Saturday, February 27, 2010

Exciting Fallout: New Vegas Scans

Summed up info:
- In the beginning of the game you are shot and left to die in the mojave desert. A robot called Victor finds you and brings you to the small village Goodsprings where a Dr. Mitchell fixes you up again.
- That is when you can customize you character, which is like in Fallout 3.
- But this time you can change the AGE of your character.
- Vit-O-Matic replaces the GOAT test.
- Weapons can be customized, have scopes or larger ammunition magazines.
- But in hardcore mode every bullet weighs and you can die of thirst in the desert. Medicines don't heal broken bones in this mode as well. For this you'll need to see doctors.
- You'll be able to have companions again. But as in Fallout 3 they are not as necessary for the gameplay as in games like Dragon Age: Origins.
- Via a radial menu you can give your companion orders.
- There'll be a new VATS-feature called Fore. It is an individual melee attack for any weapon.
- Like in Fallout 2, New Vegas will have geckos.
- There'll be a reputation system, that gives you advantages or disadventages based on your behavior for the cities and factions.
- The barter skill will give you not only the chance to lower prices, It'll give you new dialogue options as well.
- There's a faction of first generation mutants with human like intellect that can be set in conflict with the standard mutants. Their leader is called Gracy and wears that funny peruke.
- The game will be like Fallout 3 from the atmosphere and gameplay. New Vegas will focus more on character interaction.
- The world of New Vegas matches the Wasteland.

General Knoxx: Gamespot Says Get It!

This DLC is really appealing to me!

New BlazBlue Trailer

From what I've heard this game is quite good. Perhaps a choice if you've enough of Street Fighter, if this should ever be the case.

Blur Has 4 Player Splitscreen

4 player splitscreen is unusual, but propably cool. Mario Kart style.

Just Cause 2: Jet Sabotage

He must have magnetic boots for that.

The Evolution of StarCraft's Terrans

A decade can change much.

Mass Effect 2: New DLC Next Month

The Firewalker Pack will contain the Hammerhead, a hovercraft vehicle, and five new missions, completely free via Cerberus Network in late march.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Otaku Pervs, This One Is For You

Poor Kasumi. "It's no softporn!" Of course not.

Honda's, Gen's And Fei-Long's New Ultras


Metroid: Other M Interview - NMS

An interview from Nintendo's Media Summit.

Gamespot's Most Anticipated Games of 2010

What about Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, Super Street Fighter IV, Splinter Cell: Conviction or Fallout: New Vegas?

Alpha Protocol: A Tactical Espionage RPG

Until now it looked to me like a standard action game, but the fact that it is developed by Obsidian Entertainment makes it interesting. Obsidian is known for Nevewinter Nights 2 and is currently developing Fallout: New Vegas. So they know RPGs.

Fear The Dark, Fear The Light, Fear The Future

And fear Gamestop!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 NMS Trailer

Brush the dust off your Wii, here comes the trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2 fresh from the Nintendo Media Summit. Super Mario Galaxy was one of the few games that kept me on the Wii mote a little longer and the sequel looks like it'll be the same fun. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is out in april in the US and in june in the EU.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bad Company 2: PC Features Walkthrough

There are some different features for Bad Company 2 on the PC.

Just Cause 2: Fire Truck Vs Jet

A new stunt video.

Even More Street Fighter IV iPhone Footage

Notice that Capcom put Super and Ultra bars above. Simply tap it to unleash an Ultra. That's like cheating.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Will Cost 400 MS Points

It's cheaper than I expected, making it a must have.

Red Dead Redemption's Women

They are tough, but are they loyal?

Darksiders Demo Trailer

Who needs a demo to see that the game is a blast?

Borderlands: General Knoxx Trailer

It looks great! Propably a cause for putting the game in again.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Sports Game With Euphoria

Usually I find sports games ultra boring but this I would try.

The First Ten Minutes of Final Fantasy XIII

I'm still not sure if I'll have the time and finances to pick this game up next month, but all I've seen yet of it looks nice. Propably I'll give it a try, still I am aware of that it is a J-RPG which have become incredibly low qualitity this gen compared to W-RPGs. I won't spoil me with watching this vid, but you can decide for yourself.

What A Great Xbox Live Indie Game

8bit fans rejoice! Check out Soulcaster's homepage.

Street Fighter IV iPhone Gameplay

The downsized Street Fighter IV still looks good. Bring it to the PSP as well, Capcom.

Monday, February 22, 2010

SA: Perfect Dark

Craig says Perfect Dark isn't more than Goldeneye with Boobs. Can this be true?

Unreal Engine 3 Coded For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Interesting. Mark Rein, president of Epic Games, thinks gaming on the iPad could be a big thing. Epic worked on a code of the Unreal Engine 3 for the iPhone and is about to release it soon to license partners. Also Mark Rein thinks that portable devices will soon be as strong as a Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.

The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom Zeitgeist Review

Interesting for fans of Braid!

Mega64: How EA Made Dante's Inferno

It's not from this earth.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Tips

I could use them. When I tried the demo, I got constantly fragged.

Project Natal For 50 Bucks?

I seriously doubt that. My guess is twice the price of a standard game.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Resi 5: Lost In Nightmares Videos

For 400 MS points for the Lost in Nightmares Mission and another 160 for the new costumes the DLC comes cheaper than I thought. Alone that Barry is included and gives the infected headbutts so that their heads explodes makes this DLC a should have.

C&C 4: The Ascension

All hail Kane.

Just Cause 2: Anatomy Of A Stunt

Funny things you can do in Just Cause 2.

Prison Break: The Conspiracy Trailer

I've been a fan of the series since years. And I watched the final and everything back in 2009. Now here's the game and there's one thing that pisses me off: Why the hell can't I play Michael or Lincoln? Instead the devs introduce a new nobody character, just like in Lost The Game. Man, what a waste of potential.