Monday, June 4, 2012

E3 2012: EA Press Conference Live Blog

[23:19] PC crashed but as far as I heard has Crysis 3 been the last game anyway. Conclusion: Lots of boring sports games, but Dead Space 3, Crysis 3 and the new NFS: Most Wanted were really cool.

[23:03] Bomb cross bow brings down chopper.

[23:01] Goddamn, it looks nice. Keeping it like Crysis 2 gameplay wise. Nice graphics. And is that prophet talking? Indeed, it is.

[22:59] It comes this October. Now Crytek, Cevat Yerli on stage, Far Cry 3. Show 'em what us Germans can do, haha!

[22:55] Autolog 2.0 lets you compare everything with your friends. Big open world. Wow, I am interested!

[22:54] Finally: Need for Speed Most Wanted by Criterion. "Race, chase, explore"

[22:51] President of UFC on stage, new contract between EA and UFC.

[22:47] Fifa, fifa, FiFa. This is getting boring.

[22:45] One Fifa identity for all the upcoming Fifa games.

[22:42] Madden NFL Social - start on Facebook, finish on phone. Who cares? Not for me, this one.

[22:39] Will have global warriors online mode.

[22:37] Medal of Honor: Warfighter looks more like CoD than CoD.

[22:32] Medal of Honor: Warfighter. "going global" in Somalia, attacking ... people.

[22:29] Dr. Ray of Bioware on stage, talking about the enthusiasm on Star Wars The Old Republic.

[22:26] Battlefield Premium announced. Gives you "extra value" = Pay 2 Play 49,99$. Available now on PC, 360/Ps 3 next week.

[22:24] Peter Moore on stage, presenting Battlefield 3, some stats, "biggest game in EA's history". Damn, this man is good. He is missed at Xbox.

[22:23] It will have multiplayer and all sorts of online features.

[22:21] The new, real Sim City looks really stunning. Nice graphics.

[22:19] Sim City social coming to Facebook. Damn, I don't do browser games, but you have to admit it looks nice.

[22:14] Guest on stage. Maybe a NFL player? Probably.

[22:13] Now Madden 13 with a new engine.

[22:11] Dead Space 3 ends with Isaac sliding down a giant alien anus. Game is released February 13th 2013.

[22:08] It's going all action and cool lines. Massive enmies. And the ice planet makes it remind me of Lost Planet.

[22:06] Two players, extreme action, extreme blurry screen for me.

[22:05] Guy on stage: "Most immersive DEAD Space ever" Co-op included live demo now.

[22:04] Show kicks off with Dead Space 3!

See the livestream here.

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