Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 2010 Ubisoft Press Conference Live Blog And Stream

09:40 Damn, you know that it's E3, when you're having your breakfast in front of the computer. Yesterday sleep and an internet disconnection knocked me back from finishing this live blog. Today I'll continue with live blogs from Nintendo's and Sony's press conferences. Let's hope for the new Zelda being shown and let's see if Sony ruins their press con with a half an hour demo of their casual motion control games like that other company.

03:11 A renderered trailer for Driver: San Francisco.

03:08: It's a clever combination of first and third person. Like Rainbow Six: Vegas, only inverted.

03:07 The demo is long and the game is great.

03:03 Demoed on Xbox 360. Gameplaywise it reminds a little bit of Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter. You have an invisibility cloak. The demo level takes place in a daylight beach are in a small town. Stealth action.

02:59 Raving Rabids is a Wii exclusive. Good for them. Now Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

02:57 A new Raving Rabids game. In Time or shit.

02:50 Even more casual Kinect shit.

02:47 A vid about motion gaming is running. French people praising it in horrible accents. Damn, I as a core gamer don't care about motion controls.

02:42 Next weird concept. A sensor you can put on your fingers. I get the feeling this press conference is really not worth seeing. I'll give it a few more minutes nonetheless, before I quit.

02:39 They are running around. Confuses me. Even weirder than any other motion gaming concept. Let a few years pass, then it's a case for the Angry Video Game Nerd.

02:35 Shaun White's Skateboarding looked better than expected. Through skating you can make a grey world colourful. Also you can deform terrain. Now people with plastic pistols on stage.

02:31 Shaun White's Skateboarding is demoed.

Here's the stream. Great job, GT!

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