Sunday, February 13, 2011

1979 - The Game: GTA Director Creates Game On Events in Tehran

Now this is really an interesting topic. In 1979 the American Embassy in Tehran was taken hostage. I really hope you can assassinate Khomeini or other leaders of the fascist Mullah clique.
Games are really a reflection of the real world and it does not really make a difference what somebody says is good or bad -- it is a matter of perspective. That is according to director, producer and writer of documentaries and videogames Navid Khonsari, the man behind the Grand Theft Auto series. He spoke to RT about his new project dealing with American-Iranian relations some three decades ago - a new game about the takeover of American embassy in Tehran called "1979: The Game".

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Anon8aju4Ama said...

"I really hope you can assassinate Khomeini or other leaders of the fascist Mullah clique." That quote shows your misunderstanding of the game creator and your ignorance on what caused the revolution. The Untied States replaced a democratically elected government because the Prime Minister wanted to nationalize the oil thereby cutting off American business interest. They had him replaced with a dictator the Shah, he committed human rights violations and he also upset a majority of Iranians by trying to impose western culture on them(check out any adverts from Iran, it's amazing how western it looked back them -swim suit bill boards etc) I realize that most people don't see past the propaganda the United States puts out but the point of the game was too show two points of view. This is not an anti-American post it's just the truth. jingoism and cognitive dissonance are the probably the worst aspect of America.