Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dead Fucking Space 2 Debut Trailer

The dramatic events of the first Dead Space ,when dismemberment world champ Isaac Clark
survived the necromorph infested USS Ishimura, seem to repeat. Great way for Isaac to try out
his new suit! At this year's E3 (from June 15 to 17) there'll certainly be a gameplay
blowout in one form or another.

Alan Wake Has It's Own Shutter Island, 1st Review Says 93%

Spooky. I have high hopes for Alan Wake. A Spanish site tested the game and gave 93%. They needed 16 hours to play through. I think 16 hours is a good length - I expected less, to be honest. Episodic content is planned via DLC, so there's no shortage in sight anyway.

The Way To Street Fighter IV

Another great Street Fighter Retrospective by Nostalgic Gamer. This time it's about Street Fighter IV coming to life after ten years without a sequel. His videos are full of information, definitely worth the watch!

GT direct link

GT direct link

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top Ten Characters For Marvel Vs Capcom 3

I vote for Roland of Gilead, hero of Stephen King's epic and enormous Dark Tower series. That would be fine, because Marvel does a comic interpretation of the novel. Man, that would be the real deal!

Halo: Reach - Birth of A Spartan Extended

Ouch was my thought.

Gameplay Reveal of Toy Story 3

Definitely a must have for your five year old brother or sister.

[Movies] Survival of The Dead: 2nd Trailer

The next Romero zombie.

Split/Second: This Is The Power Plant

This video introduces The Power Plant, a track in this excellent racing/action game.

Skate 3: Just Another Day

Showcasing the multiplayer features of Skate 3.

New Singularity CG Trailer

In video games, many things are possibly. Like toying with time.

Raven Software and Activision provides a hauntingly beautiful CG look into their time-altering FPS, Singularity.

Singularity is an upcoming video game developed by Raven Software to be published by Activision. To be released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, Singularity is Raven Software's second title based on Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3, the first being X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The title was announced at Activision's E3 2008 press conference.

The plot revolves around a mysterious island known only as "Katorga-12" where Russian experiments involving "E99" (Element 99, which appears to be an equivalent to the actual element Einsteinium, which has no special properties like those referenced in the game), took place during the height of the Cold War era.

Sometime during 1950, a terrible catastrophe known as the "Singularity" occurred on the island. The player controls Nate Renko, an Air Force pilot who is sent to investigate bizarre radiation emissions coming from the island, only to crash land there. After regaining consciousness, Nate finds the TMD (Time Manipulation Device) and discovers that the island is constantly shifting between the time periods of 1950 and 2010.

Renko's goal is to find his co-pilot, escape the island and eventually prevent the Singularity from occurring. Besides having to deal with hostile Russian forces in both time periods, the player must also deal with hideously mutated flora, fauna and former residents of the island, some of which have developed time manipulation powers of their own.

A Multiplayer element has also been confirmed for Singularity, although no details have yet been announced.

Dead To Rights: Retribution - GT Review And Trailer

GT gives 6.8/10 and I can't confirm that. I had the game here over the weekend and had the chance to play the first four or five levels. Since I didn't make a What I'm Playing entry since a few weeks, I'll make it short in this post. Dead To Rights: Retribution is a fresh mix of Brawler and 3rd Person Shooter. The best gameplay feature is your dog Shadow who takes your oponents out brutally. The story is nothing too good or bad, but it is enough to play the game. The graphics are quite good in fact, not like the review says. I had my fun with this game and say it is a solid rent.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Scores High

Gamerankings says 92%. Check out what the internet says about Capcom's latest entry in the best fighting game series of our time:

"Super Street Fighter IV is a substantial upgrade, and at the bargain price of 40 dollars, fighting fans shouldn’t hesitate to purchase. Even those who bought the original Street Fighter IV should entertain the notion because the larger roster of characters and improved online modes make for a much more enjoyable experience. For those who didn’t, there’s never been a better time to get into the reboot of one of gaming’s most prolific series."

Elder Geek

"The community has been eagerly waiting for SSF4. Some were so eager, in fact, that they quit playing the game competitively in anticipation that the changes brought by SSF4 would create an entirely new game, thus making their tried and tested strategies obsolete. In a way, they were right. Some characters (Rufus) remain largely the same, but other characters (Guile and Ken) will rise on the character ranking ladder thanks to their noticeable tweaks. And dealing with ten new characters poses a new set of problems and solutions for players. For the most part, the balance decisions feel fair, moving the game in the right direction towards a more level playing field.

Change can be scary, but it's inevitable. So long Street Fighter 4, we'll miss your quirks (see: Ryu's superfireball traps, post-round hits, and Sagat's damage output). Now, let's welcome Super Street Fighter 4 with open arms."

1up A

"At the end of the day, though, Super is a tremendous update to a tremendous game. It addresses many of IV's weaknesses, subtly tweaks old features so that they work better, and introduces some characters that exceed the high quality bar set in February last year. It is a game tailor made for hardcore Street Fighter fans; if Street Fighter IV didn't float your boat, Super won't either. But if you're a hardcore Street Fighter fan, Super is an essential purchase. It is the best fighting game available on this generation of games consoles, and further reinforces Capcom's dominance of the fighting game genre."

Videogamer 9/10

"On top of all that, SSFIV comes with a nice, full-color manual that does a respectable job at teaching brand-new players the basics, from what the buttons do to the concept of canceling one move into another. However, there's still a big, tutorial-shaped hole in Street Fighter IV. You're left with the impression that if the challenge mode would just show you what it's asking you to do before you do it, or if there was some even more basic training that would show players how to properly use focus attacks and dash cancels, more introductory players would go on to become better, smarter street fighters. Of course, a fighting game is only fun if you're matched up with like-minded, similarly skilled opposition, and in this respect, the game seems to be able to help you have fun, regardless of your skill level. SSFIV makes last year's fighting game a lot better, and it does it at a less-than-full retail price. Like I said up top, if you've got any interest in fighting games at all, Super Street Fighter IV is a killer deal."

Giant Bomb 5/5

Pics of Super Street Fighter IV's Pay Costumes

No release date is known yet, but it is rumored that these new costumes will be availlable for purchase with the Tournament Update in June. The game itself has three costumes for each character out of the box. For whomever that isn't enough can have a look if the costumes below are worth the points. You always wanna have what you don't have, right?

More Bad People In Alpha Protocol

From Obsidian, also creators of Fallout: New Vegas.

9 Beautiful New Screenshots of Enslaved

Red Dead Redemption Will Rule, No Doubts

I am awaiting this game so eagerly. I really hope it has a storyline as long as GTA IV's which took me about 50 hours.

There Are Hunters And There Are Monster Hunters

Damn right, Iron Beard!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lots of Halo: Reach Beta MP Gameplays


GT Confirms SSF IV Is Awesome

Never doubted it. The best fighting game of our time supered. Still I can't believe GT when they say Sagat's Tiger Uppercut has gotten stronger. In fact, Sagat has been weakened.

Split/Second Demo Out

The demo for Split/Second is out. Really need to check it out. To get an impression, have a look at the gameplay footage below.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

All Street Fighter II Versions Since SNES

Oh, the memories. But only for the SNES and Mega Drive versions. To be honest, I didn't know that Street Fighter II was availlable for systems like Commodore 64 and a shitload of other systems I would've thought it's unplayble on. Yeah, propably that's the case. Part II I found especially interesting. Damn, I'm a Street Fighter geek.

direct link part I

direct link part II

Kane And Lynch 2 Interview

A pretty intense action game.

SSF IV: Unlocking Colours And Taunts

Propably too easy.

Your Daily Dose of Super Street Fighter IV

This week. Finally!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

After Burner Climax: Launch Trailer

A revived Sega Mega Drive classic coming to the Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network.

Split/Second: Powerplays Dev Diary

Split/Second really teases both the action and the racing fan in me. What a great game!

Even More Super Street Fighter IV Gameplay

And if you are like me, you can't wait for next week's release of this tremendous fighting game.

SSF IV: All of The New Characters' Colours And Taunts

Nice work. Still I wonder if colours and taunts have to be unlocked or are availlable right from the beginning.
I've put together a video showcasing all of the 10 new characters colours and taunts.

They are in the following order;

T hawk

PLEASE NOTE: I'm aware that there's a colour 11&12 for all characters if you owned the original Street Fighter IV. I didn't include these because they are more "filters" than colours. Colour 11 looks like an ink drawn version of Colour 1, and Colour 12 looks like a pencial drawn version of Colour 1. This is the same for each character.

Lost Planet 2: Preview And Lady Pirates

Lady pirates? Oh, well. Lost Planet 2 seems to be better than the first game in every aspect. It has four player co-op - that's awesome.

Toy Story 3: The Game

Of course as a real movie license game, it is coming for all platforms out.

GT's Top Ten Sequels That Need To Be Made

Shenmue 3 is a wish I've heard often. I watched my brother play through the first Shenmue and it was a cool game. Did you know Shenmue invented the quick time events that are so popular nowadays?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Trailer Analysis

There's more in the debut trailer than you see on the first look.

Left 4 Dead 2's The Passing DLC Launch Trailer

The latest DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 costs 560 MS points. Also worth noting is the easter egg below. Seems like another zombie veteran left a message on a wall: Frank West from Capcom's Dead Rising.

Alan Wake Gets A Real Life Prequel Series

It's coming to Seems to be worth checking out.

New Blur Dev Diary

This developer diary informs about tracks and cars in the game.

Nail'D - A New Quad Racer

Developed by Techland, the developer behind Call of Juarez.

Alpha Protocol: Who's Brayko?

Brayko is one of the game's villians and it should be a pleasure to get rid of this guy.

Halo Reach: Dev Doc 2

And it's anything but short. 8 minutes of the new Halo game.

StarCraft II: Unexpected Encounters

Can't say it doesn't look nice!

Dead Space 2: Get Dismembered Contest

Visceral Games held a contest for the best fan dismemberment. Here's the contest winner that will be integrated in the game and also a few other entries I found funny.

Contest Winner: The Meat Cello

A few Runner Ups: