Monday, May 24, 2010

Knight's Contract - Debut Trailer And Screens

Definitely a brutal hack'n'slay. Coming 2011 to PS3 and Xbox 360. It plays in Germany at 1700 and is loosely based on Goethe's Faust. A classic title many German pupils read in school. Click here for a lot of screenshots.

Set in the surroundings of Germany in the 1700s, the game deals with two historical elements: witch hunts and the legend of Faust. In the Knights Contract storyline, Faust is an evil alchemist who lead a series of witch hunts that resulted in the deaths of many. The person tasked with performing the execution of these witches was an executioner named Heinrich.

One witch, Gretchen, was scheduled to be executed last amongst a group of 7. Just before her death, she placed a curse of immortality on Heinrich. Because of this, Heinrich became suspected of being a party to the witches, and was chased throughout Europe for a century's time.

Now in the present, Gretchen has been revived and wants to defeat Faust. Heinrich agrees to serve as her protector in exchange for having his mortality eventually returned to him.

In Knights Contract, you take control of Heinrich and face off against Faust's army of Homunculus creatures. The game features grotesque creature designs and over-the-top violence, with blood spraying as you slash away at your foes, seas of blood forming as you advance through the stages, and flashy quick timer-style "Execution Attacks" for finishing moves.

Heinrich makes use of swords and weapons that are larger than his whole body. However, he can also make use of his bare hands to pull enemies in and toss them away. As you advance in the game, you'll gain access to "combo actions," where Heinrich pulls in an enemy with his bare hands, then turns to his weapon for the kill.

The best part about playing as Heinrich is that he's immortal, and thus can't die, even when attacked by enemies. You die in Knights Contract when Gretchen, who accompanies Heinrich (or maybe it's the other way around), incurs damage and loses all her HP.

You'll have to keep Gretchen safe. But she's not just dead weight. She supports Heinrich with her special witch craft magic. Using this, Gretchen can do such things as freeze enemies, by, for example, trapping them in a guillotine that she makes appear on the battle field. She can also strengthen Heinrich's weapons, even changing their form.

You only have direct control over Heinrich. Gretchen moves according to AI routines. However, you can simple issue commands to her.

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