Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fear Factory Quoted In Fallout 3

Seems like Bethesda has a taste for good music. Yesterday I was playing Fallout 3, wandering through the Museum of Technology when one computer terminal made me think WTF?!. As a big Fear Factory fan I instantly realized that this is an easter egg. Just check the photo above. It's saying that there is a Archetype Model, just like the great Fear Factory 2004 album, then it says:
I am happy to announce that the infection has been removed... The soul of this machine has improved.


Research Lead

Burton Bell, voice of Fear Factory is known for his love of videogames. And I am known for being the owner of YouTube's Archetype video. So enjoy this great song, listen closely and you won't miss that line:

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Cory said...

i'm glad i wasn't the only one who caught this. i just found it myself over the weekend and started screaming at the tv.