Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 2010 Nintendo Press Conference Live Blog And Stream

19:19 Press Conference ends. No big surprises, I'd say, but some nice Nintendo games like the new Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword coming. Now, let's prepare for Sony's press conference.

19:16 Babes with 3DSes tied to them are on stage. Many, many babes!

19:14 Funny 3DS promo vid running. Includes Iwata, Miyamoto.

19:11 3rd Party Devs vid running. Keiji Inafune, Capcom: "Resident Evil will be completely different on it."

19:09 Konami will support 3DS with Metal Gear Solid, EA Sports with Madden.

19:06 C'mon, stop talking 3DS side features!

19:04 No Wii HD? 3D the new big thing?

19:02 Kid Icarus: Uprising , most likely a launch game for the 3DS.

19:00 You can watch 3D movies on your DS. Gaming on the go okay, but for blockbuster movies I prefer a big screen.

18:59 It's fully compatible with every other Nintendo DS. Who would've thought that?

18:56 "As you know, Nintendo introduced first 3D video games 15 years ago." Hints at the Virtua Boy. ;)

18:55 Iwata, boss of Nintendo, on stage, talking about the new Nintendo 3DS.

18:52 Nintendo 3DS, has been rumored before. Will need no glasses.

18:51 Coming this holiday. Now concerning the future, Super Mario.

18:50 A new 2D with 3D backgrounds Donkey Kong game. Looks like a fun platformer.

18:49 "What hasn't been lost is a sense of isolation and exploration." Coming this August.

18:48 New Metroid: Other M trailer.

18:45 Release this fall. Now Dragon Quest DS.

18:44 Characters are just their shapes, not fully drawn. I don't like this new art style.

18:43 Kirby's Epic Yarn: A 2D Kirby game.

18:40 For getting from one point to the other in the wasteland, you'll do 2D sidescrolling mini stages based on old cartoons.

18:37 It's in 3D. Core game mechanic: Draw and erase.

18:34 Epic Mickey, shown off by Warren Spector! Wow, now it's getting interesting!

18:33 Interesting: Bond will be based on Daniel Craig and not on Pierce Brosnan.

18:32 A new GoldenEye game is coming to Wii.

18:31 Golden Sun for DS coming this fall.

18:29 Just Dance 2. The shit doesn't stop.

18:27 A new Wii Party game... Casual stuff, uninteresting.

18:25 The annual statistics to strenghten Ninteno Wii's position as best selling consoles. "Wii owner play their system more often than other owners." I seriously doubt that.

18:23 A new sports game with Nintendo characters is coming. Hope they show the rumored new Donkey Kong game soon.

18:22 Reggie on stage, boring with Sports games.

18:18 On the show floor it should work properly. The name is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

18:17 The game looks definitely a bit more comic like and colorful than Twilight Princess.

18:15 Technical interferences at trying out the bow.

18:08 The Nintendo Press Conference begins with Shigeru Miyamoto showing a new Zelda game on stage. Looks much like Twilight Princess. Better sword and shield controls based on how you hold the Wii Mote and Nunchuk.

GT has the stream as always.

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