Monday, June 14, 2010

E3 2010 Microsoft Press Conference Live Blog

21:01 Xbox 360 Slim confirmed, with build in wifi for the same price. In stores this week! Free Slims for every visitor of the press conference. Nice for them. Press Conference is over. Not entirely bad, Gears and Halo were cool and the slim is a fine machine. Kingdoms from Crytek was the only thing not known before. Sony and Nintendo won't have it difficult to hold a press conference with more surprises.

20:56 Forza 3 with motion controls. Reimagening racing they say.

20:53 Star Wars Kinect game looks great, hope it has pad support.

20:50 Kinect Dance, I'm this close to disconnecting. On the other hand I am interested if they will save this press conference in any way. Gears and Halo are great, but of them we knew before. I hope there's more interesting news coming.

20:44 Kinect Sports or some crap like that. Just leave that shit out of your press conference, MS. We want a real game use and no casual crap.

20:34 More Kinect games. Your perfect after work back ache.

20:27 Kinectimals perverts childhoods. Looks cool, but certainly not a title Core Gamers wish for.

20:22 Stay kinected to sport series at no additional cost for gold users. How about them bringing finally to Europe?

20:18 ESPN announces a partnership with Microsoft.

20:16 VideoKinect is web chat 2.0 When you need it certainly a great thing.

20:10 Kinect Voice Control for movies demoed. Cool thing.

20:04 It really is a good looking and smooth game. Should check it out.

19:59 Halo: Reach Campaign Demo

19:54 The Gears Demo is as always a show winner. Peter Molyneux introduces Fable III trailer running.

19:49 Gears 3 live demo with CliffyB and Rod Ferguson. 4 player coop live demo in a jungle environment, looks great!

19:47 MS Game Studios on stage.

19:46 How brutal is MGS: Rising?!

19:44 Trailer

19:43 Kojima on stage. Announced fellow dev to introduce MGS: Rising.

19:41 The MS Press Conference is on since a few moments. COD Black Ops was on looks greast. In the next 3 years all COD Map Packs will be 360 first.

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