Saturday, February 27, 2010

Exciting Fallout: New Vegas Scans

Summed up info:
- In the beginning of the game you are shot and left to die in the mojave desert. A robot called Victor finds you and brings you to the small village Goodsprings where a Dr. Mitchell fixes you up again.
- That is when you can customize you character, which is like in Fallout 3.
- But this time you can change the AGE of your character.
- Vit-O-Matic replaces the GOAT test.
- Weapons can be customized, have scopes or larger ammunition magazines.
- But in hardcore mode every bullet weighs and you can die of thirst in the desert. Medicines don't heal broken bones in this mode as well. For this you'll need to see doctors.
- You'll be able to have companions again. But as in Fallout 3 they are not as necessary for the gameplay as in games like Dragon Age: Origins.
- Via a radial menu you can give your companion orders.
- There'll be a new VATS-feature called Fore. It is an individual melee attack for any weapon.
- Like in Fallout 2, New Vegas will have geckos.
- There'll be a reputation system, that gives you advantages or disadventages based on your behavior for the cities and factions.
- The barter skill will give you not only the chance to lower prices, It'll give you new dialogue options as well.
- There's a faction of first generation mutants with human like intellect that can be set in conflict with the standard mutants. Their leader is called Gracy and wears that funny peruke.
- The game will be like Fallout 3 from the atmosphere and gameplay. New Vegas will focus more on character interaction.
- The world of New Vegas matches the Wasteland.

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