Monday, November 30, 2009

The History of Pandemic Studios

I just found out that Machinima has their own retrospective series, which unlike Gametrailers' doesn't focus on franchises, but on developers. This video is about Pandemic Studios, which has been shut down by EA recently. Their last game, The Saboteur is still about to be released and it looks like a decent good bye.

How To Play RUSE

Get the inside scoop on the latest Real Time Strategy game from Ubisoft, called RUSE. Looks like the game has a really big playing field, on which you can zoom in and out smoothless.

Brink: First Gameplay Video

Now you get an idea of what I was trying to tell you back in august.

Bayonetta: Witch Time

Bayonetta has her own slow mo, called Witch Time!

Mass Effect 2: The Asari Samara Joins Shepard's Team

The Asari Samara
seems to be deadly, cold and effective. You can find out more about her here, including spoilers, of course. I really hope that doesn't mean Liara won't be a playable crew member. I mean, come on, Tali is back in Mass Effect 2, but all gamers love Liara! Don't you dare leaving her out, Bioware!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kingdom Under Fire II Trailer Looks Cool

I've never cared much about the first game, but this trailer looks impressive.

Dead Fucking Space Re-Upload

In case you haven't seen my Dead Fucking Space video already, here comes the next chance! It's better to upload wherever possible, because there is censorship everywhere (yes, I mean you, YouTube!).

A Tribute To The Castlevania Games

Hey, people! Sorry for the lack of updates from yesterday until now, but I had too much to do, have gotten terribly drunk (Damn you, christmas market!) and had the worst hangover in years. However, back to business.
Screwattack relaunched their site and I strongly advise you to check it out! They've now added the feature to upload user videos and I found this nice Castlevania tribute. Something for the sunday, enjoy!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dead To Rights: Protagonist And Wolf

Okay, the game is Dead to Rights: Retribution, it's a sequel to last gen's Dead to Rights. It catches a bit of the old Max Payne vipe with an anti hero cop cleaning the city of criminals. The game looks a bit generic, but there is one feature that got me: You have a wolf as side kick . Sounds crazy, but looks cool. Have a watch at the video below. The game is coming some time in 2010.

AVP3 Multiplayer Vid

It's awesome. I have my doubts that I'll be manly enough to play the single player alone (so scary!), but the multiplayer looks just fun as well! You can play as marine, alien or predator and start the brawl. Featured in this video is a mode called 'Predator Hunt' where eight marines try to defeat the technically superior alien hunter. The game comes in early 2010, like so many other blockbusters.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Blur Trailer

The fun racer Blur comes from Bizarre Creations, the developer behind the traditional racing series Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars. As you can see the game is fun oriented and features elements like rockets etc known from the Super Mario Kart games. We will see if it works in 2010.

SA: Top Ten PS3 Exclusives

It's a little different than the first list.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Your Last Thanksgiving

Nice ad, but I really hate exclusive pre order content.

Mass Effect 2: Tali Exiled And Adept Class Videos

Every day a new video for Mass Effect 2 appears is a good day. Today is one of these days. The first video is the character profile for Tali, which means that this Quarian returns as playable character. But seems like she has some serious problems with her people, because for helping Shepard she gets exiled.

The second video showcases the pimped up Adept class. It's something like Mass Effect's mage. Some new spells have been added and they are full of mass destruction!

For my wishlist: I hope that Liara T'Soni, the hot Asari scientist will be playable again, alongside with my other favorite party member, Wrex The Krogan Battlemaster. Do it, Bioware!

Super Street Fighter IV Character Trailer

The new challengers in motion. Better than the scans.

Chaos Eater, War's Awesome Sword

This game will kick so much ass, I can't wait!

New Challengers: Cody, Adon And Guy

These scans show three new characters that will appear in Super Street Fighter IV. Cody and Guy from Final Fight and Adon, the kickboxer from Street Fighter Alpha. Well, Capcom said there'll be 8 new characters so with Dee Jay, T. Hawk and newcomer Juri there are still 2 more to be announced.

Check them out in motion!

FF XIII: Feel The Pulse Trailer

It's the Japanese release trailer for Final Fantasy XIII, so it's on Japanese... Nontheless contains it some strong images and more of the Final Fantasy drama gamers love so much. And it is nearly five minutes long.

Leaked Mercenaries Inc Trailer

Pandemic is as good as dead with EA closing it and this trailer is leaked. Basically it shows a multiplayer Mercenaries game. No one knows if it will ever come out though. Check GiantBomb for more info.

Mercenaries Inc. Demo from Dorian Compo on Vimeo.

SC ConViction: Stealth or Action

Check out this cool interactive trailer I found on YouTube. In case it isn't working as embedded video, click here for the fun.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dr. Ned Trailer

Those Tankensteins really look sympathic! Who's getting this DLC? I'll pass it for now. Just bought Dragon Age and didn't play my box for days. Just too much I have to do for the university. And no end in sight.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Top Ten Hottest Gaming Girls

Not a bad choice. Presented by Obama Girl.

Diablo II Review

Well, Diablo II is 9 years old, but there is no game in it's genre that could take it's crown. That is until Diablo III is released, 2011 or later. Anyway, this vid gives me some good old memories.

Direct Link

8 Minute Interview With Lords of Shadow's Producer

Game Reactor did an interview with the producer of the next big Castlevania game, the one that Kojima is involved in. Did you know that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is inspired by many games, for example The Legend of Zelda?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halo Legends - The Duel

I think this is the video people can watch via Xbox Live's Halo Waypoint. Anyway, now it's on the net. Anyone knows the 90s anime Ghost in the Shell? It's from those people.

Direct Link

Metro 2033 Gameplay Video

Metro 2033 is a game developed by 4A Games, a Russia based developer. The story is taken from the novel of Dmitry Glukhovsky with the same name. In the year 2013 the earth as we know it is destroyed and the last survivors hide in Moscow's vast Metro system. Twenty years later: You lived your whole life in the metro, among the other survivors. Under this circumstances a fearful society has developed and when attacks from mutants begin, your adventure starts.
It definitely sounds inspired by Fallout to me, but anyway, that is a good thing because since playing Fallout 3 and reading Stephen King's The Stand I've build up a fetish for postapocalyptic scenarios.
The video below is a first look from German Game Pro magazine. Basically they talk about how good the atmosphere of the game is and that Metro 2033 is as full of details as Half Life 2 or Bioshock. It is even said that the game comes in the first quarter of 2010. I have my doubts on that, but I will keep the game in my mind, I think it has amazing potential.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tony Hawk Ride Sucks

And because of that useless skateboard controller the game even costs twice the price of a standard title. Gamerankings says 65%.

Dark Void Coming In January 2010

Long it has been silent for Capcom's Dark Void. Now a flood of new videos appeared over on Gametrailers. Dark Void is released in early January 2010 for 360/PS3. I had the chance for a hands on back in 2008 at Leipzig Games Convention and from what I can remember it had some nice vertical action and melee moves.

SA VGV: Wario Land

I played this game as a child on my Game Boy. Oh, the good old memories! Still have it lying around here somewhere.

Dante's Inferno: Heresy

I'm not sure, but I think this video is new. Anyway, Dante's Inferno will be great.

MW2: Hacker Claims To Have Found On Disc DLC

Will Infinity Ward try to go the Resident Evil 5 way of DLC? Would be a shame. But all beyond is just guesses. Who knew what the hacker dug out.

It is alleged the multiplayer modes featured are hidden on the gaming disc, and will be available at a later date to be unlocked as DLC content.

There are three modes showcased in the grainy, annoyingly 'graffiti'd-over' footage: VIP, Capture the Flag and Global Thermonuclear War, where the aim is to capture a thermonuclear base and blow up everyone on the opposing side.

The whole thing seems more than reasonable so far, but still, make of it what you will...


And More Bioshock 2 Gameplay...

Seems like this vid wasn't everything. On Gametrailers I found those 2 missing videos:

Friday, November 20, 2009

GT Resi Darkside Chronicles Review

This game is full of nostalgia. Who doesn't love Resident Evil?

3D Dot Game Heroes Trailer

Whoa, the next game from Atlus is called 3D Dot Game Heroes. Based on this video I'd say it has a distinctive pixelized look and a great part of humor. And to come back on Atlus, it certainly will be better than this piece of shit nazi werewolf game from earlier this year. Oh, 3D Dot Game Heroes will be a PS3 exclusive. Lucky yous.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Avatar The Game: Choices Dev Diary

"The movie is totally about choices." Uhmm, what?

New Bioshock 2 MP Gameplay

Seems like Bioshock 2's multiplayer will have some challenges, like Call of Duty. The pic above is the box art, by the way. I need to get used to it.

GT God of War Collection Review

It'd be ironic to not watch it in HD. What shall I say other than that God of War is one of the best series in video gaming? It is a must buy for anyone that hasn't experienced it yet.

The Horseman's Road

And I wanna take that road!

Bayonette Dev Diary: She's Sadistic

Damn, this witch is brutal without end. And the game looks freaking amazing! Another one that goes on my 'need to add it to my collection' list.

AVGN Reviews Symphony of The Night

Finally! It's my favorite Castlevania! And who else beside me is looking forward to the Kojima Castlevania?

Bad Company 2: Total Destruction

Blow up complete houses! Frostbite Engine makes it possible.

A Wii Church Game

Another Wii video and it makes even less sense.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And This Is Why Video Gaming Needed Motion Controls

To beat up old Chinese men. It's Wii Ware and it reminds me of Close Range. Enjoy, Wii owners!

Just Cause 2 Complete Desert Mission Playthrough

Just Cause 2 is coming sometime in 2010. I guess with it we have the first big game after Q1. While I thinkt that the enemy physics could need improvement, just take a look at how amazing the far sight is.

Chaos Coming To Dawn of War II

Every once in a while I feature PC games. While I've never played Dawn of War II, I've played the table top Warhammer 40k a short time in my life. Chaos were so cool looking guys. But, damn, that game was even more expensive than Magic The Gathering!

What? Wesker In Lost Planet 2!

Holy shit. Capcom dug out Albert Wesker, known from the Resident Evil series and killed in most parts, for their upcoming Lost Planet 2. While it makes no sense, it's a preorder bonus from GameStop. I hate those preorder bonuses.