Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Concerning The Near Future of Personal Gaming

Fellow readers,

I have an important announcement concerning the near future of Personal Gaming to make. Expect less to none updates in the coming days, probably weeks. As you know, Personal Gaming is a one man blog and this man now has some serious changes in his real life. Since I am leaving this evening to catch my plane to Istanbul, I can't be posting here on PG. I am going to stay for five months, until the end of January 2011 in Istanbul because of reasons of my undergraduate studies in sociology and social anthropology. The first thing I am going to do is to find a flat to live in for this time. This flat will have internet acess and so I'll be back as soon as possible and can continue with posting new stuff on Personal Gaming. Since I am doing this for fun and I don't get rich by posting, I will focus on my once in a lifetime stay in Istanbul, of course. Personal Gaming will continue during the next five months, of course, but don't be disappointed when updates will come in a little slower as usual.

Thank you for the support of Personal Gaming, which will have it's third birthday in December. This wouldn't have been possible without your interest in my work and the sharing of love towards video gaming.

Your host,

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Basti said...

Istanbul, wow das ist mal ein interessanter Ort zum Studieren ich wünsch dir jedenfalls viel Spaß und Erfolg da unten rechts auf der Weltkarte! ;)