Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Witcher 2: Ten Minutes of Gameplay

With heavy metal soundtrack. The graphics look very good to me, but I am wondering if the fighting system will work out. The menu seems to be to complex for real time.


Basti said...

It`ll be real time, just like the first part was it worked quite well there, given the opportunity of pausing the game anytim to change your swordfighting style or selected spell, this looks a bit more complex, though I still think that you`ll be able to handle it as the game surely won`t start with giving you every spell you can cast in the beginning.
I just preordered the collector`s edition for a wopping 105€ so it better be good, looking at this though I doubt it`ll suck too hard!^^

Basti said...

Just forgot to tag the e-mail follow up thingy sorry!