Monday, June 4, 2012

E3 2012: Microsoft Press Conference Live Blog

[20:02] The show has ended. Conclusion: Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 6 were looking quite good. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 should please the fans enough in order to make them buy it.  Halo 4 looks like Halo 4 should look. Microsoft is also copying Nintendo with it's something Glass-thing. Gears of War Judgment was missing besides a little trailer.  Kinect's motion features have been abondoned for voice input. Mediocre press conference at best.

[19:58] It's COD with mini-drone-copters. That's all.

[19:55] Fat gun. Certainly does some damage and can shoot through walls. Not really happening a lot there.

[19:53] Call of Duty looking cod-like as always. But where is Alan Wake 2? Where is Shadow Complex 2? This whole press conference feels like a missed opportunity.

[19:50] Eventually, Call of Duty Gameplay. All first on Xbox as usual.

[19:49] Don Mattrick: "A new golden age of entertainment." Yeah, in your dreams. Certainly not like this.

[19:48] Usher instead of Gears. That's so weak, Microsoft.

[19:44] Dance Central 3 with Usher. Fuck this Shit. Live on stage, LoL.

[19:42] Trey Parker and Matt Stone on stage joking about Microsofts cellphone tablet connectivity

[19:41] design your own character.

[19:40] Now the South Park RPG trailer

[19:39] Wrecketeer - some Kinect rampart destroy the castle game without proper physics.

[19:37] DLC for RE6 first on Xbox.

[19:36] Lots of quick time events.

[19:35] Definitely more action than ever before, explosion over explosion.

[19:33] RE6 seems to have bigger areas, brutal killing moves. Leon walks through a deserted, zombie invested town with Claire on his side. Now in a basement.

[19:32] Resident Evil 6 on stage gameplay

[19:31] Loco Cycle and a portal-esque game matter receive trailers. For Kinect.
[19:30] Ascend - New Gods - God of War meets Viking.

[19:28] New fantasy game.

[19:26] Tomb Raider is full of action. With rivers and parachutes. So nice. the whole game looks like a movie. 1st DLC exclusively on Xbox.

[19:24] Xbox Live Stream is breaking down

[19:23] Tomb Raider, looking like Uncharted -> quite good. with cover system

[19:20] Prometheus. Xbox Live just kicked me out.

[19:18] Internet Explorer comes to Xbox Live. Hopefuly you can download Firefox with it.

[19:16] Play with your tablet. It's like the Wii U. Microsoft "borrows" ideas even before the damn thing is out. Halo 4 support.

[19:15] Xbox connects itself with tablets and phones. Xbox SmartGlass. 

[19:13] More Xbox marketplace features -  Looks like windows 8 with the damn tiles.

[19:09] Nike Kinect Training. a fitness program. Whatever. They are wasting their precious press con time.

[19:03] ESPN, blabla.

[18:59] Guy presenting some voice search features. Now localized.

[18:58]  Forza coming October 2012.

[18:55] GEARS OF WAR Judgment coming 2013. Short trailer. now a new Forza trailer.

[18:54] "at the very heart of Xbox is great games"

[18:53] Fable with Kinect support

[18:52] Fable something.

[18:49] Fifa 13 with Kinect voice recognition. I thought it was a motion gaming device not a pimped headset.

[18:47] Spring 2013 it will be released. Splinter Cell Blacklist. Now Fifa 13 and NFL. With Kinect support.

[18:45] looks like good action. Most likely a good title for inbetween. Like Splinte Cell Conviction was.

[18:44] supports Kinect voice recognition. I sure hope they have a core Kinect title this year.

[18:43] Climbing like in Assassin's Creed.

 [18:42] Sam Fisher vs. PKK

[18:41] Ubisoft - Splinter Cell Blacklist, playing in Kurdistan. Looks great.

[18:38] Don Mattrick on the stage. Sale figures. Number 1 selling console blah. Sometimes I really wish Peter Moore back. "Today is all on Xbox 360" So forget about a new console this E3.

[18:37] Outro Trailer. Halo 4 - an ancient evil awakens.

[18:36] Master chief seems to have some kind of BFG.

[18:35] Enmies remind me of Gears glowies, the way they explode. Now cool new robotic enemies.

[18:34] This sure looks like Halo gameplay. Gfx seems to be better.

[18:33] Master Chief vs. a giant ball. following, jungle

[18:32] Is this live action trailer Alien Colonial: Marines or Dust? no, it's Halo 4.

[18:31] It's about to begin...

[18:26] What will await us this year? Hopefuly not all press con long Kinect shit.. We want hardcore games . Probably a slight hint at the new Xbox? We will see in a few minutes.

[18:23] I don't care what people say, Xbox is the game to play!  ~singin nerd~

[18:17] 13 minutes to go. There's a pre show over at Xbox Live with Larry Hryb and 4-0-2. That should be a first incentive that MS is again securing exclusive rights for Call of Duty. As it has traditionally.

[18:15] It seems to begin.

(17: 45) I'm doing it again. I won't spare you with my personal feelings about this years Microsoft E3 2012 Press Conference. Expect highly subjective opinions and comments from my side. In case you are following, just update as I will do. A livestream can be found at Gamespot.

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