Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Red Dead Redemption Scores High

Rockstar's latest masterpiece Red Dead Redemption gets highest ratings. Right now it has an average of incredible 96% based on 12 reviews on gamerankings.com. Personally I can't wait for my Special Edition, which I preordered months ago in full trust of Rockstar's abilities. Let's have a closer look on what the reviews have to say:

GT: "The atmosphere and gameplay fit together almost perfectly." 9.5/10

IGN UK - 9.7/10

Red Dead Redemption is a must-play game. Rockstar has taken the Western to new heights and created one of the deepest, most fun, and most gorgeous games around. You can expect the occasional bug or visual hiccup, but you can also expect a fantastic game that offers the Western experience we've all been waiting for. Red Dead Redemption is a complete game in every sense -- both the single player and multiplayer modes are excellent -- and still manages to offer an attention to detail you rarely see from a game of this scope.

IGN AU - 9.8/10

Early in the adventure, when you take your steed for a ride, perhaps off the path and in pursuit of a wild boar or hare, and suddenly the land drops away revealing the vast expanse of desert – all of it explorable, reachable, conquerable – you'll have 'a moment'. When you've taken down your first bounty with a lasso and haul him back to town squirming on the back of your horse, you'll experience another. Red Dead Redemption is full to bursting with sequences that will give cause for pause. It tries its hand at so many concepts – minigames, micro-economies, easter eggs, racing and some very lush surprises – and it nails each of them almost flawlessly; it makes the whole proposition look so tightly woven and easy to digest that it surely points to exactly how hard Rockstar has worked to make it so.

Look, here comes the hyperbole; you'll have to excuse us on this one, but Red Dead Redemption surely deserves heaped praise: this is a momentous gaming experience; one that marries artistry with supreme design rarely seen. If there's a textbook on how to be referent to a classic genre while always pressing forward, Red Dead Redemption is the byline. Wonderful.

CVG - 9.5/10

Red Dead Redemption is not just a game that you love to play - it's a life you'll never want to leave. And when you do finally pull yourself back into the real world, you'll seriously consider buying a horse.

It's a tremendously detailed and authentic realisation of the Wild West with great stories, characters and inner workings. Buy it now.

1 Up - A

Anyway, Red Dead is a great game to climb into and just live for a while, and that's everything I wanted. In fact, I'm actually feeling pretty annoyed that I'm not wandering around in there right now. Stupid videogame reviews. There are herds to save, outlaws to kneecap, frontier ladies to rescue, random strangers to tie up and drop off a cliff for no reason, and sunsets that need riding off into.

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