Friday, October 12, 2012

What I'm Playing: Borderlands 2

Probably about damn time that I finally drop some personal words here again. The last months have been marked by a heavy workload in my academic life and in consequence the blog was left deserted. What a fucking shame but unfortunately not possible elsewhise. In the summer I did a 6 week summer university and couldn't play a lot. I just played what little my PC is capable of and had to find out it is not even able to run Torchlight in netbook-mode without overheating...

Well, but I'm back at home and just couldn't stop from getting myself Borderlands 2. This game is just awesome. Loved the first one and the second part is better in every aspect. It even finally has a story line! And Claptrap is better than ever. And they completely restructured everything so that now every character has 3 skill trees. And I love the cel shaded comic look, it looks like art, this game is really great. Of course with all those bazillions of weapons there's addiction in it and I play whenever I can. Which is probably still not too much, but the best I can do. Oh, yeah, I am playing the Commando, now Level 18. Thing is my own campaign is now far too easy for more since I partied up with some friends with higher level characters. This is great for leveling up, but I am now myself to strong for my own campaign. I just love doing sidemissions and this game has some great ones but receiving only very small EXP for those missions is kind of sad. Still I love this game and I think I will play it for many months or years to come like Gears 3 or Super Street Fighter IV. Games of this kind are made for eternity. I am even thinking of buying the season pass once I finished the main campaign. I am just a little scared of the badass-rank destroying bug. Fix it, Gearbox, do it now!

Every once in a while I play Assassin's Creed Revelations. It seems to be as good as brotherhood, and I love the setting of Istanbul. Reminds me of my time in this amazing city. However until now I put just not enough time in it, meaning I am still more or less in the beginning. Well, with Assassin's Creed III coming this fall I am again behind in time. But the truth is that there are just too many damn good games to play for the average game loving person like me. Once AC:R is finished (which will hopefully be before christmas) I will get myself the long overdue Mass Effect 3. This is out since a year and it is my favorite series in gaming. Well, I finished my 2nd playthrough of Mass Effect 2 just earlier this year, so I am once again into the story and I am very excited to what outcome Mass Effect 3 will put my choices. Other great games I missed so far were Darksiders 2 and the Darkness 2. I will get them some time next year (with the next month long stay abroad on the horizon already it might become even next fall to play these gems - at least they are really cheap then). Concerning this years fall setup I am very interested in Dishonored. It reminds me of Bioshock and I just loved Bioshock. I will put a note in my head to play it at some distant point in the future when I am hopefully unemployed, my girlfriend left me and my family abandoned me. That would be optimal conditions for playing more games, haha.

Oh, and I finally have acquired a PS3 for myself. Got presented a broke one, send it in at a private company which repairs them and now I finally have one. I am eyeing several collections like the God of War Saga or the HD Remakes of Shadow of the Colossus/ ICO or several great exclusive games I missed so far like Uncharted or Killzone. Sadly I am out of money now and then again my spare time is not even enough for my beloved 360.  And I still need to get some original controllers, the one I had was 3rd party and had broken shoulder buttons. Oh damn. Just why are Dualshock 3s are so expensive (went up from 35 Euro on Amazon last week to 42 this week).

Anyway, need to get back to work now. Oh and one more note on the blog: However little I may post, I won't abandon this blog. It obviously isn't up to date as a news source anymore, but I want to continue dropping some trailers whenever I find the time and more importantly drop some confuse lines about how I am feeling as a gamer playing games or  even not playing games.

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