Monday, May 24, 2010

Red Dead Is Here

Red Dead is finally here. In fact, the game plays a big role in the lack of updates recently. I just couldn't put the pad away - it's that amazing! I am so impressed by this game! John Marston is a Rockstar protagonist as we love them: With a criminal past he takes the law in his own hand. The far sight is so... far! The weather system is exactly as great as in GTA IV - but a lightning storm in the desert is different from one in Liberty City, trust me. Drives the caddle crazy. But I don't want to spoil too much. Okay, two little things that want to mention before I'll put the game in again: The sound is awesome - not only the stylish western music, but especially the sound of the environment. You'll hear cojotes howling, birds tweeting, snakes rattling, horses making horse noises... It sounds so real, my dog didn't stop barking, I had to ban him from my room. The other thing is: My John Marston went to have a few drinks at the saloon in Armadillo. Later he was so incredibly drunk, he couldn't walk anymore. He fell in the dirt with his head at least four times. The drunken state of mind takes not as little time as in Grand Theft Auto IV, he's been drunk minutes long, making him nearly unable to maneuver. As John Marston lay drunk with his head in the dirt, there was a drama and I couldn't stop it because of the drunkenness: The dirty criminal stabbed a lady and I couldn't help her. I clearly could have if I hadn't made John so drunken. Left a bitter taste. Great what this game does with your emotions!
Damn, I could write much more about this game and I will at another point in time. However, the game is great, go buy it.

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