Monday, June 14, 2010

E3 2010 Electronic Arts Press Conference Live Blog And HD Stream

00:29 Press Conference ends. Definitely better than the MS presser. I need Dead Space 2 and Crysis 2 is just awesome as well. EA didn't forget the hard core.

00:26 The Old Republic trailer is so great to watch. Put it on here as soon as I find it.

00:23 Are you a Jedi or are you a Sith? PVP detailed.

00:21 Greg Zeschuk and another Bioware employee talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Give us some Mass Effect!

00:20 Bulletstorm is an orchestra of destruction. Must have.

00:16 How many great shooters are coming out? Incredible. That's the thing that always makes me sad about E3: You can't play every great game, so many they are.

00:14 Bulletstorm will be released February 22 2011.

00:12 CliffyB is on stage, showing Bulletstorm.

00:09 Crysis coming in 3D on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. You need to wear googles.

00:07 I want this game!

00:05 Crysis 2 live demo. It looks incredible and runs smooth!

00:03 Cevat Yerli from CryTek on stage. Someone Germany can be more proud of as of the national football team.

00:02 Respawn, former Infinity Wards, mentioned.

00:01 It's coming to consoles, who cares?

23:59 Praising the Sims with a vengeance...

23:56 Seems to be Sims 3. Perhaps a new add on?

23:54 Weird man on stage, discussing free will and reason.

23:49 Madden 11 has new features, blabla. I hate sport games.

23:44 On stage demo. Damn it, fitness game are even more annoying than music games.

23:42 EA Sports Active 2. Another fitness shit with motion controls, apparently Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3.

23:41 October 19th

23:39 The voice of Shepard announces EA Sports Live Broadcast. Create your fighter, build hype and fight for real world prices.

23:35 Peter Moore on stage, talking about MMA.

23:32 GunClub, a new EA service. Statistic service for EA Games bringing news first, demos etc.

23:29 Medal of Honor Multiplayer 24 People live demo on PS3. Reminds me of Modern Warfare 2.

23:26 Medal of Honor

23:25 The demo was awesome. Introduced the Sprawl, the new game environment, an infested colony. The demo ended with an over the top cliffhanger and will be continued tommorrow at Sony's press conference.

23:20: Dead Fucking Space 2 is on stage demoed, god damn, it's a massacre!

23:16 The press conference begins with a new Need for Speed. It's a remake of Hot Pursuit done by Criterion. Looks great!

Here's the HD Live Stream.


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