Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The End of Personal Gaming

Fellow readers,

I have to make an announcement here concerning the future of Personal Gaming, this blog which has kept me busy for quite some years now. As the constant readers among you might have noticed, the amount of postings has slowed down. Not only in the last days, but retrospectively since a few months. I am not capable any more of keeping the site going as I used to.

The sad truth is that I from this point I will have to invest all of my time in my studies and academic career.  I am getting busier and busier with each semester and I want to fully develop the efforts in my studies, which leaves no more time for daily updates of Personal Gaming
Gaming always used to be my weakness and strenght at the same time. And my interest in the topic is still strong, but I realized that I was more blogging about games than playing them actually. I came to believe that it would make more sense to reverse that relation.This leaves no more time for daily updates of basically any random gaming vid I came across.
The idea of Personal Gaming for me always was a blog about gaming, my personal gaming in particular. The blog has become more and more unpersonal in the last years though, with episodes of "What I'm Playing" or other personal and meaningful (at least to me,) posts appearing less constant. I am currently thinking about a new perspective for this blog since I don't want to just close it all down. PG will stay online, but don't expect any updates so often from now on. I might post things related to gaming which still achieve to amaze and excite me, when I find the time and give some personal thoughts. I might give some updates on my current gaming behavior, like that I am finally playing Fallout: New Vegas now for the 360 instead of on my laggy PC and can finally fully enjoy it.

This will be the end of Personal Gaming. As you know it. PG will go semi-inactive from now on. PG will be different, slowly updated but more personal in the end. 
I would appreciate to see some of you guys and gals coming back to the blog but I don't blame you if not. As Niko Bellic put it in that wonderful Game of the Year 2008: Life is complicated.

Best wishes from Germany,
your host Hans


Chance said...

Best of luck, dude. This was always a good place to check for the newest vids.

Basti said...

Actually that`s quite the best direction to go!