Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poll September 2008

And that was the vote for this month. Pretty self explanatory. To be honest, somehow I had to use this poll script which was different to the other used in the months before. Blogspot changed the blog options and I wasn't able to find the old one.
I won't create another poll until I found a better working vote thingie. If you have a good one, go forward it in the comments!

Rumor: Mass Effect 2 Details

Here's something I found in GT forums. The info came from Gamespot and was put offline again fast. So let's put this under rumor:
-Platforms: Xbox 360, PC

-Release date: Xbox 360 - November 2009 (Worldwide), PC - TBA 2010

-Developer: BioWare, with support from EA and Microsoft Games Studios

-Publisher: EA

-Engine: Unreal Engine 3 (Custom)

-Mass Effect 2 is a 6-month timed exclusive game for the Xbox 360

-The same team that worked on Mass Effect is working on Mass Effect 2

-Mass Effect 2 has been in development since July 2007,
total development time for Mass Effect 2 will be 28 Months

-The story in Mass Effect 2 will continue 2 months after Mass Effect

-The story will not continue depending on the last decision made by the player in Mass Effect, it will however continue after the PC version ending

-The character created in Mass Effect can be transported into Mass Effect 2 via save-files

-Level cap has been increased to Level 120

-Physics will be power by Havok

-Bioware has spent an enormous time on facial animations and charater movement animations, so expect animation quality to be at the very top.

-BioWare is using the Unreal Engnine 3 for graphics, with many custom changes made, graphics will be better than in Gears of War 2

-Water is confirmed to have fluid simulation, also, if a player or NPC dies on water, the players body will slowly sink, this also applies to weapons and certain objects

-The Game Over sequence has been reduced to 1.78 Seconds, due to complains from fans over the long Game Over sequence in Mass Effect

-Mass Effect 2 will have up to 5-player CO-OP, depending on the host players decision of how many players will be able to assist him/her

-There will be a Multiplayer component called Survival, where players will crash on a planet and battle to survive against endless hordes of enemies, the score will be determined on how many enemies will be killed and how much time players will be able to survive, there is no end to this mode, it's a very similar mode to Gears of War 2's Horde.

-Armor has to be repaired, armor will also react to different weapons,
bullets will damage it, fire will melt it, ice will freeze it,...

-The player can now lead a squad of 2-5 members, the player decides how many squad members will be on each mission

-The Citadel is now much larger, and whenever a player visits the Citadel all members of the players squad go with him/her, the squad will interact with other NPC's if you allow them to

-Battles wil be on a much larger scale, reported scale is the same as in Gears of War 2

-There will 2 more classes added to the aditional classes from the first game

-The Galaxy has been expanded, you can now explore 8 times more planets than in Mass Effect, also, every planet now has a bigger scale, players will be able to set up small bases on planets with a sustainable atmosphere

-The player will be able to create mines near resources and send resources to Earth or by the decision of the player mine illegaly and collect all resources for him/her self

-Weapons can be upgraded and customized, the weapon arsenal has been expanded, the player can now carry a bionic arm on each arm, the player can dual wield not just pistols, but also shotguns and semi-automatic weapons

-One new weapon is called "The Scilary", it's a missile based weapon, the player marks a targed on the ground and then shoots a missile into the air, the missile is then split into multiple pieces and hits the target and an area around it

-The player can now equip a knife, the knife can be customized and upgraded, the knife can also be used with different powers, i.e. the knife can be thrown and then brought back, the knife will also react to environment hazards, i.e. a knife over fire will cause it to catch fire and eventually melt

-There will be Boss Battles in the game

-Depending on the decision made by the player on Noveria to either spare or kill the Rachni, they will assist you during a crucial time or you will be left alone

-Preston Watamaniuk, the Lead Designer hints at more and larger environment hazards,
for example a volcano erruption than can destroy a base built by the player, another example is an ice storm of different colors, dependning on the planets atmosphere

-The primary planetary exploration vehicle can now be upgraded and customized,
it can also be expanded to carry up to 4 members of your squad

-The armor can now be upgraded and customized to the players liking, similar to the weapon customization, the player can now select a certain part of the armor, i.e. the left shoulder and put a small picture on it, i.e. the Earth's flag

-The second mission will be to save a squad member that was believed to be dead in Mass Effect, depending on the decision made on planet Virmire (the cloning facility mission), you will have to rescue the squad member left behind,
the story will explain how the squad member survived the detonation

-Planet Eden Prime can now be visited, explored and the player can now build his own house on the planet, same with many other planets

-The total number of interactive NPC's you can talk to is around 3000,
total number of NPC's in Mass Effect 2 is unknown

Monday, September 29, 2008


Oh shit, Xbox Live is down! No one saw it coming. I tried three hours signing in and configurated my router and it still didn't go live!! Help me, my Gamertag is down to zero GS!! Everything is lost!

Haha, that's what I heard in many forums today! Relax, kids. Big MS is just doing maintenance for the fall update. I'm not much about multiplayer, but I would've liked to play a few rounds GTA IV deathmatch today, actually. Well, I decided to make the best of the day off and rented the Bourne game. It has a cool beat'em up system and the graphics is unreal!
I'm still to much surfing, have to play more. Damn you, internet!

PS: The German spoken parts of the synchro are a joke. Seriously, that's no real deutsch.

Poor Isaac!

Poor Isaac! See him die in a mini boss battle. Definitely a bloody mess!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mirror's Edge Story

This sounds interesting. Like 'V for Vendetta' or perhaps 'Half Life 2' (the beginning you know, the trainstation, total control, etc). Anyway, this game is promising.

Blanka Vs. Balrog

Somehow this is amusing. The wild green man Blanka sitting in the jungle and suddenly there is a boxer pulling off a fight, haha! But anyway, seems as if this is a different stage than the jungle village of Street Fighter II.

And a cool anime aftermath.

Recognised Cammy in this? Does this mean she's confirmed for Street Fighter IV?

Sonic Chronicles Opening Cinematic

Sonic the Sucker in his latest adventure. It's Bioware, but it's Sonic. So can this game be good?

Friday, September 26, 2008

New Max Payne Movie Trailer

Wow, that really looks like the beginning of the first Max Payne. But I can't remember those angel things. Can you? Please comment.

Dead Space Animations

Isaac can die in many ways thanks to good animations:

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=de-DE&playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:49e12962-a835-43c2-85ea-2568c6dd30b7&showPlaylist=true&from=msnvideo" target="_new" title="Dead Space - Animierter Comic - FRONTmedien">Video: Dead Space - Animierter Comic - FRONTmedien</a>

I'm In Beta

Whoa, never thought that this would happen to me. Today I got an email from id Software, known best for Doom and Quake, and they invited me to join the Quake Live Beta. I've been very excited about this game when it was announced at E3 this year. Perhaps not as excited as the girl above, but excited enough. It's Quake 3 Arena as browsergame with a huge webpage that collects every player's stats.
So yeah, I'm part of the beta and I am not allowed to tell you anything about it. For now I played a few rounds and I won't say one more thing than - it works. And it rocks.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gears 2 This Is The Extended Delta Squad

Gears 2 is definitely the biggest exclusive this year. So meet your comrades now.

AVGN: Dick Tracy

Whoa, somehow forgot to post this earlier. Enjoy!

16Bit Retro Evening: SNES

This evening my buddy Nils invited me to visit him to play some good old 16Bit games. 16Bit - in his case that's the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. And he has quite a collection of great games. There are many jewels in his collection: Lufia, Secret of Mana, Street Fighter II, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, F-Zero and Star Wing for example.
His setup looks very good as well. Clean structured and everything in it's place. Have a look at the photos.

So we started with a Lord of the Ring game. You played Frodo and it was about the first book 'The Fellowship of the Ring'. Yeah, about the book and not about the movies, kids. When it was the Golden 16Bit Age there not even was a LOTR movie on the horizon (that anime doesn't count). It looked like Zelda and Nils told me that you can play cooperatively when you find Samwise. Interestingly shocking: the game uses no save feauture, it's one of those games with insanely long passwords.

Then we hopped in a round of Primal Rage. That was weird. Dinosaurs beating giant apes up. I knew this game, but never played it really. It was fun, but missing it was no loss at all.

Oh, and we played this Mario NES collection called Mario Allstars. It looked better than I imagined. Mario 1 is one tough platformer. Mario 3 was great: You could play it together, meaning that one gamer plays Mario and the other plays Luigi, turnbased. We got to this flying airship at the end of the first world. One tough bastard endboss.

Next game was Fatal Fury. I remember having played this one on the Sega Mega Drive often when I was young. And it didn't change: Terry Bogart, his brother and some Kick Thai weirdo beat the crap out of each other. In this game I was better than Nils, haha!

Then we hoped in F-Zero. It's an incredible good handling Sci-Fi racer. No introduction needed. Rocked.

Street Fighter II: Not the Super or Turbo versions, the oldest oldschool Street Fighter of 'em all. And all the tricks with Ken worked: Hadoken, Shoryoken and Hapdrarapkap (or whatever it's called). But I even beat him with Chun Li. Not cool, if you forget the basic tricks, right, Nils?

But the winning side turned in Mario Kart. Here Nils was way better than me. He raced faster (Peach power, I guess) and made all my balloons go boom in the challenge mode.

The last game we played was a blast. It was the epic Star Wing. Damn, never had it as such a brilliant shooter in mind. Okay, the graphics look like rofl nowadays, but even today you can still see at what kind of greatness they aim: Star Wars, X-Wing vs. Star Destroyer. The graphics are real 3D and the gameplay was ahead of it's time. Definitely one of the greatest SNES games.

It was a great videogaming history evening and believe me, Retrogaming is fun. All you need are friends, beer and high spirits. But revenge is coming: Next time we do the retro evening at my place and then it's Sega Mega Drive Sonic time!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Mass Effect Movie?

Mass Effect, for many Xbox fans including myself the best game on the 360 will propalby get an movie adaption as 1Up reports:
Variety's The Cut Scene blog reports that "numerous sources" have confirmed that Avi Arad has optioned the movie rights to BioWare's planet-hopping RPG, Mass Effect.
Neither BioWare-owner Electronic Arts nor Arad provided a comment to Variety, but writer Ben Fritz speculates that Arad is most likely already at work bringing a writer, director, and studio together for the project. No word on when it could potentially be released, but it likely won't be for at least a couple of years.

Okay, let's hope this won't happen. Mass Effect is a genuine experience that lives from the freedom of choice and needed lots of time to tell it's story. (My playthroughs were 25 and 30 hours.) It felt natural as videogame and I think it should stay that way.
Sure, there are exampels of better game to movie adaptions like Silent Hill. But even with these it can't be denied that they in no way top the games on which they base. I don't understand why most people see movies as superior to games. That's like saying watching TV rules over the internet. TV and film are one way streets - games and the net are rich in complexity. But that adaption thing is nothing new, right? Started decades ago with the novel picturization. At least it brings new audiences in.

Fuck This Avatar Crap

Major Nelson shows customization of the avatars, which will be included in the fall dashboard update called The New Xbox Experience. I hate those avatars. I bought my 360 for games like Bioshock, Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto, Mass Effect, Unreal Tournament and so on. Games with lots of mature content for a mature consumer group. Of course Microsoft wants to have a big fat piece of the rotten nongamer cake, looking greedy over to Nintendo with their Wii and Mii shit that sells like crazy. So they are aiming to get the 360 into people's mind as the family choice with the extremely cheap arcade model and a wave of new games like Lips, You're in the movies or the Viva Pinata franchise.
That's a strategy that now takes place on the back of the coregamer. I hate Miis for their oh happy day look and the same is with avatars. And they replace your gamerpic. As far as I know that and the whole new dashboard look is optional. Thank god or the few sanes at Microsoft for this.
I think I'll stay with the old dashboard. I love it's look and functionality. I made my point clear. But I must admit I am excited to see how many boxes will break in the update process.

<a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?vid=af0e0dcd-5cff-43a2-bd32-4841fe6a89d1" target="_new" title="Avatars in the new Xbox experience">Video: Avatars in the new Xbox experience</a>

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dead FUCKING Space

Yep, I'm hyped to the max for what's looking to become the next survival horror masterpiece. I did this 'Dead Space', no, Dead FUCKING Space, please, music video. It shows some of the hottest gameplays I found and it even gives credit to the awesome animated comic. I felt it was the natural thing to underly it with aggressive music and Slayer's Raining Blood fits incredibly good. Somehow I love the riffs in combination with the pulse rifle fire, haha. Have fun and please rate it on YouTube:

YouTube killed my great Dead Fucking Space video. That were over 3000 views.
This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by WMG.

Good thing I uploaded it at GT:

Edit once again: And at viddler:


What I'm Playing This Weekend

Yep, it's weekend again. Doesn't matter anyway, cause for me it's every day week end. My holidays begin to feel like unemployment, haha! Enough time to play.
I am playing 'Kameo: Elements of Power' cause I always wanted to know if it really is so bad (it isn't) and we have it laying around here since a felt decade.
Next is 'Too Human' which I rented again to finally finish it. Not extraordinary good, not extraordinary bad!
And at last I took myself the liberty to achieve the highest bidding for 'GRID'. Cost me 37€ at Ebay which is okay for this game which is the Racing GOTY 2008. Just played a few stages and it's hard!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dead Space: Flamethrower And Ripper

Two more weapons to clean the space from the undead trash.


Pretty much what you expect of a flamethrower. Secondary fire looks more effective for me.


The perfect weapon to seperate undead monsters limb from limb. Here as well the secondary fire mode looks more badass.

Guitar Hero Saved Aerosmith

Aerosmith made more money through Guitar Hero than through any of their albums, tours, merchandise. 1Up:
"[Their] version of Guitar Hero generated far more in revenues than any Aerosmith album ever has.... Merchandising, concert sales, their ability to sign a new contract [have] all been unbelievably influenced by their participation in Guitar Hero."


Between reviving old favorites, showcasing new songs, and earning bands money hand over fist, videogames are clearly good for the music industry.

Bet that won't happen to Metallica?

C&C Red Alert 3 Techno ROFL

What's this about? Had them publishers too much Tiberium lately? Wait, wrong C&C universe.

Dead Space GT Preview

More videofootage in this GT preview. Damn, I'm so excited about this game. Looks like 'Resident Evil' meets 'Doom'. Ain't that an incredible mix?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Day And Night With Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2, Ubi's new shooter powerhouse, features a dynamic day and night cycle. Ever wondered how this looks and plays? Than have a look at those new videos:






Castle Crashers Sold 250k Times!

A quarter million Xbox gamer bought 'Castle Crashers' via live. That's enormous. I wonder how many gamers got glitched away. Next: Patch still on the way reports 1Up:

Regarding the oft-discussed patch to Castle Crashers, he explained that the changes have been made but "are difficult to test fully until it is released to the public network." He added, "It is not a simple process of fix something and release an update. You fix, you test, you verify in as many situations as possible, you fix again if you need to, you submit the update to Microsoft, they verify the fix, etcetera."

An Uwe Boll Game?!

Has the world turned upside down? Since most gamers hate Uwe Boll's not so good movie adaptions Uwe this time decided to strike first. '1968 Tunnel Rats' will be a shooter game to his movie. I'll post both the trailer for game and movie.
So what do you think about this game? The next Call of Duty 4?

Gears 2 Weapons Dev Diary

Is it Gears time again? Yep. Check out this diary about the boom machines. Cliffy is dying to tell ya.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Xbox 360 Pricedrop In Europe

Hell yeah, perfect timing, Microsoft. I planed to get a 360 for my flat in Osnabrück and from 19th september the X360 Pro will cost only 240€! That fits perfectly in my budget. Or should I get the Elite which costs 300? I think I'll get the Pro. I'm crazy about 360s, that's for sure.

Dead Space Awesome Gameplay

Yeah, awesome. It's 'Dead Space' again with it's fantastic gameplay. Have a look at it. I have very high hopes of this game. Nothing hurts more than seeing a hype game fall. On the other side, remember that this is ingame footage and it won't get much worse than this, what is as said before, awesome.

I love the fact the the sound goes kind of down when you're into Zero Gravity.

Dead Space: These Are Your Tools

Take a closer look at the weaponry of 'Dead Space'.

Pulse Rifle:

The primary fire looks very solid. Propably you will have lots of fun with this gun. The secondary fire mode seems to be only good when you are 360 degrees surrounded by enemies, elsewise it makes no sense.

Line Gun:

This kind of mine thrower looks based on this video ineffective. It works against those bugs or whatever, but the mansize beasts seem to be unharmed.

Plasma Cutter:

The Plasma Cutter is 'Dead Space's most significant weapon. You can make it go horizontal or vertical and hack your enemy in pieces. Looks like deadly fun.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed Reviews

Is this game a fail? Gametrailers isn't too enthusiastic and gives 6.9 out of 10:

And 1Up gives it grade C
Star Wars geeks will undoubtedly enjoy the story to some extent...as long as they can excuse some manipulation of canon to accommodate it. Certain plot points just don't make much sense in terms of the timeline -- for example, how long the Jedi actually stick around after Episode III -- but as George Lucas has shown, it doesn't seem like the timeline developed by the three original movies holds much weight, anyhow. Even the most hardcore Star Wars fans will be disappointed in what could've been an opportunity to highlight the true power of the Force.

Let's see what Gameranking says...Average Ratio: 71.8%
Damn... Still looks like a game a 'Star Wars' geek like me wants to play. But perhaps I'll better rent it.

Gears 2 Sound Dev Diary

Hey, again a big video about the upcoming blockbuster 'Gears of War 2". Still looks awesome. 85% of the sound have been completely redone. I wonder how breathtaking this will be on my Teufel 5.1.

Duke Nukem 3D XBLA

The Duke is back to kick some major ass via Xbox Live Arcade. I have my fears that I won't be able to get this game due to the fact that I live in Germany. Hey, we didn't got Doom for XBLA and it is nearly impossible to get those Gears 1 maps. Shame.

Screwattack's Top Ten Genesis Games

We here in good old Deutschland know this console as the Sega Mega Drive. I hab one myself, never were a Nintendo Fanboy. In my opinion the best game for it was 'Sonic The Hedghehog 3 & Knuckles" and I have also the ActionRPG 'Soleil' in good memories.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some Fresh GT Reviews

Tales of Vesperia

When it's out in Europe I'll have to check it!

Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

I'll see to renting this game ASAP!

Bring it on 360! I will never pay for a DRM protected game you can instal only 3 times. FUCK YOU!

The Sonic Franchise Is Doomed!

Just look at this piece of crap! I prayed that they learned from their epic fail called 'Sonic The Hedgehog' (360/PS3)! 3D IS NO GOOD FOR SONIC! They just don't understand. Sonic, I'll keep those golden 16bit moments with you forever in my heart, but nowadays you SUCK!

Silent Hill Homecoming GT Preview

'Silent Hill' always was the strangest and scariest survival horror series in videogaming history. Looks like part 5 won't be any different in that point. And it has Pyramide Head, crazy mofo from the dark side!

C&C Red Alert 3: Tanya

One thing I like about the 'Command & Conquer' franchise is the use of real actors in video sequences. In the Red Alert Universe is Tanya and that's how she looks in the latest part:

Perhaps I should play C&C3 but I just can't get the RTS feeling with pad control. Where's the damn draw window? It even worked on PS1!

What I'm Playing This Weekend

Wow, since I have holidays and my flat in Osna on the safe side I have lots of time and so I am spending this in an insane amount with my 360. I decided to play as much as I can until I have more important things to do when my studies begin in the end of october.

Yesterday I rented 'Viking: Battle for Asgard' and today I am two thirds through and will finish it tomorrow. I always wanted to play this game because I like Viking and Viking mythology and the Viking Death Metal band 'Amon Amarth'. This game is really cool. You start as the Warrior Skarin that is chosen by the goddess Freya to lead war against her foe Hel and her dark legions. The game reminds me a bit of 'Severance: Blade of Darkness', only with an open world and the goal to free hostage held vikings to lead them in epic siege battles. Those siege battles are just breathtaking. The shere amount of non player characters moving the same time is just incredible. It really plays like Helm's Klamm in Peter Jackson's 'LOTR: The Two Towers'! The gameplay is simple and good. A clean hack'n'slay with lots of bloody animations. Skarin delievers the action as you wish - hard and merciless. The open world is relative. Basically you have three different maps - islands with lots of farms, towers or even ship graveyards to free from the dark legion. On those islands you'll do quests that most always end with freeing vikings to enlarge your army or you'll have to find magical gems to summon dragons you can command in the siege battles. Epic!
So far I am very positive about the game, it has rewarding achievements that are never out of reach, it simply rocks.
What I find annoying is that in areas you didn't liberate it's always rainy night until you free it what has as consequence that the sun breaks through. When you're moving through the world at first it's annoying until you realize the mechanic. Another negative aspect of 'Viking' the game could have used more sound samples or background music in general. Sometimes it's simply too quite. And more character models. Fellow vikings and legion orcs look always the same.
But all those negative aspects are really only small scratches on a really good game. Thumps up from me!

The other title I am playing currently is 'Unreal Tournament III'. I've always been a fan of the series, playing it since the first UT and declared it years ago to my favorite competitive shooter which it still is. I found UT2k4 was a very strong title and I liked especially the Assault (operative based) and Onslaugt (kind of vehicle based domination mode) modes. In UTIII Epic decided for the good or the bad to mix those two modes together in the Warfare mode. In my humble opinion for the bad. It just complicates things - now you have a ball you can carry in your enemies node to instantly transform it in yours instead of the more time eating destroying and building up, now you'll have to do things in a certain chronology like driving a tank on a button to bring the draw bridge down for example. That's okay if you get used to it but at first it's annoying.
Therefore in this Unreal Tournament my favorite mode is good old Capture The Flag. Without vehicles.
And the level design is just awesome. Unreal Tournaments maps were always remarkable and so beloved that they updated the most famous ones like Facing Worlds for example in every new edition of the game. One map I just fell in love with is CTF-Strident. It looks so incredibly good and is designed so simply it feels just right.
I am really thinking about getting this game aswell for my laptop...

So far for now. Looking forward to rent many more games from my local videothek in the next weeks.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally! ROFL Videos Return!

Insane GTA IV Stunt Montage:

Strange old man shredding Wii wheel to pieces:

This has nothing to do with gaming, but it's funny aswell:

Far Cry 2: Location Africa

Oh yes, another mini series before game release. This time documentary style. And don't forget it's 'Far Cry 2' which has high expectations. For the good or the bad this is a different developer diary.

Planet Earth: The Sackboy

Okay, it's not the real 'Planet Earth' documentary, but this one is fun as well.
Witness The Life of Sackboy:

Dead Space: Zero Gravity

You better watch this or be dead in space.
20 percent of this expected to be excellent extraterrastric trip will be in zero G!

Killzone 2

A new trailer of 'Killzone 2'. This will be a good shooter, I expect.

Rise Of The Argonauts Animated Comic

Seems like 'Dead Space' kicked a trend loose. More games get episodic mini series before release and the latest is 'Rise of the Argonauts' which is developed by Liquid Entertainment and published by Codemasters.
I watched a dev demonstration back in August at Leipzig Games Convention. This game looks like 'God of War' meets 'Mass Effect'. And that's because of the hack'n'slay gameplay and the strategical decisions you chose with killing or recruiting enemies like Medusa for example. I remember being very enthusiastic with this game though it features no coop mode which is "held back for part 2" as the developer said when I asked him after the demonstration. In my opinion they should see how the first does before talking about the second game.
Anyway, this is fun watching, Jason's adventures:

More Bioshock Nostalgia, Hype, Whatever

For most of us footage of the first 'Bioshock' is nostalgic. Playstation 3 owners will have their piece of the great Rapture Cake on October 21st. Anyway enough reasons to see some more underwater gameplay. And don't forget: After 'Bioshock' is out on the PS3 we will hopefully see some vids or read some news of 'Bioshock 2'!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

GT Reviews Vesperia

Seems they awaked and upload fresh reviews. This one here is for Namco's 'Tales of Vesperia'. Won't be released too soon in Europe for whatever reason.

Death Magnetic As GH3 Download

Haven't you heard of 'Death Magnetic', Metallica's new album yet? Perhaps you should because Metallica is still one of the best bands that will ever walk the surface of this planet. And with their latest album they prove that they've learned of 'St. Anger' which was... different, to say it in a nice way. This friday, 12th of september, 'Death Magnetic' will be released and at the same time you will be able to buy the DLC via XBL fpr 1440 MS points according to 1Up.
I hope they will give you the DLC for free if you buy the album. For me there is no need with paying the same album two times.

Till then you can listen to some of their new songs or go pirate and download the leaked album.

Max Payne Movie Trailer

Max Payne is played by Mark Wahlberg. Why not? Due to the fact that Max had a face change from first to second game as well Jim Carrey could've played him.

DAMN! Castle Crashers Save Bug!

If you read the last few posts you propably will have gotten the idea that I am a bit crazy about 'Castle Crashers'. And that's true, I very much like this game and played it often the last days, always with 1 to 3 companions.
Now comes the problem: I had an Level 22 Orange Knight and a friend and me were playing the Castle Crasher mode when my brother decided to join. So we exited the game to the title screen and he signed in. When we now entered the character selection screen both the accounts of me and my friend were gone back to level 1 while my brother as third had no problems or losses. Strangely the unlocked grey knight is still available.

Damn... WHAT A MASSIVE BUG in a level up and boost yourself game. That were easily 7 to 8 hours of my life glitched away! I am very unhappy and even a little upset right now.
So, I searched the internet and found that there are several tricks to retrieve your lost data, which sadly didn't work for me:


He brought his hard drive and 360 back over to do some experimenting and to make a REALLY long story short, we discovered that if he started Castle Crashers from the dashboard his save wouldn't show up, but once in the game, if he signed out of his profile and signed back in, his character would re-appear. When I moved my memory card over to his Xbox I noticed that my save wasn't showing up either and the same trick of just signing out (while still in Castle Crashers) and signing back in made my character show back up.


The other trick to try is to go to an Xbox Live match, Create a match, toggle your ready status, and then back out. I had tried this trick to no success when I originally found my characters missing, but that may have been *after* launching a Local Game.

Developer The Behemoth is aware of this issue:

Also we’ve been informed that there are some suggestions out there about how to help recover your lost saved data. Again, we’re working on resolving these issues for the update but these might help you in the meantime.

We don’t have a specific time frame yet but we have been working on all known issues as soon as they appeared. Our team has gone without rum and biscuits since we became aware of the issues and will continue to deprive our programming team of both sleep and contact with family and friends (they don’t really have friends).

Yeah, an update is on the way. At least. That won't bring my Level 22 Orange Knight back what makes me very sad. I won't play this game again until the patch is out that promises me my progress won't ever be glitched away. Hurry up, The Behemoth!