Sunday, March 27, 2011

Concerning The Near Future of PG

Fellow readers,

I safely returned home from my holiday trip. Now a time of work and business awaits me. The coming months aka the coming semester will keep me working effortful until September of this year. I will have to make a clear decision and without a doubt my professional life will have priority. Nonetheless I won't abandon Personal Gaming. I still love to play games, even if I can't play them anymore as often as in the past. The blog will continue in one form or another. Most likely I might not be able to post as much as before, but we will see about that.

I will very likely restructure the page once again and hopefuly get google ads again, which have been taken down because of violated usage regulations and the case of me in holiday being not able to respond to Ad Sense's complaint. Of course, you should click the ads only if you are interested in the product. I would like to state that the little money I get for blogging around here is not anywhere equal to the time I invest in the site, but as student with low economic power every Cent is welcome.

The most important thing: I would not publish here if there were no people who consume it. And with this I would like to thank my long time readers for their support and continueing interest in PG. I still do this blog for you who are the same excited about games like me.

Your host,

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