on Duke!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


Vote For Virtua Fighter 5 R Console Port

This petition is coming from the fighting game fans over at HardEdge. If you care about Virtua Fighter, support them. As a Street Fighter fan I say the series is obsolete, but as old SEGA fan it is only fair that I support them.
Please register at forums and visit this link.

Write a few sentences about how much you like Virtua Fighter and how much you would appreciate to see VF5R on home consoles. The whole thread will be shown to Sega. This is worth a try. More information will follow soon.

Please give it a try. Thank you for participating.

First Dante's Inferno Review: 8.5/10

PlayrBitz put out the first review for Dante's Inferno, giving it a 8.5 out of 10. I'll expect other reviews for this game to follow that mark. Don't forget that there needs to be enough space for higher ratings with God of War III coming in march! I loved the demo.

Mass Effect 2 - Which Class Will You Play?

Chances are you might in the same situation as me: Still waiting for your Mass Effect 2. Oh, it is hard to wait for the best game of all time when you know that many other gamers are playing this masterpiece already. It has even sold 2 million times already. A German saying says "pleasant anticipation is the greatest anticipation". And yes, I am thinking a hell of a lot about Mass Effect 2.
Right now, most of my thougts circle about which class to take. In the first Mass Effect I played a male good vanguard and a female evil soldier. With Mass Effect 2 all is open again. I can keep the characters as they are or I can completely change their look and class. I like the look of my Shepards, but with the class introduction videos down below I am thinking about switching classes. Also I have in mind, that choosing a class has influences on your team. With that I mean that an adept class character with a team full of biotics (Subject Zero and Miranda, as far as I expect it) will lack in firearms and heavy weapons. I am not sure which characters to implement in my team until now, but remembering the first my favorite team was Shepard with the Krogan Wrex and the Asari Liara. Anyway, let's have a look at the classes availlable in Mass Effect 2:

Adept Class

The Adept is Mass Effect 2's magician. He's specialized on biotic powers, but completely lacks on weapons. He is himself the weapon. Only the adept can develop all biotic powers.

Infiltrator Class

Long ranged weapons and tactical cloak. The Infiltrator is a perfect covert op, sneaking behind enemies and blasting their heads off. Not my type of playstyle.

Vanguard Class

Vanguard class is the one I chose in the first game. Bioware has seriously pimped it up: Now Vanguards have the charge ability which lets them rush even through objects to slay there enemies with close quarters combat shotguns. Looks definitely very cool.

Sentinel Class

The Sentinel is the combination of biotic and tech powers. He has a very cool tech armor. The tech armor makes him incredibly tough to kill. I like that.

Engineer Class

The Engineer is a master of tech powers. Not only is he the only one who can summon a battle drone, he can also manipulate robotic enemies like the geth so that they turn against their comrades. Sounds and looks cool, especially the manipulation thing, but it's a character that acts mainly from the background.

Soldier Class

The Soldier has access to all weapon and ammo types. He is the only one who can use machine guns and heavy weapons. It'd be a blast to play as soldier, in every sense of the word.

After having a look at all of the classes I am still not sure which one to take. All look cool in their own way. I tend the most to Sentinel or Soldier Class. But I'd like to know YOUR opinion, because I assume that many of you are already playing Mass Effect 2 and can give a tip based on experience. Your comments are appreciated!

AvP: Survivor Mode

You and three other marines against the Aliens.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crysis 2 Article Scans

Crysis 2 - interesting because now finally everybody will be able to play it. It's based on Cry Engine 3 and will come for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, not only for 15.000 $/€ PCs.

15 Minutes of Bioshock 2

Gamespot gives a 15 minutes preview of Bioshock 2. It's in two weeks.

Urdnot Wrex Gets His Own Machinima Series

You've propably gotten the idea that I like to watch fan series of videogames I love. I've felt very emotionally engaged with the first Mass Effect (and I am still waiting for the delivery of my Mass Effect 2, it's sold out everywhere...), so I am glad to see that there is a series about Mass Effect, featuring one of my favorite characters: Urdnot Wrex. How awesome it is that his voice sounds like in the original?
I'll keep an eye out for the first episode of this Machinima.

Dragon Age: Origins: Queen of the Blackmarsh Trailer

Seems to be part of the major Awakening add on.

BioWares next thread in the Dragon Age: Origins tapestry, occurs following the events of Dragon Age: Origins and puts players into the role of a Grey Warden Commander entrusted with rebuilding the order of Grey Wardens. In addition to rebuilding the ranks of the Grey Wardens, you will be tasked with uncovering the mystery of how the darkspawn survive after the slaying of the Archdemon. How players choose to rebuild their order, resolve the conflict with the mysterious Architect, and determine the fate of the darkspawn are just some of the many intriguing moral choices that will shape each players heroic journey. Players will be able to import their character from Dragon Age: Origins or start out as a new Grey Warden from the neighboring land of Orlais.

New AvP Interview: It's Featuring PredAliens

"The PredAlien is one mean beast." And the nemesis of the Predator.
When I look at the pic above, that was from the movie AvP2. What a disturbing scence.

Btw: Gamestar reports that the demo is out next week. It'll feature multiplayer.

New Blur Trailer

The next game from the Project Gotham Racing makers Bizarre Creations is coming soon. As you can see it implemented some ideas from Mario Kart.

Dante's Inferno Gameplay Montage

Still looking awesome.

Uncharted 2 Gets Killzone 2 Skins

That is a cool thing. A cross over like Gears skins in Lost Planet 2.

Vanquish Debut Trailer

It's the new project from Platinum Games, the makers of Bayonetta. Space marine action on the first look, I'd say.

And GT gives a closer look:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mass Effect 2 Surpasses Uncharted 2's Metascore

Have a look at Gamerankings. The reviews for Mass Effect 2 are incredible. Right now it is on the sixth place of the best games of all time. The 2009 blockbuster PS3 exclusive Uncharted 2 that got Game Of The Year Awards everywhere is on place 10. But it must be recognized that this is only a temporary status and might change. Uncharted 2 has 75 reviews, while Mass Effect 2 only has 32 reviews now.
So what conclusion to draw from that? Seems like games are getting better constantly and while there are awesome multiplat titles, it is the exclusives that are the highest rated. Should be enough fuel for coming fanboy flame wars.

Heavy Rain: Catch A Killer Trailer

Wow, a PS3 must have, definitely.

Just Cause 2 Is Tailored To The Studio

Just Cause 2 is in it's finishing stages. Big open world destruction - sounds good to me.

AC II: Battle of Forli Trailer

Instead of delaying Assassin's Creed II to finish the job, Ubisoft decided to cut the last two sequences out and make people pay for them. As good as the game is, DLC starts to go on my nerves.

Bad Company 2 Still Looking Awesome

Bad Company 2 looks like a great shooter.

Alien Vs Predator Will Have Intense Multiplayer Modes

This is an interview with Rebellion's Project Leader for the new Aliens Vs Predator game. It is full of infos. Concerning multiplayer it might interest you that there are a lot of exciting multiplayer modes in development. There will be an Alien Investation mode: Everyone starts as marine, except for one player that starts as Alien. Everyone that he is able to kill will respawn as Alien, which will slowly shift the balance of power between the two groups.
It is a shame that this game is released next month, in the midst of a flood of great games like Bioshock 2, Dante's Inferno and Heavy Rain.

Red Dead Redemption: Guns

Just look at this game. It is amazing.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Don't Need An iPad

Flame me, but I'm not a fan of what Apple is doing. Their products usually costs way more than the hardware is worth and iPod has died for me since I've heard that you are forced to use iTunes to transfer music from your PC. No drag and drop - no me as a customer.
Sure, this iPad looks cool and trendy and it even is capable to play games (have a look at 4:50), but I really don't feel like spending my money on this thing. For me the best way to surf the net is with my Acer Gemstone Blue and it's Full HD 16:9 16" Panel. Another thing: I prefer real books over e-books.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lost Planet 2 Narrative Trailer

Capcom's Seth Killian posted this trailer on his YouTube channel. I don't care about the weird story, but the game looks quite nice.

John Connor Is In Spec Ops The Line

I wonder if this is a reference to John Connor, savior of mankind and greatest enemy of the machines in Terminator. Seems like he is a busy guy.

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Gameplay

What did I say about shitty anime games just a moment ago?

Marcus And Dom Shooting Bugs Again

But in Lost Planet 2... What does this cross over have to mean? Will Marcus and Dom appear in Lost Planet 2 as playable characters? When you remember that Wesker appears in Lost Planet 2 as well, you get the feeling that this could be a very special cross over. Why not throw in some more characters and make it a Capcom Vs Shooter? That would be awesome.

Dead Rising: The J Movie

I wonder what this Dead Rising movie has in common with the game. Obviously not more than the zombies.

Monster Hunter 360 Is Lame

Oh, c'mon Capcom! This is the big 360 exclusive you had in your pockets? I'm too old for pirate cats and JRPG Anime Trash. Most likely this will raise 360 numbers in Japan, but nowhere else. Let's better not talk about the monthly costs of 15 bucks for this aged crap. I hoped for a new Dino Crisis.

ME 2: Sci Vs Fi Parts 3 And 4

Sci Vs Fi continues with parts 3 and 4.

Part 1
Part 2

SSF IV Next Level Trailer

Very nice. Can't wait for the 30th of april. A day after Red Dead Redemption. Sounds like a potential double buy.

Mass Effect 2: Mordin Fights For The Lost

The Salarian scientist Mordin supports Sheppard in his quest against the collectors.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Anime Trailer

My guess: Collector's Edition. My solution: Bittorrent.
Official release date is the 30th of April.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Art Of The Game: Mass Effect 2 - Part 2

The second part. The rest shall be downloadable via the XBL marketplace. At least for Germany I can say that it is not the case.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mass Effect 2 Early Leaked

It happened to Modern Warfare 2 and it seems that it happened to Mass Effect 2 as well: The appearing of a pirated version in the net days before the official release date. The German download portal has a link to a downloadable Mass Effect 2 version with the size of 12944 MB. Out of curiosity I took a deeper look and found out that the 12 gigs are parted into 66 .rar files. What a pain in the ass to download this splitted mess.
I wonder how many people are already adventuring with Commander Shepard now while all of us honest gamers are waiting... Well, they better get not online or their consoles are likely to be banned.
Personally, I stopped playing pirated games since years. I made the experience that I ended up with more games than I ever could play and finished none of them. I realized that I play games more intense and better even: finish them, when I spend the money to buy them.
[irony]And: Pitty them pirates because they don't have all the "cool" Day One DLC. [/irony]

Anyway, Mass Effect 2 is doing great: Nowgamer is giving a 9.8 out of 10 saying it's "a piece of entertainment that penetrates the line between gaming and cinema like no other, while simultaneously representing the finest blend of shooting and role-playing we’ve seen this generation. A gorgeous experience and a staggering achievement."
There are even plans for a Hollywood movie. Damn, I can not wait to hold this game in my hands.

Heavy Rain's First 9 Minutes Are About The Morning Wash

This is a video that shows the first nine minutes of the upcoming PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain. You play as a family father who wakes up and brushes his teeth, goes under the shower, but doesn't take a dump on the toilet. If the devs try to make the beginning of the game as boring realistically as possible, they could have included that process as well, with shaking the pad to use the toilet paper.
Anyway, I've seen some gameplay from further in the game at last year's GamesCom and the game gets better. Heavy Rain is a interactive thriller crime story in which the player can make many decisions that have influence on the development of the story. It comes from the same devs who made Fahrenheit/ Indigo Prophecy and it will most likely be an absolute must have PS3 game.

Dante's Inferno Gets Cool Merchandise

Wait, propably not.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

ROFL: Screwattack's Top 10 Headlines of 2010

Number 1 is so cool, rolled on floor laughing.

IGN Gives Mass Effect 2 9.6/10

IGN's review is out and the game seems to deliver all of what was promised. Check out the full written review here!

Presentation 10
Clean and sophisticated. Brilliant and cinematic.
Graphics 9.5
Exceptional artistic direction and a top notch-technical showcase.
Sound 10
Martin Sheen steals the show, even amidst all of the outstanding voice acting and music.
Gameplay 9.5
Tight mechanics, thrilling combat, and deep role-playing. The design is unparalleled.
Lasting Appeal 10
A remarkable achievement in adapting a story to your decisions. It creates amazing replay value.

OVERALL: Incredible 9.6

Bad Company 2 Single Player Trailer

Looks pretty impressive. If you want more, check the latest GTtv episode out!

Split/Second Shipyard Destruction

It looks fantastic and fun. I prefer Split/Second over Blur. Haven't played a racing game since ages. And no, I'm not the person that likes simulations like Forza.

New Dead Or Alive Tits Game Coming For PSP

The Dead or Alive games are really good fighters. But since the Team Ninja dispute the series seems to be dropped down to hentai food for otaku pervs.